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Archive for July, 2013

Port Renfrew Marina Report July 31/13

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina we want to post a updated report from the July 30th one just done. As mentioned it was late getting posted due to computer issues and the conditions and fishing have changed quite a lot. The day after the Davey Derby ended the fishing really turned on. The big springs are here as we have had five over 30 pounds in the last three days and 2 over forty! See one of the forty’s on previous July 31st report. It seems that pretty much all the usual areas are working, East Point, Walbran, Camper and Logan.

This morning two anglers were spooled and all the boats are coming in with springs! Coho are everywhere! Conditions  on the water have improved a lot with calm waters and less fog.

Notable catches:

  • Ian Batty.       35
  • Rick Bennett.   39.5
  • Kevin McKenna.    39.5
  • Brock Dupont.    33
  • Mary Dice.   42.5
  • Terry MacDonald.   31

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Marina July 31/13

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina Chinook fishing inshore, while not as spectacular as usual, remains fairly steady. Some of the old hot spots have come to life this year. The “rockpile”, Owen to East Point are all giving up fish so you don’t need to run the extra miles to Logan and Walbran.

Offshore has been very rough and very foggy. Those venturing out have been getting smaller springs and Coho but halibut fishing isn’t happening as much because of the rough seas and bad currents.

Coho and pinks are inshore but the large schools are farther out with the NE corner and the 170 holding lots of feed and fish.

Hopefully the fog will lift, the seas will calm down and the tides will start to co-operate. Due to computer issues this report is a little late so it would be a good idea to call the marina 250 483-1878 for updates as things may have changed in the meantime.

Notable catches:

  • Brian Gorle     40
  • Graeme Smith    35
  • Ken Jamieson   36.5
  • Ron Jackimchuk   36
  • John Gordon   43.5

John Gordon 43.5

Brian Gorle 40



News: This past weekend Port Renfrew Marina hosted the 13th annual Davey Derby and we are happy to say that it was the most successful one yet! When it was all said and done they raised over $45,000.00 for assorted charities!! There were over 400 tickets sold and the prizes as usual were amazing, they just keep getting better every year. It just shows you when people put their minds together and work hard they can do incredible good. For pictures and more info on what happened please go to and check it out. Upcoming events: In one months time Port Renfrew Marina will be having it’s 17th annual Labor Day Derby on Aug.31 and Sept.1st. This derby is also a lot of fun and supports a great cause, especially one any fisherman would understand. All proceeds go to the local hatchery to support them in the efforts to keep salmon stocks viable and keep the fishing going for future generations and not just for the present. The tickets will be $60.00 a rod and that will include a Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt, dinner and beverages on the Sunday and a live band. Again we want to ask if anyone out there can make a donation or ask a business if they could donate to this derby it will be greatly appreciated. It takes many helpers to make this derby a success. Thank you to all who have helped at this point. Coming up later on Oct 5th and 6th Port Renfrew Marina will be having their very popular Coho Derby “winner Take All” This derby also supports the local hatchery. Tickets are $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket goes to the local hatchery. The rules are simple, the biggest Coho takes the cash prize. Anoyone who has been in this derby will know that can amount to a very large amount ofmoney! Again we would like to remind you that we are a cash business and DO NOT take credit cards. Please bring cash with you. Thanks to Mr and Mrs. Jim Parry who donated a freezer to the marinaand also to Mr. Roy Coburn. Much appreciated. Another reminder: we can always use loonies and toonies if anyone has some to sell. Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report July20/13

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina this past week has seen fairly steady Chinook returns to the dock. Salmon fishing along the beach has had some very good but short bite periods, some only lasting as little as a half hour at a time. Most action has been from the Cullite to Walbran area. Some anglers are finding the fish out in deeper water and fishing as deep as 65 feet on the downrigger.

Coho come and go but if you want some steady action just start trolling away from shore as far as 3 to 4 miles and you will get them. Regluations for Coho are 2 hatchery s day with a total possesion of 4 from two days fishing.

Currents and tides are very good for anchoring for halibut if you don’t want to run all the way to Swiftsure Bank, Herring and mackeral with a skirt will work well. The “chicken ranch” continues to the hot spot but with the pea soup fog be very aware of the freighter traffic and remember to leave yourselves lots of time to get out of the way.

While at the marina come check out some new stock and the “chicken ranch” special hoochie, The Turd.

Notable Catches:

  • Rex Coburn  33.5
  • Brian Dice     31
  • John Gordon   30
  • Stacy Myles   31.5
  • Grant Hilliard   31.5
  •  Rick Bennet    30 & 31  caught earlier, late June, but missed)
  • Don Colgrave   33

Important Notice: This  upcoming weekend, July 26th, 27th and 28th is the annual Davey Derby. Tickets are on sale at the office and the the new Salmonberry Bistro in the marina for $50.00 a rod. This years prizes have reached another new level making this derby a really great one to enter not only for a chance to win an awesome prize but to help out with the many ongoing charities they help. For more info go to Please remember that we are a cash business and need your help by bringing cash with you and we are always appreciative of loonies and toonies. The ATM will be in order for anyone who needs to access cash.

More News: Coming up not long after the Davey Derby on Aug.31 and Sept. 1st Port Renfrew Marina will be having their 17th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is held to raise funds for the local San Juan Hatchery to help sustain salmon for us and coming generations. This derby includes a free t-shirt, a dinner with beverages and a live band on the Sunday night. Tickets will be sold at the marina at a later date and will be $60.00 a rod. This derby is a great way to celebrate the ending of summer and the coming of fall which will mean a tapering off of springs and the beginnings of Coho. We want to ask if anyone can make a donation or knows a business who would consider one to please make an effort to ask them for this good cause or come by the office and let us know who to contact. Donations are what help make a derby so successful and we need your help to make it happen.

Even More News: Coming up at the end of our season Port Renfrew Marina will be having their annual Coho “Winner Take All” derby. The date for this derby has been decided, it is Oct.5th and 6th. With this derby the concept is simple, the biggest Coho wins the pot. Tickets are $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of every ticket going to the local hatchery. The rest goes to the lucky winner. Pots have been known to be anywhere from $5500.00 to almost $14,000.00 depending on how many people turn up for it. This derby is very popular with the all the fishermen but we ask you to PLEASE bring cash for your ticket. We can’t be giving the winner checks to cash! More info to follow as the season goes on.

 Wanted: The marina could use a deep freeze, if anyone out there needs to get rid of one they no longer need please let us know. 

Bud & Rex



Port Renfrew Marina Report July 12/13

Friday, July 12th, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina and the town of Port Renfrew has just gone through a very windy, cold and rough week. Salmon fishing on the beach was uncomfortable at best and the bank was unfishable. Today, Friday has seen the first calm day in the past 3 or 4 so hopefully the worst has passed. The beach, while not on fire, has given up spme nice springs with some reports of very big fish (in the 30′s and a couple in the 40′s) being hooked, some brought in, some lost. All the fishermen we have coming in had nice catches with quite a lot of them being in the high 20′s. Logan Creek seems a bit better than the other popular spots. East Point in the early morning is producing some good fish.

Coho come and go and can put a serious dent in your bait supply. Farther offshore there are lots of Coho and pinks. Hoochies, coho killers and spoons with single hooks make for an easier release.

When the “chicken ranch” has been accessible weather wise it is still very good for springs, coho and halibut. Great morning high slack tides are coming for next week so Chinook fishing should be very good.

Notable Catches:

  • Manny Gavilan   42
  • Grant Hilliard   30
  • Huck Finn  36

Important Notice: Coming up soon is the annual Davey Derby on July 26th to the 28th. This is a three day derby with so many prizes it staggers the mind. Tickets are now on sale at the marina and are $50.00 a rod, accepting cash only. Hope you can find the time to come and support this derby for all it’s good causes and have a great time too! For mor info go to  PLEASE, remember we are a cash business, please try and remember to bring cash with you.

Important Notice:  Coming up about 5 weeks later is the 16th annual Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day derby on Aug.31 and Sept.1st.  This derby’s proceeds go to the local San Juan Hatchery who without the funds from the derby would be struggling very much to keep things viable. They have not has a fund increase from the government since 1992. If you would like to donate to the derby please come by the office and let us know or if you know of a business that might be willing. The donations are a big part of what makes a derby so successful.

Another Important Notice: Port Renfrew Marina will be having our annual Coho “Winner Take All” derby. The date has been decided so book your time off for October 5th and 6th. As some of you may know there is only one winner in this derby and he takes home the cash. The tickets are $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket goes to the San Juan Hatchery.

Note: Come and check out some new hoochies the marina has got in and see some of our reduced items. Thanks to the people who brought us some loonies and toonies for the office. We are always running short. Anyone who has a surplus we will gladly buy them off you.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report July 4/13

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

For Port  Renfrew Marina fishing has really improved over the last week. All along the shore catch rates have been climbing. Camper, the Rock Pile and Logan Creek seem to be the most popular spots. Anchovies trolled at 30 to 40 feet is a pretty good choice. Coho killers are a good choice as they are good for springs also, not just Coho.

Offshore the “chicken ranch” is still the hot spot for halibut, Chinook and Coho. Spoons and hoochies would be the lures of shcoice out there.

Crabbing is still pretty good, the commercial boats took their toll on the quantity you will find but the quality of them is perfect, sweet and hard.

Notable catches:

  • Wayne Winters  42
  • Jerry Shannon   36
  • Jeff metcalf   35
  • Wayne Winters  43
  • Ray Hamilton  30

Jerry shannon 36

Wayne Winters 42

Here are two pics since one  cut off Wayne’s head and the other cut off the salmon’s head!

FYI: If you have tried to reach the marina lately and found there was no answer, it’s because the phones and Internet  were down for 24 hours. We apologize for this nuisance and had it corrected as soon as we became aware of it. This does happen from time to time so if you do have issues reaching us this may be the reason.More FYI: As Port Renfrew Marina is a cash business we ask our customers to please try and come with cash for purchases, we have a constant problem with having enough coin and small bills and with no bank in town it can be difficult. So if you don’t mind please try and bring some coin and smaller bills if possible.  Thank you!!

Upcoming Event:  The annual Davey Derby is coming up soon! It is July 26 th to the 28th and is a great derby. You know it’s summer when the derbies start coming around. This year there will be a children’s bullhead derby for 12 and under so the little ones can join in with the fun.  The prizes are more amazing every year so come and participate, have fun and know you have contributed to a great cause at the same time.

Bud & Rex