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Archive for August, 2008

Aug.22 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina was having a run of great fishing but has seen a decline in the Chinook fishing over the last couple of days. The weather brought a winter type low pressure which brought on severe rain and a very large west swell. This had a negative effect on fishing to the point that on Thursday morning most fisherman who tried to go out, turned back. Later that day things settled down and it will improve over the next couple of days as the weather gets back to the more normal conditions in August. There is a front expected Sun and time will tell if fishing is affected. Logan Creek still seems to be best though Camper and East Point have less fishing pressure. The list of notable catches will be missing many fish over 30 pounds as we were so busy last weekend that they just didn’t get recorded, so the list is as follows. If you have caught a fish over 30 pounds let the office know and your name will be posted.

Notable Catches of Springs:

  • Shawn Melinchuk: 31
  • Blais 36,36
  • George Cuthburt 31
  • Debbie Gilmore 41
  • Don & Carol Wardlow 35
  • Brad Wiksyk 41.5
  • Al Teng 33
  • Harold Cronk 30
  • Blair Houdayer 37
  • Gerry Hamilton 38
  • Steve Downs 34
  • Allan Jane (Jackson & Tyson) 32
  • Craig Martin 32
  • Desi Hatchard of 36, 39
  • Trevor of No Bananas Charters 46
  • Dan of 41.5

Halibut fishingcontinues to be very good with some feeder springs showing up at Swiftsure Bank. Spoons and plugs are the lures of choice.

Coho are still found out at Swiftsure but not shown up onshore yet and are probably a couple of weeks away. Mid to later September seems to be the time when Coho’s make a more solid appearance.

Important Dates:Port Renfrew Marina is having it’s Labor Day Derby on Aug.30th and 31st.First Prize $1000.00 second prize $500.00 and third prize $250.00. Tickets sold at the marina only. Also it is confirmed that the Port Renfrew Marina Coho “Winner Take All” Derby will be Sept. 27th & 28th with a $20.00 entry fee.

Bud & Rex

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Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

What was shaping up to be one of the slowest John B and crew with a Swiftsure haulAugust Spring fishing for Port Renfrew Marina in recent memory has finally turned the corner. We are now seeing normal Aug numbers with 60 to 90 Chinooks a day hitting the docks. Many 30 pounders and on average a 40 pounder per day being caught. The bulk of the Springs being in the mid to high 20′s. Anchovies are still the first choice with some fisherman preferring the clear, glow green or red/gold teaser heads. Most of the fish seem to be getting caught at Camper and Logan.

Notable catches of Salmon are:

  • Milt Combs 34
  • Dave Hoban 36 38
  • Bill Johnson 36.5
  • Syd Spooner 37.5
  • Michelle Gammie 33.5
  • Shawn Stebbins 42
  • Allan Erickson 38
  • Don McRae 32
  • Ron Jakimchuk 31
  • Hugo Boshman 30
  • Carol Wardlow 30
  • Milco Pinalski 30.5
  • Merv Pywell 40
  • Ian Batty 30
  • Mark Gagen 32
  • Ken Cutting 30
  • Freida Fielding 42
  • No Bananas Charters 34
  • No Bananas Charters 45
  • Jared Gagen (No Bananas Charters) 35

Coho fishing is excellent out at Swiftsure Bank. Some hatchery fish are already in the 10 to 12 pound range. Hootchies and spoons are the lures of choice.

Halibut Fishing continues to be very good with most fisherman bringing in their limits.Gagen\'s 32Jared 35Shawn Stebbins 42No Bananas 45

Note: for those people that are new to fishing at Port Renfrew Marina please note that the tides need to be at a 3 foot depth to launch your boat successfully.

Important Dates: Port Renfrew Marina will be having its 11th Labor Day Derby this year on Aug.30th and 31st. Tickets will be available in the office a few days before the derby. Tickets are $50. a rod and includes dinner, beverage, Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt and we will be having a live band on the 31st. Anyone wishing to contribute a donation can contact the office. All proceeds will go the to the local fish Hatchery in Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew’s Coho Derby is tentatively set for Sept.27th and 28th. Date to be confirmed in the near future.

Bud and Rex

August 9 Port Renfrew Fishing Report

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

A quick report this morning…

There are lots of coho and halibut out at Swiftsure Bank.  Limits on chicken sized halibut quickly caught, lots of coho, although have to catch quite a few wild before you can catch your hatchery keepers.

There are big springs being caught off “the Beach” too, but you have to work for them.

Good luck out there!

July 31 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Friday, August 8th, 2008

July fishing is over for another year at Port Renfrew Marina. It has turned out to be an average year in numbers as well in size. Schools of salmon have been around for as long as a week and gone as fast a tide change. Camper and Logan seem to hold the fish and the fisherman. Close to shore as well as out to the 80 foot mark are productive. For the most part the beach has been calm seas but the bank had 1 or 2 very rough days with swells and heavy rain.

Notable catches of Salmon are:

Marty Fladager: 34
Rick Jakimchuk: 36
Mike Marlow: 32
Joe Serpa: 37
Mike Duggin: 34
Chad Servatius: 39
Woody Woodruff: 36
Jared Gagen: 31
John DeGraff: 32
Shawn Akinhead: 31
Gary Winter: 34
Graeme Smith: 34
Bruce Berkey: 32
John Redlick: 32
Ken Gillard: 32
John Hoek: 32
Bradley McDonald: 31
Alan Erickson: 32
Raymond Hamilton: 33
Doug DeClerq: 30
Chad Bergman: 34
Merv Pywell: 32
Nolan Fisher: 35
Trevor Zboyoski of No Bananas: 30
John Adam: 41
John Lewis: 47
Desi Hatchard of: Vicious Fish Charters : 41 and a 70 Halibut
which won for biggest one caught in the derby.

Halibut Fishing is normal for this time of year and that is to say it’s very good. Most boats bringing in limit catches of “chickens” coming in from Swiftsure Bank. Berkley grubs are the bait of choice by many.

Last Weekend’s Davey Derby was a huge success, with a turnout of 329 entries. Port Renfrew Marina is proud to host this wonderful derby and are very pleased to see it reach new levels of funds raised each year. This years monies are $21,304.00! $1000.00 of which will be going to the local Renfrew Fish Hatchery. Despite the damp weather and slow fishing to start things went well as you can see in the record of how many fish over 30 were caught in that weekend. Fishing picked up on the Sunday with a 47 being caught at noon that day. One interesting note was when Jim Lam and John & Bill Hieta actually hooked a scuba diver while crabbing! He was let go after giving up two crab. For all the details go to .

Please Note: Sockeye is now closed. *the Owen Point closure is in effect, please check the regulations.

Bud & Rex

July 25 Port Renfrew Marina Notice

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Port Renfrew Marina is pleased to announce that Sockeye fishing will be open starting tonight at 1 minute after midnight in otherwords starting July 26th. This is in effect until further notice. Daily possession is 4 Sockeye. For more information click here.
Bud & Rex

July 22 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Mid July fishing at Port Renfrew Marina is running hot and cold. Chinook fishing which was so good last week slowed considerably this week. Fishing focus has moved back to the regular spots such as Camper, Cullite and Logan. While the numbers have dropped the fish being caught are quality fish with the majority of them weighing in the low twenties. Weather wise we have had a lot of marine cloud near the marina but the the waters are calm for the most part.

Notable catches are:
Milt Combs: 30
Kevin Gillard: 39.5
Brent Cooper: 30
Marty Fladager 38
Norm Ricketts: 37
Doug Smith: 36.5
Phil Rankine: 30
Grant Thomson: 31
Laura Reed: 30
Mark Gagen: 30
Desi Hatcher of Vicious Fish Charters 30
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters: 37
Trevor Zboyovsky of No Bananas Charters: 38

Halibut fishing continues to be good as usual with limit catches of mostly chickens hitting the docks on a regular basis. There are still some barn doors showing up though.

Notable catches are:
Desi Hatcher of 168
Kevin McKenna: 197 and 47
The 197 is the biggest Halibut coming to Port Renfrew’s docks this season. The previous one being 186 caught by John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures

Port Renfrew Marina is pleased to remind everyone that the Davey Derby will once again be held here. It is their 8th year and a derby you won’t want to miss. The dates are July 25th,26th and 27th. Tickets are $45.00 and all proceeds go to the Renfrew Fish Hatchery and assorted charities. For more information go to

Please note: We now have a box by the office door where you can drop off your launch fee if the office is closed. We are also temporarily out of juvenile licenses.On a serious note we are sorry to have to announce that for the first time in all these years Port Renfrew Marina has had some thefts this past week. Please keep all valuables locked up and alert the office immediately if you see anything or anyone that seems suspicious.

Bud & Rex