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Archive for October, 2014

Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct.14/14

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Well, for Port Renfrew Marina the 2014 fishing season in now over. While we had one of the driest and warmest summers for some time and many calm sea days, Chinook and Sockeye fishing was poorer than predicted. The springs just weren’t around in the numbers or sizes that we have come to expect.

The Coho fishing proved to be the best in probably 10 years. It is still fantastic but the winter storms have moved in and it can be far to dangerous to get in and out of the river. A heads up for next year, trolling in the river mouth and the river itself can be very successful. No weight with spoons or apex trolled 80 feet back of the boat can be deadly. Just yesterday we fished in as little as 2 feet of water to get our fish. The biggest being 15 pounds.

As of this past weekend Port Renfrew Marina is now closed for the season and will reopen on May 1st 2015. The gate is kept locked and there is no launching available until we reopen. Anyone who may have a boat or unit at the marina and is not planning on doing storage must contact us or our caretaker, Desi, 250 483-1486 to arrange for the gate to be opened. If left, winter storage fees will apply. There is no gas available and will not be any also until we reopen in May. Please remember for next year to get your fishing license before arriving at the marina. As of this past year we no longer are able to sell licenses.

We want to thank our caretaker, Desi Hatchard, Reid Warren, Odd Johansen, Todd Garrett, and our old caretakers, Wayne & Gwen Coleman and Knut, our employee for their help with the marina in many different ways and keeping an eye on things for us while we are closed. We also want to thank all our customers for their continued support at the marina and we always look forward to seeing them again in the new season and meeting any new ones we get. Again we want to thank all the people and businesses that help us out with our derbys. The successes of those derbies are very reliant on their help and donations. It is all very much appreciated.

Bud, Tedi, Rex, Diane and Knut all want to wish you the very best in the coming winter, have a safe year until we see you again in the 2015 season.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report Oct.7/14

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

At Port Renfrew Marina Coho fishing is the best it has been in ten years! Just like the old days, getting 20, 30, 40 fish on per day is not uncommon. Truly sore arms! Offshore in 250 to 500 feet of water and 50 to 70 feet down is the hot spot. Baitrix, spoons and hoochies are working very well. If you are brave enough put down some strip or anchovies but don’t expect to sit down or eat your lunch!

The river mouths are giving up fish mostly just after the high tide as it starts to drop. Bait, Baitrix or spoons with no weight, 70 to 80 feet behind the boat in as shallow as 4 feet deep out to 20 feet deep seems to be the ticket. Watch for the jumpers! If you want some of the best fishing you will ever have then come on up in the coming week before we close on October 12th! The water is thick with Coho and then they are gone, you don’t want to miss out!

So as most all of you know Port Renfrew Marina held it’s annual Coho “Winner Take All” Derby this past weekend. It was a huge success and possibly one of the best derby’s we have had. We had 481 entrants fishing for the two days. The weather was fantastic, sunny, warm, calm seas and best of all the fishing was excellent! Everyone was enjoying the weekend even if they didn’t bring in the big one, everyone got their limits. Fishing seemed to be a bit hotter on the Saturday and the winning fish was caught on Saturday and held up until the derby was over on Sunday at 1:00 PM. The winners were Gord and Janice Lee weighing in a Coho at 15 pounds and 13 ounces. The grand total for the biggest Coho this year was $9620.00 with a total of $2405.00 to be donated to the local San Juan Hatchery. There was a side bet going on and 63 people chose to enter that and again Gord and Janice Lee won that also! That total amount was $1260.00, giving them a grand total of $10880.00 prize money! You can tell by their happy faces that they were over the top with the winnings and had a great weekend fishing!


Coho “Winner Take All” Derby winners Gord & Janice Lee

Gord & Janice Lee showing their appreciation!














Also Port Renfrew Marina held the annual Labor Day Derby on Aug. 30th and 31st, already over a month ago! It also was a success due to all the efforts of the donators and people who pitch in and help. The final totals for that fundraising event and others during the year with a break down of misc. cash $335.00, the Chinook Derby, held in July this year, $710.00 and the 2014 Coho Derby just held $2405.00 and the PRM Labor Day Derby raising $3493.85 for a total of $6973.85 all going to the San Juan Enhancement Society to the local hatchery in Port Renfrew. Also raised was a donation of $5000.00 to the B.C. Wildlife Federation. A big thanks to all that participate and contribute, it wouldn’t happen without all of you.

Important News: It is important to know that Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 12th this year and if you have a boat or unit on the grounds you must come in and settle your account and make arrangements to with do winter storage or remove your units. By Sunday October 13th the phone in the office will not be working and if you need assistance with anything regarding your unit or boat or have any questions you can call our caretaker at 250 483-1486 or Bud and Tedi at 2590 474-2643. After that weekend the gate will be locked and you will need to call ahead to make sure you can get in. 

Bud & Rex