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Archive for May, 2013

Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report May 21/13

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina the month of May fishing continues to surprise everyone. Both halibut and spring catches are far above other years at this time.  Chinook are holding along the shore in a little deeper water than usual, quite often sixty to seventy feet down in one hundred foot depth of water. Needlefish hoochies, spoons and coho killers are the hot hardware and 12 pack anchovies are the bait of choice.

Halibut continues to be VERY good. Daily limit catches are the norm and with very little current drift fishing has been working. The NE corner is still the hot spot. Hali hoochies and chub mackerel are the baits of choice.

Crabbing slowed down this past week but there were three commercial boats in the area . When they leave crabbing should pick up again.

NOTE: EXTREME low morning tides this coming week will cancel or delay early morning launches and river travel and will probably expose the new sand bar outside the river mouth as it is very shallow this year. If you are planning a trip up to fish check your tides.

Important News: The annual Davey Derby will be coming up on July 26th a Friday and runs through until Sunday July 28th. This derby is always great and for such wonderful causes. All the proceeds raised go to people on the island who are in desperate need of financial help and who have suffered a family loss or major health issues. This derby is amazing with the scope of prizes and is well worth the entry ticket, nearly everyone goes home with something. If you have the time free that weekend come and have a great time. For more information go to the website and learn more about it and the people they help.

Interesting News: For some of you who were at the marina last weekend and may have wondered what the group of organized volunteers were doing (and for those of you who weren’t we can fill you in), one of the co-founders of the Ancient Forest Alliance, TJ Watt, who discovered Avatar Grove, has been planning the construction of a boardwalk in Avatar to improve public access, increase visitor safety, and ensure the protection of the forest’s ecological integrity.  There were about 35 men who came to the marina for the long weekend and worked through rain and wind to get as much of the walkway, stairs, and landings they could get done in that time. The group, who go by the name Hawkeye Tribe and were organized by Dan Hagar (Handsome Dan - the new Chamber President) combine their strength and skills once a year to complete a community project. They’ve done a beautiful job using the wood which was generously milled and donated by the Pacheedaht First Nation and have laid the groundwork for future volunteer weekends. Improving the visitor experience in this unique forest helps to attract people to Port Renfrew’s old-growth forests, record-sized trees, and wildlife which in turn supports the local economy. In a show of appreciation the men were treated to a special dinner Saturday night courtesy of Jon and Tim Cash of the Soule Creek Lodge. Special thanks to Jessica and Tom of the Coastal Kitchen Cafe as well for covering dinner for 2 on Monday night also.  Port Renfrew Marina did what we could by offering them the Longhouse for power and a place to eat out of the weather and a grassy area to sleep. A BIG thanks goes out to all the helpers and to everyone who donated and offered their time. A great job done!! If you haven’t already visited Avatar Grove, you can find directions here. Enjoy!!

Port Renfrew Marian asks all customers using power to use it with caution, consideration and respect so everyone can be safe and also help keep the rising cost of hydro down.

Port Renfrew Marina would like to remind everyone coming for a stay to remember we DO NOT take credit cards or have interact. Please remember to bring cash and if needed you can use our ATM.  Thank you.

Bud & Rex


Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report May13/13

Monday, May 13th, 2013

At Port Renfrew Marina fishing has really picked up this week. Chinook are plentiful from Owen Point west with hole-in-the-wall and Nitinat being the hot spot. Spoons right at the sandy bottom are producing limit catches of salmon in the fifteen to twenty five pound range.

Halibut fishing is still very good with boats on the anchor getting the bigger ones. The weather has been good, permitting the boats to get to all the good spots to the west. 

Crabbing, as usual, is still excellent. So many and so sweet! There is nothing in the world like Dungeness crab!! The only disappointing part is seeing a trap full and having to toss back the amount that goes beyond legal limits! 

For all you daily launchers, Port Renfrew Marina wants to let you know that if you arrive in the early morning hours to go fishing you can drop off your launch fee at the office door where we have the envelopes available. The launch fee is $11.00 that includes the GST.  Thank you.

Great days catch

Picture of the left is of Bruce Miller and group on a second day charter. Port Renfrew Marina has been open now for two weeks and we have many new people interested in staying with us so please time is nearly up on last years seasonals confirming their spots. You must call us ASAP. Port Renfrew Marina is asking all our customers who have power to please use it carefully and with caution. Hydro is costly and to avoid any increases we ask everyone to use it with thought and consideration. Also power is always something you need to understand and use the correct size power cords to avoid any possible overheating and danger. Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report May 5/13

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The 2013 Port Renfrew Marina fishing season is underway in a big way. As of the May 1st opening halibut fishing has been fantastic. Weather permitting (and it has been doing that for the most part) most boats on anchor have been seeing limit catches of good size fish with very few oversize being hooked.The northeast corner is on fire after a four or five year rest. Make sure you have lots of anchor rope as the depth varies between 220 to 270 feet deep. Anywhere west of Logan Creek seems to be holding fish.

Salmon fishing has been slow except for the cut-pluggers. Camper Creek has been the spot as usual with the top catch of the weekend, a 30 pound Chinook caught by Eric Eckdahl.

Crabbing is excellent! Everyone out there with traps is coming back with limits and they are big and sweet and very firm. Anyone wondering if fishing is worth the time right now, the answer is, YES!

Notable Catches:

  • Eric Eckdahl     30
  • Joe Serpa           32 35 45 52 halibut
  • Island Outfitters   60 halibut
  • Bruce Miller of 
  • May 4         32 36 46 51 halibut  misc rock fish
  • May 5        4 halibut  3 springs 2 ling cod and assorted rock fish

Now that Port Renfrew Marina is open we would like to remind everyone that we have an ATM (the only one in the town of Renfrew) and it is available for anyone needing to use it. We also have fuel now in the form of car gas, boat gas and diesel. We should have ice by mid week and we also have bait if needed. 

For those who are not aware we have a new caretaker, he is Desi Hatchard of He has taken over for Wayne & Gwen Coleman who have had some serious family hardships in the last six months. Anyone who knows the issues their family is facing and would care to donate to the  families of the widows can drop off a donation at the office.  Also, Knut is back as our handyman, fill-in guy and all around indispensible help.

Again if you are a seasonal customer it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible (if you haven’t already) to let us know if you are returning. The deadline to keep your spot is coming up fast. We look forward to seeing you all again soon and welcome all our new customers.

Bud & Rex