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Archive for August, 2011

Aug.27/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

While the numbers of Chinook salmon being caught has slowed a bit in the last few days, the sizes of fish have increased. The pattern of catches especially of the large white springs, is just like 2007 which was our best season ever for big fish. The majority of them coming in the first two weeks of September. As of this report most of the action is coming from Logan and Walbran. Pinks abound everywhere.

The “chicken ranch”at Swiftsure bank is still on fire for spring salmon with many 30 pounders coming from the 150to 200 foot depths on the downrigger. Sockeye has been increased to 4 a day but getting them can be a challenge fighting through the pinks.

Halibut catches from the anchor are  great with barn doors hitting the scale most days. Crabbing is still going strong!

Remember August is known for the fog and this year is no exception. Use caution boating as the fog can be thick at times.

Notable catches:

  • Chris Paul                             32
  • Shaun Gurney                    41
  • Trevor of No Bananas Charters     30   and more
  • Glen Wilson                         33   35         
  • Greg Scalamogna              38     
  • Brian Dice                             41
  • Lockey Taker                      32
  • Ian Batty                               39
  • Grant Graver                       30
  • Darryl Kyba  Len Huot    41


Brian Dice & family 41Ian Batty 39

Darryl Kyba Len Huot 41




Vicious Fish Charters Greg Scalamogna 38No Bananas Charters 30 and more!





Shaun Gurney 41

News:     Port Renfrew Marina’s Labor Day derby is this coming weekend Sept. 3rd and 4th. Tickets are $55.00 a rod and will be available at the office a day or so before the derby begins. Please try to support this derby by donation or attendance to help us raise funds for the local hatchery.

Our Coho Derby will be on Oct.1st and 2nd this year. This derby is “Winner Take All” Tickets are $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of each entry going to the hatchery. This derby will be a win-fall for one lucky fisherman.

This year Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 16th. Please be aware of this date for things such aspicking up boats in storage or making arrangements for storing of units.

Bud & Rex

Aug. 20/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Don Colgrave 43The fantastic Chinook fishing continues on! Port Renfrew Marina is definitely seeing the best season of angling success that even long time fishermen can remember. With the exception of the odd one or two day lulls, most every day the docks are full of smiling faces.

 Ten to twenty Chinook hookups a day are common with the usual hotspots all giving up fish. There are fish showing out in the 90′ to 110 foot depths of water though trolling depths can still be as shallow as 25 foot on the downriggers.

While anchovy is the major bait of choice, whole herring with no flashers and coyote spoons are also working.  Port Renfrew Marina has a solid supply of anchovy and herring.

The “chicken ranch” is still pumping out springs in large numbers though the August fog is a daily concern.  Halibut fishing has switched back to an anchor-up method with some awesome catches hitting the scale. Sockeye is still open but you do need to patiently weed through the pinks to get some. If you are wanting pinks you can limit on them in no time, to avoid them devouring your bait try spoons or Baitrix as an alternative.

Crabbing is still going strong! Usually by now it’s over but this year is outstanding, just make the most of it while it’s still great!

Be aware that Owen Point is now closed.

Doug Cunningham 35Vicious fish ChartersIs. Outfitters days catch hali 93





Peter McCuaig  30

  • Tyler ArnoldMike Smith 40








Notable Catches:

  • Larry Defrane     37
  • Peter McCuaig    30
  • Don Colgrave & John Cove   43
  • Mark Pavisic        30  32
  • Doug Cunningham     35
  • Island Outfitters        93 halibut
  • Desi Hatchard of   40
  • Dale Coombs   31
  • Mike Smith       40
  • Rick Capebreton     31
  • Tyler Arnold   30  28  24  18

Although the marina pay phone is working we are having some issues with certain calling areas, if you get an error 13 please let us know. For anyone who is not familiar with the marina we should remind people that we are a cash business only, we do have an ATM for convenience. Please try to come prepared for this. We also sell boat gas, car gas and diesel and we try very hard to keep our prices fair. We sell bait, ice and tackle.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Coming up very soon is the annual Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day Derby. This year it is on Sept.3rd and 4th with the awards ceremony, dinner and dance on the Sunday. There is also a “bull head” derby for kids 12 and under on Sunday at 9:00 am.Tickets are $55.00 a rod and include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and the live band. Monies raised go to the local San Juan hatchery. Any individual or business who feels they support this with a donation please contact us by phone or come by the office. All donations are recognized at the derby and greatly appreciated. We encourage all our participants to patronize these businesses that help out.

Port Renfrew Marina is also having their annual “Winner Take All”  Coho Derby on the first weekend in Oct. The dates are Oct.1st and 2nd. This derby is a two day event with a $25.00 entry for each rod. $5.00 goes to the hatchery and the rest goes in the winning pot. The winning amount varies with how many people enter but pots have ranged anywhere from $5600.00 to almost $14000.00! All cash!

Bud & Rex

Aug.9/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing exceptional Chinook fishing. While the last weekend saw slower than normal catches they came back on hard on Monday.

Most fisherman are hitting Logan and Walbran for their days adventure. Some days the springs are right on the kelp beds, other days they are being  caught in the 100 to 120 foot depth of water. With little pressure Owen Point could be a great place to try till it’s closure on Aug. 15th.

Halibut catches have f inally started to slow a bit at the “chicken ranch.” They should pick up again when the guides start trying new locations. Hatchery Coho can be found at Swiftsure Bank , limits are 2 per license.

Amazingly crabbing is still coming on. It has slowed some but there are still many out there. Very unusual for Aug.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Sockeye opens tonight at 12:01 am tonight with 2 sockeye per day.

Notable catches:

  • Scott Baslee   (16 years)  32
  • Bob Biggs     32   33
  • Paul Ricard      30
  • Marek Syrzycki     30    32
  • Merv Pywell        38
  • Desi Hatchard of   32   32  30  30   38 40
  • Ken Cutting     33
  • Dan Buckmar  36
  • Scott Baker   43 
  • Robin Gibson   30
  • Trevor Zboyovsky www.nobananasca    33  34  26   26  21

Scott Baker 43Dan Buckmar 36No Bananas 33 34 26 26 21





Vicious Fish Charters  40Name lost





News:  Port Renfrew Marina will be holding it’s 14th annual Labor Day Derby on Sept 3rd and 4th.Please encourage your friends and yourself to enter this derby to help raise funds for the San Juan hatchery. Please help if you can with a donation for prizes to help make this derby memorable for all. Tickets will be available at the office a few days before the derby. They are $55.00 this year and include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band. There is also a bullhead derby for any children who want to participate on Sunday at 9:00 am.

Port Renfrew’s Coho Derby “Winner Take All” will be held this Oct. 1st and 2nd. This derby is a great one for anyone who likes a relaxed atmosphere as only a contender gets weighed in and the biggest Coho wins the prize money. Winnings have varied from $5600.00 to the biggest win of $13880.00! Tickets will be on sale a few days before the derby and are $25.00 five of which goes to the hatchery.

Bud & Rex