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July 2 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
Well, the Canada Day long weekend is over for Port Renfrew Marina and for the most part a successful one. Beautiful sunny skies and generally smooth seas made fishing conditions some of the best so far this year.

Halibut fishing continues to be great, with more people targeting “chickens” as the “barndoors” are moving out of the area.

Some of the notable catches are:

Rob Debree 132
Desi Hatcher of 91, 84

Salmon fishing was looking up on Friday and Saturday with over 50 springs hitting the docks both days. The majority in the high teens and mid 20″s. Things slowed down on Sunday and Monday with around a dozen showing up from the beach. Springs from Nitnat and Swiftsure can provide non-stop action though the sizes are smaller than past years so far. The general opinion is that area is where the bait can be found.

Notable catches are:
Steve Peconi 32.5
John Allan 36
Blair Houdayer 28 30
Trevor Hagen 39

Please note: All dogs must be on a leash this year and
we ask that all dog owners be responsible for their pets and clean up after them. Another reminder is that we don’t take reservations but you can contact us when you are coming (if from a long distance) and we will do what we can to assist you so you can be accommodated as best as possible. We also want our customers to know that we now have an ATM in the office to help with our cash only policy.

Bud & Rex

June 22 Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina is having some great fishing as well as poorer than normal for the month of June. Halibut fishing continues to be nothing short of fantastic. The best start for a season that we have seen. Avoiding areas the longliners are working seems to be paying off in a “big” way. Crabbing remains to be very good with lots of big ones and still very sweet.
Notable catches of Halibut are:
John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures has been bringing in some huge Halibut, one being the biggest this year so far at 186 pounds. Others he’s caught were a 98, 138 and many others in a healthy size.
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters 1 888 563-2344 is also consistently bringing in limits. He has brought in 2 at 61 68 85 and a 91 pounder.
Desi Hatcher of Viscious Fish Charters has been slaying them also. He has brought in an amazing amount of large Hali’s 2 at 150, 169, 146, 76, 68 and many more of a great eating size.
Salmon fishing unfortunately continues to be poor and spotty. Normally we have had several springs over the 40 pound range by now, this year we have none so far. There have been a few in the 30 pound size but most of them are teenagers and in the lower 20′s. The few we have seen caught have been real chrome beauties. Hoping things pick up soon.
Notable catches of Salmon are:
Barry Lyle: 31 32
Mike Johns of Heavy Hauler Fishing Charters: 33
Barry Horncastle: 38
Bud McGrade: 30
Port Renfrew Marina is happy to announce that we now have a ATM machine to help accommodate customers who are not aware of our cash only policy. We hope this helps. A reminder to people who are wanting to come to the marina that we don’t take reservations, it is a first come, first serve basis. We also ask you to consider bringing a table with you as our picnic tables are all used. We do have bait, anchovy and medium herring. We have been told that large herring is in short supply and may not be available.
Bud & Rex

June 3 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing May fishing to be just like other past years, hot one day, slow the next. The weather has been pretty good with calm winds and smooth seas. Anchoring is the way to go for halibut till mid June when Swiftsure Bank starts to work. Halibut have been coming in steadily and some fair sized ones also. As of June 1st the limit has been raised to two a day and possession of two. Desi Hatcher of has been coming in steadily with big catches. His last big one came in with four halibut, two in the 40 to 50 pound range, a 72 and a 105 pounder.

Fishing for Springs has begun and is off to a quiet but nice start. Camper Creek seems to be the main place to catch them. Ones that have been caught have been beautiful chromes. Bruce Miller 0f Miller Time Charters came in with five springs up to 22 pounds.

Springs of notable size this past week are:
Gerry Hamilton: 33
Barry Cummings: 31
Bob Huber: 28
Kevin Tyler: 30
Terry MacDonald: 25
Wilf Hoban: 31
Alexa Eckdahl: 35

Please Note: Port Renfrew Marina has reached it’s maximum in taking on seasonal campers. We are sorry but there are no more spots available this year. If you were a seasonal camper last year and have not notified us whether you will be returning it is now assumed that you are not. We are pleased to announce we found a gas boy, Nathan Theriau. He will be starting with us when school is finished. We also now have car fuel and diesel as well as the boat fuel. We also want to alert our customers new and old that we have a new policy that all dogs must be leashed. Although our site says we no longer have firewood for sale we have come across a temporary source and are selling bags of wood for $6.50 a bag, G.S.T. included. This is dry seasoned debarked wood.

There is a new Port Renfrew fishing site on the web Check it out, it is intended to be a resource for people looking for information on fishing in Port Renfrew. They are planning to provide a service for people looking to book last minute charters or put together groups for charters.

Bud & Rex

May 23, Port Renfrew Marina Report

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina has become very busy with old and new customers coming in to set up and start the new season. If you are a seasonal customer from last year and you haven’t yet contacted us regarding holding your site you should do so asap! We have had an unprecedented amount of new people asking about seasonal spots so don’t delay if you want your site.

A few Chinook salmon showed up on the May long weekend. The first ones of the season. Wally Browse was the first to bring one in at 16 pounds. Eric Eckdahl got 3 between 15 and 20 pounds. The Halibut fishing is still going strong with most everyone getting their limits even with the rough weather we had last week. Mike Johns of came in with a 93 pounder and Dwayne Isaacs caught a 169. Desi Hatcher of has been bringing them in consistently, a few of them in the 150 pound range.

Port Renfrew Marina will be getting car gas in the next week or so. Boat gas is available now. For anyone coming to the Marina, please remember that we only take cash. We will be getting an ATM machine in the office in June and we hope that will help out our customers.

Bud & Rex

May 6th Port Renfrew Marina Report

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina is now open! Things have been very busy with people moving their units in for the season. Power sites are getting in short supply except for a few on the asphalt side.We have been busy also, cleaning up the area and getting things ready for business. We have just last weekend finished 120 feet of new dock space. We have also cleared a big area for parking boat trailers and are hoping this will give us more space available for parking and possible space for more units. We are also in the stages of building some new picnic tables which have been in chronically short supply. We still recommend that if you are coming camping to bring a table with you. If you were a seasonal customer and haven’t contacted us yet as to whether you are going seasonal you must do so ASAP as sites are going fast.

Halibut fishing is average with most of the fish in the 30 to 50 pound range. Weather of course, is a major concern this early in the season. Once the barn doors start showing up the boats will be heading out in large numbers.

No Chinooks as yet but no one is trying for them this early, the focus is Halibut and crab. The crabbing continues to be excellent and as always so sweet. This should continue until late June so enjoy it while it lasts!

Wanted: Port Renfrew Marina is still looking for gas boys for the summer. If you know of anyone who is interested in having a summer job and making some money please let us know. We need someone strong to pump gas for the boats and cars. This job would usually start around 1 or 2 in the afternoon until about 6. This could also entail cutting grass and just general help around the marina.

Port Renfrew Marina did post on the site that we would no longer be selling wood but we have since found a source for bagged firewood that we will be selling. These are bags of around an arm load. You are still encouraged to bring firewood with you.

Wishing all our customers, old and new, a great summer fishing and good times at the marina. See you there!

Bud and Rex

April 14, 2008 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina will be officially opening for business on May 1st. A reminder, if you are a past seasonal camper with us you must contact us by May. 1st to confirm your site or we will assume you are no longer needing it. We have been having many new inquiries lately so speak with us soon. You can e-mail us through the website or call 474-2643 or call Noel at 483-1486.

We will have fuel, bait and tackle available on our opening date. We will not be selling firewood this year so please keep that in mind and bring your own supply to enjoy your campfires. A new addition is a pay phone for customers convenience just outside the office and we are in the process of looking into having a ATM machine in the office for those customers that don’t have cash.

This year Rex will be only working part of the summer so we will be having a new person helping out. Knutt, a previous employee of Bud’s will be there to help with the office, gas, etc. We are lucky to have him as he is a great guy and we are sure the everyone who meets him will feel the same.

While it’s early for fishing given the weather and sea conditions, crabbing has been reported to be pretty good. They are hard, sweet and fairly plentiful.

Wanted: Port Renfrew Marina is looking for gas boys to hire for the summer. If you know someone who loves the marina atmosphere and will be around for the summer and would like a summer job, let us know. It’s a great opportunity for to be able to fish in the morning and then work a few hours in the afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing all our friends and customers in the new season.

Bud & Rex

March 18, 2008 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Greetings everyone:

For our regular and new customers, welcome to our 2008 season. With winter being officially over in 2 days Port Renfrew Marina will soon be into our spring opening of May 1st. If you were a seasonal camper last year please confirm your site for this year before May15th. by phone to Noel 483-1486 or Bud 474-2643 or by e-mail through this site. Failure to do this will mean we are to assume you no longer require your site.

If you are planning to be at the marina on Easter weekend the gate will be open but you must bring your own water, bait and fuel and as well be responsible for taking your garbage to the dump when you leave.

Please be advised that there is a heavy swell warning for this weekend so please be very careful!

Here is a copy of fisheries new ruling on fishing and retention of Halibut for this year for those of you that have not seen it.

RECREATIONAL – Fin Fish (Other than Salmon)
Fishery Notice – Fisheries and Oceans Canada Subject: FN0077-Halibut: All Tidal Waters -

Further to FN0044 – Changes to the Recreational Fishery Further to Fishery Notice FN0044:In order to manage within domestic halibut allocations, the following changes will be implemented in the 2008 recreational fishery:

March 1 to 31: Daily limit of one. Possession limit of 3.
April 1 to May 31: Daily limit of one. Possession limit of 2.
June 1 to Dec 31: Daily limit of two. Possession limit of 2.Areas 121, 23 and 123——————

April 1 to Dec 31:

Oct.19th Port Renfrew Marina Report

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Port Renfrew Marina is now closed (officially on Oct.14th) for the season. 2007 was a very good Chinook year in spite of the poor weather this summer. We had 57 Springs over 40 pounds, much improved over 2006 when we registered only 30 over 40 pounds.

Coho expectations were high this year. The Coho showed up at Swiftsure Bank in great numbers but unfortunately the expected peak run that would come to the beach got hit with extremely heavy rains and wind conditions that made fishing risky at best. 2007 will go down as only slightly better for Coho than the disappointing 2006 year.

Port Renfrew Marina operations for 2008 are expected to be pretty much the same as this year with the plan of more dock space and some much needed dredging.

Here are some pictures of just some of the wildlife that can be seen in Port Renfrew. Early in the year we start putting the fish carcasses on the far side of the beach and it is quite a spectacular show when the Bald Eagles show up with their young fledglings and teach them how to feed for themselves. Most days you can see up to 30 or more Eagles feeding. Later the bears show up and they feed for most of the summer fattening up on the fish scraps. Often there will be a mother with her cubs. All this can be seen right from the docks.

All of us at Port Renfrew Marina wish all the best for everyone, have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you next spring.
Please Note: If you still have your boat or unit to take home please make arrangements as soon as possible. To confirm sites or make arrangements for your stay next year please make sure you contact us by May 1st. 2008. The number for the marina again is 250 483-1878 or toll free 1 866 565-2354 or send an e-mail through Port Renfrew Marina’s web site.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina’s Coho Derby

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Port Renfrew Marina’s 5th Coho Derby has come and gone for another year and what a weekend it was! With Coho fishing slowing down after the first big rush and the weather expected to not be the best, the turnout wasn’t as many this year. Given these conditions there were still 490 tickets sold and and a spirit of excitement to be the hopeful winner. Fishing on Sat. was slow at best with a Southeast wind stopping fisherman getting to their secret spots. Some areas were so rough you couldn’t stand up in your boat. Fishing by yourself was a real ordeal. Blair Davis and Gary Whittaker started by sharing first place at 14.7 pound Coho’s. That held through the rainstorm on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sunday morning also brought in another 14.7 by Larry Poggmueller. It was looking like a 3 way tie when with 20 minutes left to the 1:00 weigh in time Mark Kloss weighed in the winning Coho at 14.9 pounds for a $9800.00 purse. This would be the first year the winning Coho has been under 20 pounds.

Now we are all wondering, will the big Coho show up this year? Maybe, after this week of rain. There were reports of Coho out in the beach but few were willing to risk their boats for the catch with log debris and boats broken loose from the dock area down from Port Renfrew Marina. There were rumors that the San Juan log jam had broken loose but it was just damage and debris from the intense rain storm the night before. Many a boat needed bailing during Saturday night but luckily no boats in the marina suffered any damage.

Fishing for Springs has slowed down with a few big ones around. Gary Whittaker caught a 42 pound Spring and the Coho’s are there in pockets to be found if you are willing to put in the time.

If you would like a fishing report please call the office at 483-1878 or toll free at 1 866 565-2354 and get the latest on the situation.
A Reminder: Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 14th. Please remember to pull your boat and unit out if not already done so or make arrangements for winter storage.
Bud & Rex

Sept.26 Port Renfrew Fishing Report & Notice

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing slower fishing than expected for this time of year although it is slowly improving. Chinooks have all but past but there are a few around and the Coho haven’t showed up in any numbers yet.

Large seas have kept fisherman from Swiftsure so we have no reports on Coho numbers out there or where the Halibut are in any numbers. The fish were there for ones with strong stomachs and a boat big enough to handle the large swells. In the last few days the seas have calmed down considerably so hopefully fishing will improve in that area.

Photos are Martin Hill (upper right) with his 44.5 pound Spring and Kyle & Angie Hughes (below) with their 40 pound Spring

Unfortunately rain is forecast the next few days and through the weekend. This may bring the Coho in to the beach but the fisherman warm and dry at home. Although with the Coho Derby planned for this weekend the lure of winning a very large amount of money will most likely bring them out in big numbers! Last years winner got $13,880.00 for the largest Coho weighing in at 22.52 pounds.

Remember to play it safe this time of year! Be sure your boat
is sea worthy and you are prepared for possible rough seas.
Dates to remember: Port Renfrew’s 5th annual Coho Derby is this coming weekend, Sept. 29th & 30th. Entry is still $20.00, winner take all.
Port Renfrew Marina will be closing for the season On Oct. 14th, please remember to come get your boat, unit and close your account with us until next year.
Please Note: For those of you who are heading in via Lake Cowichan Highway please be advised that the Harris Creek bridge is being worked on and is open only between noon and 1 pm and then after 4:00pm , September 26-27 and 28th.
Fish of notable size in the past weeks:
Blair Houdayer 31 Hugh Hamer 35
Trudy Ammann 32 Shawn Kent 32
Hugh & Angie Hughes 40 Trudy Ammann 4o
Jack Cotterill 40 Wilson Taylor 40
Bud & Rex