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Archive for August, 2013

Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.25/13

Monday, August 26th, 2013

This past week Port Renfrew Marina has seen the best Chinook fishing many people have ever seen. Limit catches after limit catches are arriving at the cleaning stations by the wheelbarrow load! Though most of the fish are in the high teens to mid and high twenty’s there are lots of them. Fishermen are reporting playing up to 30 springs a day so lots of action with many double headers.


East Point to Walbran are all very good at various times of the day. Trolling anchovies on a 5 to 7 foot leader 30 to 50 feet down is the ticket. Most anglers are still claiming that the yellow/ greens in flashers and teaser heads and other gear in similar colors are working best. The very new and super hot teaser head we have is the chrome mint pearl. The new Green Onion flasher and Mystic Ice are popular also.


Offshore the “chicken ranch” has finally stated to slow down after a fantastic season. Just about time to start anchoring got your halibut again. The halibut season is extended until further notice to Sept. 18th so make the best of it.

Notable Catches:

  • Don Colegrave  32  34

Regarding the notable catches, at this point it seems since we generally don’t mention any under 30 pounds that we have very little. If we recorded fish in the 20′s or even 25 and up we would have a hundred to list! I can’t say how many springs we saw go by that were 28, 29 pounds.

Halibut Quota












    We are posting this picture given to us  by the BC Sportsfishing Coalition to inform all fishermen about what the DFO is doing with sports fishing halibut quotas. This is to help all fishermen become aware of what is going on and to alert you to this issue, we highly suggest you look into and research information for yourself.  The BC Sportsfishing Coalition has fought for an increased share in the halibut quota, a battle which they made positive steps toward getting a fair increase, but they are not there yet. When the court case is finished and appeals exhausted, they will know better what they have to do next… writing letters and sending cards will be  a part of it. The Coalition will reach out to everyone they can when they know what best to do in the future and we at the marina will help keep all of you informed as we become aware. At this time it is just an information piece and when letters become an important part of the struggle we will let everyone know.

Upcoming Event this Weekend: This coming weekend Port Renfrew Marina’s Labor Day derby will be a go. The derby starts on Sat morning at dawn. Tickets are now available at the office, $60.00 a rod buys you a t-shirt, dinner catered by the Salmonberry Bistro, beverages and a live band, Ready Willing. There are raffles, silent and live auctions and many other prizes. First Place is $1000.00, 2nd $500.00 and 3rd $250.00. There is an adult bullhead derby Sat night from 9:30 to 10:30, cost is $10.00 all proceeds go to the local hatchery and a kids under 12 bullhead derby on Sun morning at 9:00 am for 1 hour, a first place win for a girl and a boy.  The donations are starting to roll in and we are so ever grateful for all the people and businesses who have donated and a special thanks goes to Odd Johansen and Larry DeFrane for doing a lot of running around up island for us. It really takes a big group effort to do fundraising and we thank everyone who has helped.

One more derby: Not long after Port Renfrew Marina will be having their annual Coho Derby “Winner Take All.” This derby has reached an all time height in popularity. A simple plan, biggest Coho wins the pot, ranging anywhere from $5000.00 to almost $14000.00 one year. Maybe this year with the great Coho start we have had there will be a record turnout and that will mean of course a record pay out! Tickets are $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket goes to the hatchery. With no presentations, etc if you are out of the realm of winning you have the option to leave early if you prefer and not miss anything….except to see the winner collect ALL his cash. Please Remember: We are a cash business and only cash, make sure you arrive with cash and if you forget we have an ATM for your convenience.

Important: This year Port Renfrew Marina will be closing for the season on October 14th. It is very important you contact us with regards to storage if wanted for your boat or trailer. All customers with boats in storage already be aware of this date to pick up your boat.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.19/13

Monday, August 19th, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina the spring fishing has slowed for the past 3 days but even so there are calm seas and lots of Coho that still provide a great day on the water. Once this low pressure passes we expect the fishing to pick up again. While the springs aren’t in as many numbers as the past three weeks has shown they are still there in some numbers.

Now is the time to try different teaser heads and flasher combos and maybe a floppier role to entice the large springs to bite. The east side of the bay continues to produce nice fish particularly at the Woods Nose end as that is where the net-pen fish are kept so they return to that area.

Coho continue to grow in size and in numbers and should produce one of our best late season Coho fisheries in recent years. Favorites with many anglers, the San Juan Coho are legendary for their size and fight. On light gear they are on top of the fun scale. Again, the choices for lures is many, anchovy, Coho killers , spoons and hoochies, mainly in the colors of greens and whites and variations of that all with a UV or glow factor.

Notable catches:

  • Chris Arnold   32
  • Rex Coburn     33
  • Clive Walton    31
  • Jody dick  40
  • Jim Aggergaard  40
  • Danny Anderson   31

Jody Dick 40












Important news: Coming up very soon will be the 16th annual Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day Derby. The derby dates are Aug.31st and Sept.1st. As many of you know this is a long standing derby the marina does for salmon enhancement and the proceeds go directly to the local San Juan hatchery. We all believe that saving the wild salmon stocks for anglers here and now and also for the future generations is paramount. To help this poor hatchery that the government hasn’t seen fit to add funding since 1992 is so very important to help them keep the salmon around for the present and future. Tickets are $60.00 a rod (cash only) and that includes a Port Renfrew Marina specially designed t-shirt for the derby, dinner served by the Salmonberry Bistro, beverages and a live band Ready Willing on Sunday night. We want to thank all the businesses so far that have generously donated to our derby and make a call out to anyone who may still be able to consider making a donation or knows someone who can.

For this Labor Day Derby so far we have 2 things that are being raffled. A Vision Grills BBQ and Smoker that is fully ceramic lined and a real beauty. Valued at $560.00 Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 and available at the office. Generously donated by Ian and Deb McGregor.

We also have a large gift basket full of some great things such as 1lb box of Purdys chocolates, Baileys, Pinot Noir wine, great with salmon, a new product called Capel Sour, a nice summer drink , chocolate/raspberry port, home grown Hardie Honey, home made maple syrup, an engraved Zippo lighter and 2 engraved wine glasses, Stash green tea, a fragrance diffuser and many more items! Valued at approx: $300.00 Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Generously donated by the Port Renfrew General Store.

Coming up also is Port Renfrew Marina is having our Coho Derby “Winner Take All” on Oct.5th and 6th. This derby also supports the hatchery as $5.00 of each $25.00 ticket per rod goes to them. The rest goes in the pot for the winner of the biggest Coho. This derby is very popular. Have fun fishing for Coho which we are betting there will be plenty of this year and maybe also win a bag of cash! Please be aware we are a cash business and you do need cash for your tickets.

Important Info: Hard as it is to believe it won’t be long before the marina will be closing. This year the marina will close on October 14th roughly two months from now. Please be aware of this date if you have anything in storage. It is crucial that you come by and make arrangements to pick up your unit and or boat or make arrangements for winter storage with us.

Bud & Rex




Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.11/13

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Chinook fishing even by Port Renfrew Marina’s standards is outstanding! A solid two weeks of the best fishing many people have ever experienced. Smiling happy people are bringing wheelbarrow loads of springs up from the cleaning tables.

The “beach” has been excellent with Owen Point, the “Rock pile,”  Camper creek and East Point are all seeing excellent bites at various times of the day.  The salmon are feeding on the needlefish so small anchovies, coho killers and spoons are all working well. Fishing at this time you will find yourself with many Coho, some pinks and smaller springs  in the waters so leaving with plenty of bait is recommended and have spoons or hoochies with you. At this time flashers and spoons in the greens and yellows are working well, also purples, all with glow and UV.

Offshore continues on it’s normal fantastic fishing though the thick fog on a daily basis makes the “chicken ranch” inaccessible for some of the less equipped boats. A GPS and radar are a must in the foggy shipping lanes.

Notable catches:

  • Louise Hasson   32
  • Ken Evans & Seedhouse  31
  • Sivertson  31
  • Johen Koehler  30
  • Phil Horton   35
  • Roko Kliman  36
  • Jordan Bruvold  30

good days catch

Ken Evans & Seedhouse 31

      Roko Kliman 36




Port Renfrew Marina has two items to raffle for the Labor Day Derby.

A Vision Grills charcoal BBQ & Smoker  completely ceramic lined and you haven’t tasted good BBQ or smoked meat or fish until you have eaten some cooked on this BBQ! Value: $560.00 Tickets are available at the marina $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Generously donated by Ian & Deb McGregor

A large Gift Basket filled with some incredible things such as Baileys, Pinot Noir wine, a new product called Capel Sour, chocolate raspberry port, 1 pound box of assorted Purdy’s chocolates, Starbucks coffee, Stash green tea, a fragrance diffuser, homemade 1 kg jar Hardie honey, homemade 100% maple syrup and many more items! Value: approx $300.00  Tickets at the office $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 Both draws will be done on Sept. 1st at the derby presentations. You do not have to be there to win.  Generously donated by Port Renfrew General Store

2013 Derby raffles











Events coming:  Port Renfrew Marina is having it’s 16th annual Labor Day Derby on Aug.31 and Sept.1st. This derby supports our local San Juan Hatchery with all proceeds going to it. It is a popular derby with many prizes and a great way to end the summer. Tickets are available at the office soon at $60.00 a rod and that includes a t-shirt, dinner with beverages and a live band on Sunday night. The marina is still welcoming any donations that anyone is willing to donate. If you are interested in making a donation please contact the marina at 250 483-1878 or come by the office.

On October 5th and 6th Port Renfrew Marina will be also having their annual Coho derby “Winner Take All” This derby is $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket goes to the hatchery. This is our most popular derby and the winner can end up with a big win depending on the attendance. Pots have been anywhere from $5300.00 to almost $14,000.00. Better odds than the lottery!

Note: anyone who has parked their boat trailer down in the launch or the boat storage area we ask that they come by the office and speak with us to make arrangements to move it to another area.

Note: for daily launchers you will soon see a new launch box down in the launch area for your convenience to pay for your launch making it less necessary to come by the office. You won’t miss it, it’s bright yellow. Please remember to bring cash, a launch fee is $11.00.  Thank you.

Bud & Rex


Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug. 5/13

Monday, August 5th, 2013

For Port Renfrew Marina fishing has picked up considerably. The big springs seem to have arrived in big numbers all this past week. Every day brings a few more in the 30′s to the docks. Nearly every angler coming back to the dock is bringing in limit catches. The fishing has improved and so has the weather. Although the lingering fog still seems to persist for most days the seas have been calmer. Be prepared to go through the bait with so many pinks, Coho and smaller springs snapping up all they can get. Try running some hoochies or spoons like Coho killers or try our new baitrix type bait, it looks just like needle fish. Check it out in the office. It is looking like Aug is going to make up for the slower months we’ve had, time to get out there!

Notable catches:

    • Trevor Walton  33
    • Louis Mezzoli    32
    • Martin Koers    34.5
    • Roko Kliman  36
    • Eric Eckdahl  35

John Gordon  36 wow, how many times are we going to print his name!!!!

John Gordon 36


Important Events: Port Renfrew Marina’s 16th annual Labor Day Derby is soon to be. It is coming up on Aug.31st and Sept.1st this year. We are hoping that this years will be as big a success as previous years, raising money for the local San Juan Hatchery to help reserve the salmon stocks in the area and for all salmon on the west coast for this generation and for many to come. It is a simple thought to think that the salmon will be around forever but as many fishermen know the stocks are lower than years before, there are more closures than ever before and we don’t want to see the salmon decline to dangerous levels. Please think about coming and supporting this derby and have fun at the same time. There are raffle items, slient and live auctions, hidden weights and much more. The tickets are $60.o0 a rod and include a t-shirt, dinner on Sunday with beverages and a live band.  All proceeds go to the hatchery. Also if anyone can bring a donation for this event or can contact a business for one it would be greatly appreciated. As we all know the prizes are what make it even more fun and each year they get harder to find! Please do what you can to help out. Tickets are purchased at the office.

Port Renfrew will be having it’s annual Coho Derby “Winner Take All”  coming up on Oct 5th and 6th this year. Tickets are $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket also goes to the hatchery and are also purchased at the office, cash only! The biggest Coho wins the pot, it can vary depending on how many enter but it has never been below $5000.00 and almost made it to $14000.00 one year. This years should be great since the Coho are already around and after Oct.1st you can legally retain one wild Coho.

Thanks again to Roy Coburn, Jim Parry and Ian and Deb McGregor for donating much needed freezers to the marina. We hope this will facilitate the room for more ice and bait and also provide a freezer for customers who want to freeze their fish.

The marina office is and will always be in need for loonies and toonies. Thanks to the people who have brought us coin. For those coming please remember to bring cash as we don’t accept credit cards.

Bud & Rex