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Port Renfrew Marina and RV Park Fishing Report

June 24/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

June 24th, 2010

Chinook fishing seems a little hot and cold right now except for the cut pluggers who are doing well everyday. For the trollers the bites seem to be very short, sometimes only 20 minutes long. First light seems to always be the best time. Small anchovies and needle fish hoochies behind UV flashers are working best.

Notable spring catches:

  •  unknown                         32
  • Garnett MacDonald     34
  • Cindy Pope                  42
  • Quinn MacDonald  on Hindsight Fishing Charters   44

Halibut fishing remains very strong and with calm seas it can be a city of anchored boats at the hot spots to the west. Mackerel and herring are the choice of bait right now. Most halibut are in the 20 to 40 pound range though there are still some barndoors.

Notable halibut catches:

  • Blair Legalis of  Swelltime Charters                78
  • Desi Hatchard of Vicious Fish Charters        118


An update on the pay phone: It seems that we no sooner say it’s working than it breaks down, we want to apologize to our customers for the inconvenience of it’s ongoing problems. We sincerely want to thank Andrew Hoffman who has spent countless hours and phone calls trying to resolve the problem. Without his help we would have been lost! It appears it is working and the problem has likely been resolved. Fingers crossed!

The Davey Derby will the August long weekend this year. There will be entertainment this year. The proceeds from this derby go to an assortment of charities.  The Port Renfrew Labor Day Derby will be Sept. 4th and 5th this year. The proceeds from this one will go the local hatchery as usual.

A reminder: Port Renfrew Marina only deals in cash so please for those of you who are unaware of this come prepared. We do have an ATM machine.

Bud & Rex

June 11/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

June 11th, 2010

Chris and group enjoy a great day with Seawind Fishing Charters

Chris and friends enjoy a great day with Seawind Fishing Charters

Chinook fishing remains very good with most in the 12 to 20 pound range. Fishing  further west than the usual spots is best right now as there is a needlefish hatch happening in the sandy flats. Spoons and hoochies in the whites on greens are working very well.

Halibut continue to hit the docks in good numbers with at least 1 barndoor a day hanging on the scales. Any bump in the contour lines in about 200 feet of water seems to hold fish. Bait is out-fishing plastic right now. Notable catches go to John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures with a great catch of halibut and springs. The biggest halibut weighing in at 62 pounds and to Steve French of Seawind Fishing Adventures with also a great catch of halibut and springs with the biggest halibut weighing 92 pounds.

Crabbing is still excellent and should be for the rest of June, possibly later.

Jolly Rogers and friends

Ken and crew with Jolly Rogers

As was mentioned in the last report we have come to realize we lost our toll free number without our knowledge. At this time we are not reinstating it as we are making possible changes to our system. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.

We are in the process of making a few new fingers on the docks. We have also had Knut making more picnic tables so if you are in need of one for your site, let us know.

There will be a guide meeting with DFO Friday, June 18th at 6:30 at the longhouse.  All guides with Port Renfrew Marina are asked to attend for new  information.

Bud & Rex

June 4/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

June 4th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina has seen a fairly steady result for fishing in the last couple weeks. Halibut fishing is still good with many coming in. It still isn’t necessary to go out to Swiftsure bank which given weather conditions is just as well. Most are being caught from Camper Creek to Carmanah. Crabbing is still going strong, hard shells, sweet and in large numbers.

Chinooks are coming in at a nice rate. They are still in the teens for the most part with the odd one in the 20′s. A notable catch goes to Nathan Van Weiren bringing in a 39 pound spring last weekend.  Unpredictable weather with strong winds, heavy rains and cold spells have made fishing more challenging, therefore less fisherman going out and so less fish coming in. Here’s hoping the weather settles down soon with calm seas and less swells and maybe a bit of warm sun.

It has come to our attention that our toll free number is not working. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to get it up and running. It should be in effect in a few days and will be posted as we will have a new number. Also the pay phone we thought was repaired is working but not very well. It seems to be plagued with problems. We are also working to see if it can be resolved. The good news is our ATM is working and we think will be fine this year. To people who are first time visitors at Port Renfrew Marina we only take cash and not credit cards or debit, so please come prepared.

Bud & Rex

May 28/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

May 28th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina fishing has been picking up every week. Weather conditions make it hard to predict what it will be like each day. Halibut fishing has been very good with most fisherman bringing in their catch from anywhere near Camper Creek to Carmanah. Crabbing is still excellent.

Chinook fishing is slower but not surprising for this time of year. Still mostly feeder springs with some reaching in the 20′s with most fisherman using anchovy and hoochies right now.  A notable catch goes to Wally Browse with a 32 pound spring and a 15 and 20.

To all our past seasonal customers, if you haven’t confirmed with us by now that you are returning your spot is no longer saved. If you are coming back we will do our best to find you a suitable spot.

Bud & Rex

May 21/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

May 21st, 2010

With the long weekend already upon us Port Renfrew Marina is starting to be an active place for fishing.  For the past three weeks we have had all kinds of weather, from cold hard winds, heavy rain to light mist, full sun and very calm seas.  In that time the marina has had great fishing results for halibut. Desi Hatchard of Vicious Fish Charters gets recognition for catching the first halibut over a 100 pounds two weeks ago and then last week a 110 pounder and many other mid size ones. (see picture in last report)

Crabbing is amazing. They are large, hard shelled, sweet and in huge numbers.

Salmon fishing is on the rise. At Port Renfrew Marina we saw many springs come in around the 10 to 15 pound range and Sandy Fisher brought a 33 pounder in last week.

If you are a past seasonal please contact us as soon as possible regarding your site and moorage to see if it is still available. Spots are going fast.

Good news, the ATM is still working and it appears it will be fine this year. The pay phone is being repaired and should be up and running soon.

Port Renfrew Marina now has bait, tackle, ice, gas and diesel if anyone out there is unsure.

Bud & Rex

May 14/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

May 14th, 2010

First 100 lb halibut of 2010

First 100 lb halibut of 2010

At Port Renfrew Marina the fishing for halibut remains very good. Each boat returns with their catch limit, weather permitting, although recently the waters have been calm. We have been lucky with warm blue skies and little or no swells and people are taking advantage of it while it lasts. On the whole the fishing is quiet given the numbers of fisherman out there as it is still early in the season. Crabbing remains excellent! The crab are big and so sweet. Getting your limit is a daily occurrence. If you are looking for springs there are a few out there, mostly feeders in the 10 pound range. Congratulations go to Desi Hatchard of Vicious Fish Charters for catching the first 100 pound halibut this year.

It is now past the date for past customers to confirm their stay. If you are returning, we recommend you contact us if you have not already before you risk losing your spot. We can no longer guarantee it for you.

Port Renfrew Marina now has fuel, ice, bait, tackle and fishing licenses. The ATM is working and we seem to have beat the problems we were having with it last year. Unfortunately the pay phone died during a power outage we had in the winter and we are looking into having it repaired or replaced.

All of us at Port Renfrew Marina look forward to seeing everyone again and wish all a great season.

Bud & Rex

April 29/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

April 29th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina officially opens on May1st, this weekend.  Another winter has passed and a new season awaits for a summer of fishing.  So far in the late spring we have had reports of good fishing for halibut. There are many “chicken” sized ones if you can get out there. The weather has hindered some boating and there have been many seasick people! Crabbing remains great, lots out there and they will vary in catch, some full with meat, others still with water in the shell but very sweet.

Port Renfrew Marina now has gas. We have boat gas, car gas and diesel.

A reminder to all our seasonal customers. Please let us know as soon as possible with the deadline of May 10th if you are returning or not.  We have many new people inquiring and you don’t want to be disappointed if you lose your spot.  Also if you are seasonal you may want to pay before the April 30th deadline. If you pay the fee in full before that date you can avoid the HST tax. 

For the retuning customers you will recognize Knut working again this year.  We are pelased to have him helping us again with his endless handyman abilities.

Regarding the phones and ATM, we do have them up and running this year so far! If we are lucky and all things work, we will keep it that way. If you recall last year the ATM had many problems, we hope we have eliminated them.

If you have been to Port Renfrew Marina this year you will see quite a few wonderful changes. Our indispensible caretakers, Wayne & Gwen Coleman have spent their winter cleaning up the grounds, trimming trees and marking off sites. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!

All of us at Port Renfrew Marina look forward to seeing our returning customers and all our new ones. Wishing you a safe and exciting season of fishing. See you up there!

Bud & Rex

April 12/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

April 12th, 2010

Port Renfrew Marina is beginning to gear up for another season. We will be opening on May 1st. With the milder winter and the fair spring it has made it possible for our caretakers, Wayne & Gwen Coleman to have accomplished a remarkable amount of clean up,  helping  us get organized for the coming year. A big thanks to them!

 The outlook for early Chinook fishing is very good with a strong run predicted for the Columbia River. There have been reports of springs being caught up to 26 pounds at Owen Point.  Halibut catches have already been very good for “chickens.” Crabbing in the area will be starting soon and if this year is like all others in the past, the catches will be great.  Anyone who has tasted Port Renfrew Marina crab will be very excited to start the eating feast soon and if you haven’t had the opportunity to try the local crab you should, as it is the BEST!

A reminder that all previous seasonal customers should be contacting us as soon as possible to confirm their spots from last year. If we don’t hear from you by May 10th it will be assumed you are not returning.  As you may know the HST is going into effect this July and if you would like to avoid paying the additional 7% tax you may, by paying for your seasonal site in full by April 30th. To do so you must contact us personally by e-mail or phone to make arrangements for payment. Please do not call and try to complete this with our caretakers, the Coleman’s. The GST is still in effect and applies to all services paid for at any time. If for any reason the HST is overturned or withdrawn and you have made a payment after April 30th then Port Renfrew Marina will refund you your 7% tax in full.

Port Renfrew Marina will have fuel (boat gas, car gas and diesel) by May 1st. We will also have bait available. If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail us and we will do our best to help you.

Bud & Rex

Oct.14/09 Port Renfrew Marina Report

October 14th, 2009

Another season has passed for Port Renfrew Marina and its customers. The marina officially closed on Oct.12th and re-opens next year on May 1st. The 2009 season overall was a very good year. In the spring we had fantastic crabbing and halibut fishing. As summer came on the Chinook salmon were slow to come but for the most part it was very good especially in August when the springs over 40 started showing up in real numbers. All together we had 44 springs over 40 pounds this year and 2 over 50 pounds. The largest spring and halibut weighed in at Island Outfitters this year were both from Port Renfrew Marina.  In September the marina saw an amazing number of Coho’s being caught with the best catch in any year we can remember of a 26 pound hatchery Coho by Desi Hatchardof Vicious Fish Charters. We also had a great turnout at all the derby’s held at the marina with a record amount of $11254.00 that went to the San Juan Hatchery.

At this time now that the marina is closed we ask that our customers who need to arrange storage or take their units or boats home do so as soon as possible. This can be arranged with our caretakers Wayne & Gwen Coleman. Their number is 250 483-1486 and you will need to call and arrange a time so the gate can be open. The marina number is now only taking voice mail and is not in operation to accept calls, if you need to speak to someone out there, then again you should call the caretaker.

Special thank you’s: We would like to thank Andrew Hoffman, our phone and internet guy who has rescued us many times and donated many hours of his time to help us out and without his help we would have not likely had an functional ATM this year. We would like to say thank you to John Bridal our computer and website guy who has helped us endlessly with our never ending questions and help with posting the fish pictures on the reports.  Again we want to thank Knut for helping out the last two years and being so ready and handy to build, repair or take apart things at the marina. And it bears repeating we want to thank Wayne & Gwen Coleman our caretakers for their excellent efforts all season, their tireless help with camp cleanup, their super humor and last but not least the fantastic french fries and other goodies!!! We want to thank all our customers and friends who have supported us and the marina over the years, you make it a fun and great place to work!

Have a safe and healthy winter and we hope to see everyone back next year for the 2010 season.

Bud, Tedi & Rex, Diane

Oct.7/09 Port Renfrew Marina Report

October 7th, 2009

For Port Renfrew Marina Coho fishing has slowed down to a trickle.  Coho fishing had been red hot until the end of September with 6 to 8 fish per boat days.  The Coho Derby this past weekend saw nice weather but slow fishing. There were 368 entrants in the derby this year for a total purse winnings of $7360.00 that went to Randy Wright who brought in a 18 pound 4ounce Coho. Fishing seemed to be better on the Sunday with 3 Coho over 16 pounds and 24 pound spring. This years Coho derby also raised money for the San Juan Hatchery. The amount donated to Maurice Trembley at the hatchery was $1860.00. With the monies raised at the Labor Day Derby of $9414.00 and the Coho derby Port Renfrew Marina has been able to give them a total donation this year of $11,254.00 with the great help of all our generous and dedicated customers.  The San Juan Hatchery have taken their Chinook eggs for this year and report a very healthy return to the river system. Leta all hope for a really good fishing season for 2010.

Winning fish

Important Dates and Notices:

  • Oct.12th Port Renfrew Marina will be closing for the season.
  • May 1st Port Renfrew Marina opens for the 2010 season
  • Again we would like to remind everyone about settling up their business with the marina on or before closing is possible. If you are wanting winter storage please make arrangements with us in the office.  Wayne & Gwen Coleman, our caretakers will be there for the winter and it is possible to come up and check on things for yourself if you contact them by phone 483-1486 to make sure the gate is left open. We at the marina, Bud, Tedi, Rex, Diane and Knut want to thank Wayne & Gwen for their outstanding help this year, what would we do without you??? We all look forward to working with you next year and really appreciate everything you guys do!

Bud and Rex