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Aug. 20/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Don Colgrave 43The fantastic Chinook fishing continues on! Port Renfrew Marina is definitely seeing the best season of angling success that even long time fishermen can remember. With the exception of the odd one or two day lulls, most every day the docks are full of smiling faces.

 Ten to twenty Chinook hookups a day are common with the usual hotspots all giving up fish. There are fish showing out in the 90′ to 110 foot depths of water though trolling depths can still be as shallow as 25 foot on the downriggers.

While anchovy is the major bait of choice, whole herring with no flashers and coyote spoons are also working.  Port Renfrew Marina has a solid supply of anchovy and herring.

The “chicken ranch” is still pumping out springs in large numbers though the August fog is a daily concern.  Halibut fishing has switched back to an anchor-up method with some awesome catches hitting the scale. Sockeye is still open but you do need to patiently weed through the pinks to get some. If you are wanting pinks you can limit on them in no time, to avoid them devouring your bait try spoons or Baitrix as an alternative.

Crabbing is still going strong! Usually by now it’s over but this year is outstanding, just make the most of it while it’s still great!

Be aware that Owen Point is now closed.

Doug Cunningham 35Vicious fish ChartersIs. Outfitters days catch hali 93





Peter McCuaig  30

  • Tyler ArnoldMike Smith 40








Notable Catches:

  • Larry Defrane     37
  • Peter McCuaig    30
  • Don Colgrave & John Cove   43
  • Mark Pavisic        30  32
  • Doug Cunningham     35
  • Island Outfitters        93 halibut
  • Desi Hatchard of   40
  • Dale Coombs   31
  • Mike Smith       40
  • Rick Capebreton     31
  • Tyler Arnold   30  28  24  18

Although the marina pay phone is working we are having some issues with certain calling areas, if you get an error 13 please let us know. For anyone who is not familiar with the marina we should remind people that we are a cash business only, we do have an ATM for convenience. Please try to come prepared for this. We also sell boat gas, car gas and diesel and we try very hard to keep our prices fair. We sell bait, ice and tackle.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Coming up very soon is the annual Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day Derby. This year it is on Sept.3rd and 4th with the awards ceremony, dinner and dance on the Sunday. There is also a “bull head” derby for kids 12 and under on Sunday at 9:00 am.Tickets are $55.00 a rod and include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and the live band. Monies raised go to the local San Juan hatchery. Any individual or business who feels they support this with a donation please contact us by phone or come by the office. All donations are recognized at the derby and greatly appreciated. We encourage all our participants to patronize these businesses that help out.

Port Renfrew Marina is also having their annual “Winner Take All”  Coho Derby on the first weekend in Oct. The dates are Oct.1st and 2nd. This derby is a two day event with a $25.00 entry for each rod. $5.00 goes to the hatchery and the rest goes in the winning pot. The winning amount varies with how many people enter but pots have ranged anywhere from $5600.00 to almost $14000.00! All cash!

Bud & Rex

Aug.9/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing exceptional Chinook fishing. While the last weekend saw slower than normal catches they came back on hard on Monday.

Most fisherman are hitting Logan and Walbran for their days adventure. Some days the springs are right on the kelp beds, other days they are being  caught in the 100 to 120 foot depth of water. With little pressure Owen Point could be a great place to try till it’s closure on Aug. 15th.

Halibut catches have f inally started to slow a bit at the “chicken ranch.” They should pick up again when the guides start trying new locations. Hatchery Coho can be found at Swiftsure Bank , limits are 2 per license.

Amazingly crabbing is still coming on. It has slowed some but there are still many out there. Very unusual for Aug.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Sockeye opens tonight at 12:01 am tonight with 2 sockeye per day.

Notable catches:

  • Scott Baslee   (16 years)  32
  • Bob Biggs     32   33
  • Paul Ricard      30
  • Marek Syrzycki     30    32
  • Merv Pywell        38
  • Desi Hatchard of   32   32  30  30   38 40
  • Ken Cutting     33
  • Dan Buckmar  36
  • Scott Baker   43 
  • Robin Gibson   30
  • Trevor Zboyovsky www.nobananasca    33  34  26   26  21

Scott Baker 43Dan Buckmar 36No Bananas 33 34 26 26 21





Vicious Fish Charters  40Name lost





News:  Port Renfrew Marina will be holding it’s 14th annual Labor Day Derby on Sept 3rd and 4th.Please encourage your friends and yourself to enter this derby to help raise funds for the San Juan hatchery. Please help if you can with a donation for prizes to help make this derby memorable for all. Tickets will be available at the office a few days before the derby. They are $55.00 this year and include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band. There is also a bullhead derby for any children who want to participate on Sunday at 9:00 am.

Port Renfrew’s Coho Derby “Winner Take All” will be held this Oct. 1st and 2nd. This derby is a great one for anyone who likes a relaxed atmosphere as only a contender gets weighed in and the biggest Coho wins the prize money. Winnings have varied from $5600.00 to the biggest win of $13880.00! Tickets will be on sale a few days before the derby and are $25.00 five of which goes to the hatchery.

Bud & Rex

July31/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina has run out of words for how great the fishing has been for the last few weeks without risking repeating ourselves! Both Swiftsure Bank and the beach has seen the best fishing in 20 plus years!

Chinook can be found from Owen Point to the Walbran Creek with “all day bites” happening almost daily. Anchovies are the bait of choice unless you are a die hard cut plug herring fisherman. Color of anchovy heads vary daily but the Mint Pearl has been very good. Depths are always between 27 feet to 41 feet with a very tight roll. The marina is well stocked with anchovies and herring.

Swiftsure at the “chicken ranch” remains outstanding. Spoons, hootchies and apex’s are all great choices for both chinook and halibut.

Crabbing has slowed some but there is still some showing up each day. Nice to see since usually by now they are few and far between.

Notable Catches:                           

  • Jason Batty      32
  • Trevor Zboyovsky of  40
  • Trevor Gregson  34   37
  • Jack Cotterill   30  31
  • Ian & Rhonda Robinson   51
  • Kevin Wright   39  leader now in the beer derby
  • Larry & Blair Ericson   34 27 24 23 21 21 all within one hour!
  • Jim “steamin seamen”   37
  • Eric Eckdahl    44
  • We apologize for the others missed as the list went through the wash!

Ian & Rhonda Robinson 51Kevin Wright 39Trevor Gregson 37





Trvor Gregson 34Mike Daines 34Rcik Parsons 32





No Bananas 40 and many more





News: The weekend of July 22 to the 24th was the 11th annual Davey Derby held at Port Renfrew Marina. It was a resounding success with all tickets sold out. It is great to see such community involvement and willingness to support a fundraiser such as the Davey Derby. They were successful in raising an amazing $24,000.00 for an assortment of charities.  First place was won by Chris Miller with a 39.1 spring, second place was Ernie Ferguson with a 37.8. Mary Dice won first in women’s with a 35.7 and Joe Serpa with the largest halibut weighing 92 pounds.

More News: The following road closures will take place on August 7th. The roads are closed in order to accommodate the Subaru Sooke International Triathlon and filming of the event for a television production that will air nationally on TSN. Time your coming and leaving accordingly.

1. Otter Point Road from Grant Road to Rhondenite Road: 7am to 3pm. * Access to Mulligan’s at Grant Rd

2. Otter Point Road (westbound lane) from Young Lake Road to West Coast Road (westerly intersection) + Young Lake Road: 7:00am to 10:30am. * Local residents use Kemp Lake Road for Access 

3. West Coast Road (westbound lane) from Otter Point Road (westerly intersection) to approximately 15km west of Jordan River: 7:00am – 10:30am

4. West Coast Road (eastbound lane) from approximately 15km west of Jordan River to Otter Point Road (westerly intersection) : 7:00am – 12 noon

5. Otter Point Road (eastbound lane) from West Coast Road (westerly intersection) to Rhondenite Road: 7:00am to 12:15pm * Local residents use Kemp Lake Road for Access.

More news: Coming up on Sept 3rd and4th Port Renfrew will be having their 14th annual Labor Day Derby.  Please try to attend and support this derby as all monies raised go to support the San Juan hatchery to keep producing ongoing salmon stocks for you and future fishermen in the years to come. The derby is a two day event, dinner with beverages, live band and you get a t-shirt in the deal. Please remember to bring cash for tickets as we are a cash only business. Anyone who knows of a business or individual who would like to donate to this derby please call or come by the office.

Bud & Rex

July 23/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina is still seeing some of the best salmon fishing since 2007! The bite started about 2 weeks ago and is still going strong.

Chinook catches have been very good. Camper, Logan and East Point have all been holding fish. Limit catches have arrived at the dock by 7:30 in the morning.

The “Chicken Ranch” at Swiftsure Bank is approaching MAGICAL status with truly incredible fishing for springs, coho and halibut day after day.

Lots of pinks and coho are around when you venture from the coast line into deeper water. When in an area with lots of pinks they can snap up a lot of your anchovies, it’s a good idea to try baittrix or hoochies, a popular one being the “purple haze.” No word yet on a sockeye opening.

Halibut fishing on the anchor for the big ones has picked up now that there is some current.

Notable catches:

  • Tim Street     37
  • Ian Bateson   38
  • Dale Rivers    32
  • Serge Perevrzoff   24  35
  • Phil Renakin    39
  • Blair Houdayer      33
  • Ward of Island Outfitters   38
  • Matt of Island Outfitters 30 35 60 120
  • Chris Arnold   30 32 teenagers


Chris Arnold

Island Outfitter Matt

Serge Island Outfitter Matt Island Outfitters ward


   News:  This weekend the Davey Derby is on at Port Renfrew Marina. In to the second day the most recent word is the leading fish is a 39.1 pounder with a 37.8 in second place. The derby ends on Sunday at noon so anything can happen from now until then. As usual the turnout is high with many knowing that the fishing is fantastic and many great prizes. Luckily for everyone the weather has improved.

 We are happy to say that the pay phone seems to be in working order now. For those who are unaware we also have an ATM for your convenience since we don’t take credit cards. We would also like to remind everyone that we don’t take reservations, there seems to be some confusion over this. We also want to clear up the question of fuel. We do carry fuel, boat gas, car gas and diesel from May 1st to mid Oct when we close, this year Oct.16th.

A Reminder: Coming up on Sept 3rd and 4th Port Renfrew Marina will be having their 14th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is a lot of fun with a dinner and dance with a live band on the Sunday. We give all proceeds to the San Juan Hatchery. Please try to come and support this great fund raiser to help keep salmon stocks thriving for now and ours and our childrens future.  Any person or business that is interested in making a donation whether is it cash, product or a service is greatly appreciated.

Bud & Rex

July14/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing some of the best fishing since 2007! For the last 10 days all anglers are hitting the docks with smiles and stories of fish landed and fish lost.

Multiple fish days have been common on the beach. Camper, Logan and East Point are all holding fish. Small anchovies, spoons and “coho killers” are all working well.

The “Chicken Ranch” has been on fire for all fish! Chinook are in the 20 pound plus range and the guides are calling it the best fishing they have ever seen!

Halibut slowed a bit with the lack of current but should pick up this week as the tides increase.

Lots of hatchery coho on the beach and on the bank. Catch limit is 2 hatchery per day. Crabbing is still pretty fair given the late date. Generally by now it has slowed down.

It is shaping up to be one of the best years ever!

Notable Catches:

  • Jeremy Fall                 30  33
  • Matthew Youell         30
  • Gorden Harper           30
  • Peter glover                30
  • Nolan Fisher               38
  • Ryan Springer             34
  • Mike Vanderstar        34
  • Cory Lowe                    40
  • Terry MacDonald      32
  • Doug Souliere             37
  • Ron Tilby                      32
  • Ron Tilby Jr.               30  32
  • Vitas Zaliauskas         32
  • Huck Finn                     44 yes, that is his real name
Doug Souliere 37
Doug Souliere 37
Huck Finn  44
Huck Finn 44
Cory Lowe   40
Cory Lowe 40






News: We are thinking our pay phone is working ok now. It seems as soon as we say that it has another glitch! Port Renfrew Marina is now looking for any business or individual that is interested in giving a donation for their Labor Day Derby on Sept 3rd and 4th. All proceeds from this derby go to the local San Juan Hatchery. All donations are very much appreciated and are given recognition at the derby. We encourage our customers to support the places that do donate to these great causes as without them we wouldn’t have the wonderful prizes.

Reminder: Coming up on July 22nd to the 24th is the 11 annual Davey Derby. Think about entering into this derby as it is a lot of fun with fantastic prizes and all proceeds go to a variety of worthwhile charities. First prize is a Yamaha T9.9 high thrust kicker complete with the controls which has once again been kindly supplied by Linda Slader at The Mortgage Centre-Duncan and Brad and Deidre at Monti’s Boat Sales-Duncan. Tickets are available at the marina and also at the Info Center in the town of Port Renfrew.

Bud & Rex
PS check out this new video of Blair from Swell Time Charters, showing off some Port Renfrew good times!

July5/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

The good fishing prior to the Canada Day weekend dropped off considerably for the long weekend. Friday spring fishing was slow but picked up some on Saturday and was much better on Sunday.

Monday, July 4th was fantastic,which only goes to show what a difference a couple of days can make.Everywhere from the “chicken ranch” to East Point was on fire with limit catches for most boats. The offshore fishery is seeing bigger average size springs than usual with many Chinook in the 20 pound plus range.  Plugs, hoochies and large spoons, fished deep, are the ticket.

The “beach” catches were coming in on a  anchovy or small needle fish spoons on long leaders. Fish seem to be in the 27 foot to 37 foot depth range.

Halibut fishing continues strong with both anchoring and drifting producing many fish up to 100 pounds. The past weekend we had at least three in the seventies weighed in.

Great tides are in store for this coming weekend so hopefully the fishing will remain strong. Hopefully we will have less chop and rough seas which were experienced off and on this past weekend.

Notable catches:

  • Marlin Weninger                                                 33
  • Glen Wilson                                                           33
  • Trevor of No Banana’s Charters                   32
  • Terry Van Wieren                                              37
  • Joe Serpa                                                               37
  • Dennis McCallum                                               33         Sorry no pics this time

News:  Coming up on July 22 to the 24thPort Renfrew Marina will be hosting the 11th annual Davey Derbyput on by Audie Williams and friends. The derby is an amazing event with many incredible prizes. All proceeds goes to an assortment of needy charities and it is a great event to support either by a donation or attending the derby. Check out the website for more information. Tickets are available at the marina in the office. 

The marina’s pay phone has been having it’s issues as usual. We hope to have resolved them but if you run into problems let us know. Port Renfrew Marina will also be having their annual Labor Day Derby on Sept. 3rd and 4th this year. This derby raises funds for the local San Juan hatchery which  needs  financial support.  More information coming in the future. 

Bud & Rex

June 27/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina has seen an nice improvement in fishing in the last week. The past weekend was the best this year with pretty much all anglers getting one or two springs. The fishing situation is pretty much identical to the report done four days ago. Check the June 23 report for more info. Camper was the hot spot the past few days with many springs over 30 pounds coming in. Anchovy is still the bait of choice and green and purple haze teaser heads. Another popular one is the newer tiger prawn.  We have been hearing good reports of Baitrix being a hot bait, especially at the bank. Swiftsure is full of hatchery Coho, the limit is 2 per license, they are on the small side but very delicious!

Halibut fishing is still very good at Swiftsure and also at Carmanah. Crabbing is still going strong and they are hardening up nicely. The seas have been rough one day and smooth the next so be advised to check with the weather and make sure if you are going to Swiftsure you have radar and a boat big enough to handle rough seas and swells.

Notables Catches:

  • June 21. Wayne Schiffner  32
  • June 23   High Hamar          31
  • June 24  Leah Gagen            33
  • June 25  Joe Serpa               34
  • June 25   Jeremy Fall         30
  • June 26    Ken Gillard          34
  • June 26   Blair Houdayer   31    36
  • June 27   Hank Scown        33

Leah Gagen 33Joe Serpa 34Blair Houdayer 31 36





Ken Gillard





News:  Port Renfrew had the Tall Tree Festival this past weekend and it was a huge success. Good to hear that everyone was on their best behaviour with no accidents or injuries. Thanks to the Big fish Lodge for putting this on.  This coming July 22nd to 24th will the the 11th Davey Derby held at Port Renfrew Marina. This derby is fantastic, with amazing prizes, good people having a great time and all the proceeds go to a variety of wonderful charities, all of which benefit greatly from this event. Also this Sept. 3rd and 4th will be Port Renfrew Marina’s 14th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is also a great fundraiser for the San Juan hatchery.

At Port Renfrew Marina we have the pay phone working but it is a temperamental thing and if you have issues using it please let us know.  We have also found our gas boy for the summer. The fishing season is starting to come on now and we want to say welcome back to all our regular customers and a big welcome to all our new ones that are making this year their first at the marina. We wish all a safe and great fishing summer.

Bud & Rex

June 23/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Chinook fishing continues to improve along the coast from Owen Point, west. Most boats last week have reported 3 to 5 hook-ups a trip. Anchovy and strip are working well.

Swiftsure Bank, specifically the “chicken ranch” has been spectacular for both spring and halibut fishing. Limit catches are the norm with hootchies working best for salmon and plastic grub for the halibut.

Crabbing is still of the charts!! Even a two hour soak will produce daily limits. Get them while you can as they usually fade away after mid July.

Hadley MacMillan Flynn

A days catch with Blair from Swell Time Charters

News: The marina’s pay phone is now up and running. Our ATM is also there for customers use if you need to access cash.

Below is a youtube video of a day’s fishing with John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures. Enjoy.

Bud & Rex

June 16/11 Port Renfrew Report

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

For Port Renfrew Marina Chinook fishing remains fair along the beach with most anglers hooking at least one to two fish per day. Camper and the Rock Cliff seem to be holding some bait.

Off shore fishing is very good for spring salmon as well as Coho and halibut. Massive schools of herring are boiling at the Swiftsure Bank. Coho are being caught right on top, Chinook down anywhere from 110 to 200 feet! Hootchies and small spoons are the lure of choice.

Halibut are found in all the regular spots including the NE corner and the 170. Anchovy is still the best bait for the big ones. If the current is not too strong backtroll drifting with herring on a hootchy skirt while covering more area.

Notable catches:  (mentioned previously in last report but now with pics)

  • Bill Valentine      46
  • Gerry Hamilton  50

Valentine 46Hamilton 50                                                                                                                                                                       

Note: Port Renfrew came in 5th in the WFN contest. The winning prize for that placement is $1000.00 from Bell. We now have our payphone repaired and soon to be installed.  

Port Renfrew Marina is looking for a gas boy for the summer. Anyone who may be interested or knows of a boy who might be please contact us at the office. The job will be July to just after Labor Day roughly 5 hours a day in the afternoons.   

Bud & Rex

June 9/11 Port Renfrew Report

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing similar fishing results as the previous week overall.  Springs are coming in with some fishermen getting decent results and others getting bites only.  Anchovy seems to be working best with hootchies and spoons being second choice.  Cut plugging seems to be the way to get the most results lately at least for some lucky fishermen. Weather has been up and down and there have been days at Swiftsure that were flat and smooth and other days very rough. Fishing has picked up out in the Swiftsure area, more so than on the beach.

Halibut fishing remains good and most guys are coming in with their limits. Crabbing is still very good and should be for another 2 to 3 weeks or longer if we get lucky.

Fishing Update:  As of yesterday, June 9th fishing at Renfrew has picked up quite a bit especially out at Swiftsure where the fishermen are hooking into 15 to 20 springs. Fishing on the beach has improved also. Fishing seems to be on the upswing.

Notable catches: 

  • John Gordon                   40 22  (last week)
  • John  Gordon                  35 36
  • Gerry Hamilton        50    (caught June 8) picture in next report
  • Steve French of Seawind Fishing Adventures    38 
  • Shane Morse                    72   hali

PRM 2011

PRM 2011-2






WFN news:  The official count is now over for the WFN contest. Port Renfrew came in at 5th place and the official winnings are $1000.00 from Bell. We want to thank everyone for their efforts to help a small town like Port Renfrew make it to 5th place over the large towns in Ontario with huge populations. Losing power for those two days didn’t help with the voting but we are happy to get 5th and the winnings, when they are received, will be going to the San Juan Hatchery.

Our pay phone is still in the works to getting repaired. The parts were needed to be shipped and with the postal issues it has taken time, needless to say. 

Bud & Rex