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Port Renfrew Marina and RV Park Fishing Report

Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31 Port Renfrew Marina Report

PLEASE NOTE: due to technical difficulties, we are temporarily having trouble posting photos to our report. Please visit to see recent photos.

July fishing is over for another year at Port Renfrew Marina. It has turned out to be an average year in numbers as well in size. Schools of salmon have been around for as long as a week and gone as fast a tide change. Camper and Logan seem to hold the fish and the fisherman. Close to shore as well as out to the 80 foot mark are productive. For the most part the beach has been calm seas but the bank had 1 or 2 very rough days with swells and heavy rain.

Notable catches of Salmon are:

Marty Fladager: 34
Rick Jakimchuk: 36
Mike Marlow: 32
Joe Serpa: 37
Mike Duggin: 34
Chad Servatius: 39
Woody Woodruff: 36
Jared Gagen: 31
John DeGraff: 32
Shawn Akinhead: 31
Gary Winter: 34
Graeme Smith: 34
Bruce Berkey: 32
John Redlick: 32
Ken Gillard: 32
John Hoek: 32
Bradley McDonald: 31
Alan Erickson: 32
Raymond Hamilton: 33
Doug DeClerq: 30
Chad Bergman: 34
Merv Pywell: 32
Nolan Fisher: 35
Trevor Zboyoski of No Bananas: 30
John Adam: 41
John Lewis: 47
Desi Hatchard of: Vicious Fish Charters : 41 and a 70 Halibut
which won for biggest one caught in the derby.

Halibut Fishing is normal for this time of year and that is to say it's very good. Most boats bringing in limit catches of "chickens" coming in from Swiftsure Bank. Berkley grubs are the bait of choice by many.

Last Weekends Davey Derby was a huge success, with a turnout of 329 entries. Port Renfrew Marina is proud to host this wonderful derby and are very pleased to see it reach new levles of funds raised each year. This years monies are $21,304.00! $1000.00 of which will be going to the local Renfrew Fish Hatchery. Despite the damp weather and slow fishing to start things went well as you can see in the record of how many fish over 30 were caught in that weekend. Fishing picked up on the Sunday with a 47 being caught at noon that day. One interesting note was when Jim Lam and John & Bill Hieta actually hooked a scuba diver while crabbing! He was let go after giving up two crab. For all the details go to . PLEASE NOTE: due to technical difficulties, we are temporarily having trouble posting photos to our report. Please visit to see recent photos.

Please Note: Sockeye is now closed. *the Owen Point closure is in effect, please check the regulations.

Bud & Rex

July 25 Port Renfrew Marina Notice

Port Renfrew Marina is pleased to announce that Sockeye fishing will be open starting tonight at 1 minute after midnight in otherwords starting July 26th. This is in effect until further notice. Daily possession is 4 Sockeye. For more information click here.
Bud & Rex

July 22 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Mid July fishing at Port Renfrew Marina is running hot and cold. Chinook fishing which was so good last week slowed considerably this week. Fishing focus has moved back to the regular spots such as Camper, Cullite and Logan. While the numbers have dropped the fish being caught are quality fish with the majority of them weighing in the low twenties. Weather wise we have had a lot of marine cloud near the marina but the the waters are calm for the most part.

Notable catches are:
Milt Combs: 30
Kevin Gillard: 39.5
Brent Cooper: 30
Marty Fladager 38
Norm Ricketts: 37
Doug Smith: 36.5
Phil Rankine: 30
Grant Thomson: 31
Laura Reed: 30
Mark Gagen: 30
Desi Hatcher of Vicious Fish Charters 30
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters: 37
Trevor Zboyovsky of No Bananas Charters: 38

Halibut fishing continues to be good as usual with limit catches of mostly chickens hitting the docks on a regular basis. There are still some barn doors showing up though.

Notable catches are:
Desi Hatcher of 168
Kevin McKenna: 197 and 47 The 197 is the biggest Halibut coming to Port Renfrew's docks this season. The previous one being 186 caught by John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures

Port Renfrew Marina is pleased to remind everyone that the Davey Derby will once again be held here. It is their 8th year and a derby you won't want to miss. The dates are July 25th,26th and 27th. Tickets are $45.00 and all proceeds go to the Renfrew Fish Hatchery and assorted charities. For more information go to

Please note: We now have a box by the office door where you can drop off your launch fee if the office is closed. We are also temporarily out of juvenile licenses.On a serious note we are sorry to have to announce that for the first time in all these years Port Renfrew Marina has had some thefts this past week. Please keep all valuables locked up and alert the office immediately if you see anything or anyone that seems suspicious.

Bud & Rex

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11 Port Renfrew Report

For all of you wanting to see the first 40 pounder to come to Port Renfrew Marina
this year here it is. Caught by Gary Schmit at Camper on anchovie. Here's hoping many more come to the docks.
Bud & Rex

July 11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Since the last report Port Renfrew fishing
has picked up to what most people have come to
expect in July.

Salmon fishing has been very good the last week. Many boats hooking (but not necessarily landing!) ten Chinook a day. Last weekend, July 5th and 6th saw numbers in the 50's and 60's coming in. Most of the salmon are in the 20 pounds range but with still lots of action. Needlefish seem to be what they are feeding on.

Notable catches are:
Marek Syrzycki 36 (see photo)
Ian Bateson 31
John Redlick & Ron Strang 24 29.5
Bob Huber 30
Steve Paconi 30
Jack Cotterill 36, 27
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters 30, 33 (see photo)
John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures 38 (see photo)

Port Renfrew Marina
is glad to see our first spring to start the over 40 club.
Gary Schmit 40

Halibut fishing is still good though the size of the fish has certainly tapered off with most of the catches between 8 to 20 pounders.

Sunny and warm weather has brought the fog to Port Renfrew so make sure you are prepared. The seas have
varied from calm to quite rough and seem to change on a day to day basis.

Notice: Port Renfrew Marina is now requiring all pets be leashed and we are asking all owners
to be responsible and clean up after their pets.
We also want to let customers know we have a launch box outside the office doors for early arrivals. If you want to launch before
the office is open you can fill out the envelope and drop it in the box. We would also like to clarify the use of other's sites. If you not a family member and you are staying in someones site then the cost is $10.00 a night. Immediate family members stay for free.

Bud & Rex

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Well, the Canada Day long weekend is over for Port Rewnfrew Marina and for the most part a successful one. Beautiful sunny sky's and generally smooth seas made fishing conditions some of the best so far this year.

Halibut fishing continues to be great, with
more people targeting "chickens" as the "barndoors" are moving out of the area.
Some of the notable catches are:
Rob Debree 132
Desi Hatcher of

Salmon fishing was looking up on Friday and
Saturday with over 50 springs hitting the docks both days. The majority in the high teens and mid 20"s. Things slowed down on Sunday and Monday with around a dozen showing up from the beach. Springs from Nitnat and Swiftsure can provide non-stop action though the sizes are smaller than past years so far. The general opinion is that area is where the bait can be found.

Notable catches are:
Steve Peconi 32.5
John Allan 36
Blair Houdayer 28 30
Trevor Hagen 39

Please note: All dogs must be on a leash this year and
we ask that all dog owners be responsible for their pets
and clean up after them. Another reminder is that we don't take reservations but you can contact us when you are coming (if from a long distance) and we will do what we can to assist you so you can beaccommodated as best as possible. We also want our customers to know that we now have an ATM in the office to help with our cash only policy.

Bud & Rex

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 22 Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report

Port Renfrew Marina is having some great fishing as well as poorer than normal for the month of June. Halibut fishing continues to be nothing short of fantastic. The best start for a season that we have seen. Avoiding areas the longliners are working seems to be paying off in a "big" way. Crabbing remains to be very good with lots of big ones and still very sweet.
Notable catches of Halibut are:
John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures has been bringing in some huge Halibut, one being the biggest this year so far at 186 pounds. Others he's caught were a 98, 138 and many others in a healthy size.
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters 1 888 563-2344 is also consistently bringing in limits. He has brought in 2 at 61 68 85 and a 91 pounder.
Desi Hatcher of Viscious Fish Charters has been slaying them also. He has brought in an amazing amount of large Hali's 2 at 150, 169, 146, 76, 68 and many more of a great eating size.

Salmon fishing unfortunately continues to be poor and spotty. Normally we have had several springs over the 40 pound range by now, this year we have none so far. There have been a few in the 30 pound size but most of them are teenagers and in the lower 20's. The few we have seen caught have been real chrome beauties. Hoping things pick up soon.

Notable catches of Salmon are:
Barry Lyle: 31 32
Mike Johns of Heavy Hauler Fishing Charters: 33
Barry Horncastle: 38
Bud McGrade: 30

Port Renfrew Marina is happy to announce that we now have a ATM machine to help accommodate customers who are not aware of our cash only policy. We hope this helps. A reminder to people who are wanting to come to the marina that we don't take reservations, it is a first come, first serve basis. We also ask you to consider bringing a table with you as our picnic tables are all used. We do have bait, anchovy and medium herring. We have been told that large herring is in short supply and may not be available.
Bud & Rex

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing May fishing to be just like other past years, hot one day, slow the next. The weather has been pretty good with calm winds and smooth seas. Anchoring is the way to go for halibut till mid June when Swiftsure Bank starts to work. Halibut have been coming in steadily and some fair sized ones also. As of June 1st the limit has been raised to two a day and possession of two. Desi Hatcher of has been coming in steadily with big catches. His last big one came in with four halibut, two in the 40 to 50 pound range, a 72 and a 105 pounder.

Fishing for Springs has begun and is off to a quiet but nice start. Camper Creek seems to be the main place to catch them. Ones that have been caught have been beautiful chromes. Bruce Miller 0f Miller Time Charters came in with five springs up to 22 pounds.

Springs of notable size this past week are:
Gerry Hamilton: 33
Barry Cummings: 31
Bob Huber: 28
Kevin Tyler: 30
Terry MacDonald: 25
Wilf Hoban: 31
Alexa Eckdahl: 35

Please Note: Port Renfrew Marina has reached it's maximum in taking on seasonal campers. We are sorry but there are no more spots available this year. If you were a seasonal camper last year and have not notified us whether you will be returning it is now assumed that you are not. We are pleased to announce we found a gas boy, Nathan Theriau. He will be starting with us when school is finished. We also now have car fuel and diesel as well as the boat fuel. We also want to alert our customers new and old that we have a new policy that all dogs must be leashed. Although our site says we no longer have firewood for sale we have come across a temporary source and are selling bags of wood for $6.50 a bag, G.S.T. included. This is dry seasoned debarked wood.

There is a new Port Renfrew fishing site on the web Check it out, it is intended to be a resource for people looking for information on fishing in Port Renfrew. They are planning to provide a service for people looking to book last minute charters or put together groups for charters.

Bud & Rex
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