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Archive for April, 2010

April 29/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina officially opens on May1st, this weekend.  Another winter has passed and a new season awaits for a summer of fishing.  So far in the late spring we have had reports of good fishing for halibut. There are many “chicken” sized ones if you can get out there. The weather has hindered some boating and there have been many seasick people! Crabbing remains great, lots out there and they will vary in catch, some full with meat, others still with water in the shell but very sweet.

Port Renfrew Marina now has gas. We have boat gas, car gas and diesel.

A reminder to all our seasonal customers. Please let us know as soon as possible with the deadline of May 10th if you are returning or not.  We have many new people inquiring and you don’t want to be disappointed if you lose your spot.  Also if you are seasonal you may want to pay before the April 30th deadline. If you pay the fee in full before that date you can avoid the HST tax. 

For the retuning customers you will recognize Knut working again this year.  We are pelased to have him helping us again with his endless handyman abilities.

Regarding the phones and ATM, we do have them up and running this year so far! If we are lucky and all things work, we will keep it that way. If you recall last year the ATM had many problems, we hope we have eliminated them.

If you have been to Port Renfrew Marina this year you will see quite a few wonderful changes. Our indispensible caretakers, Wayne & Gwen Coleman have spent their winter cleaning up the grounds, trimming trees and marking off sites. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!

All of us at Port Renfrew Marina look forward to seeing our returning customers and all our new ones. Wishing you a safe and exciting season of fishing. See you up there!

Bud & Rex

April 12/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina is beginning to gear up for another season. We will be opening on May 1st. With the milder winter and the fair spring it has made it possible for our caretakers, Wayne & Gwen Coleman to have accomplished a remarkable amount of clean up,  helping  us get organized for the coming year. A big thanks to them!

 The outlook for early Chinook fishing is very good with a strong run predicted for the Columbia River. There have been reports of springs being caught up to 26 pounds at Owen Point.  Halibut catches have already been very good for “chickens.” Crabbing in the area will be starting soon and if this year is like all others in the past, the catches will be great.  Anyone who has tasted Port Renfrew Marina crab will be very excited to start the eating feast soon and if you haven’t had the opportunity to try the local crab you should, as it is the BEST!

A reminder that all previous seasonal customers should be contacting us as soon as possible to confirm their spots from last year. If we don’t hear from you by May 10th it will be assumed you are not returning.  As you may know the HST is going into effect this July and if you would like to avoid paying the additional 7% tax you may, by paying for your seasonal site in full by April 30th. To do so you must contact us personally by e-mail or phone to make arrangements for payment. Please do not call and try to complete this with our caretakers, the Coleman’s. The GST is still in effect and applies to all services paid for at any time. If for any reason the HST is overturned or withdrawn and you have made a payment after April 30th then Port Renfrew Marina will refund you your 7% tax in full.

Port Renfrew Marina will have fuel (boat gas, car gas and diesel) by May 1st. We will also have bait available. If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail us and we will do our best to help you.

Bud & Rex