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Port Renfrew Marina and RV Park Fishing Report

Port Renfrew Marina Report July 10/17

July 11th, 2017

At Port Renfrew Marina Chinook fishing has taken a positive turn this past week. Not only larger fish but also the fact that the fish are coming from all the “old” favorite spots; East Point, Owen Point, Rockpile and Cullite, Camper are all producing springs. They are feeding on needlefish and baby herring so keep your bait small or run coho killers. Try fishing shallower than usual as several anglers have caught the fish right on the surface as they are putting the line in the downrigger clip.

Offshore the “chicken ranch” is doing its incredible impression of a live fish market! Limit catches of Chinook, coho, and halibut are so fast the boasts are back at the dock before noon! As an added bonus there are big numbers of humpback whales putting on a show as they feed on herring and krill.

Crabbing is still going very well, some big and hard and the occasional softer one but all tasty.

Notable catches:

  • Ian & Deb MacGregor  24  23  14  16
  • Kristina Ledger   30.5
  • Terry Van Wieren  4 springs to 20 lb.
  • Leung Huang  31
  • John Gordon  38.5
  • Eric Echdahl  29
  • Phil Rankine   30
  • Ian Batty  30
  • Ron Jakimchuk  30
  • Bob Green  33
  • Robyn Kerron  29

Don and friends

Mike Game

Shirley Quan and friends days catch

Bob Green 33

Ian Batty 30


Kristina Ledger 30.5

John Gordon 38.5  













This past weekend Port Renfrew Marina held it’s very small and quiet Hoody Derby in honor of Blair Houdayer who past away two years ago. He was a long time friend and customer of Port Renfrew Marina and had a life long love of fishing. He always fished cut plugging so that was the rule of the derby, no downriggers. The winning fish at 27 pounds was caught by Rex Coburn. the derby raised $550.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society and was donated in Blair Houdayer’s name.

Coming up very soon is the annual Kinsmen Salmon Derby on July 29th and 30th. This derby was partially created to replace the now finished Davey Derby and so far it has been doing a pretty great job of doing that. The tickets are available at the marina, Bucky’s Sports in Duncan, Gord’s Fly Box in Cowichan and Island Outfitters in Victoria. Tickets are $50 a rod and first prize is a Yamaha 9.9 kicker. There is always many other prizes so there is a good chance you won’t go away empty handed. Come out and fish and help support a great cause. The monies raised are to help fix up two children’s park play areas.

Coming up later in the season will be Port Renfrew Marina’s annual Labor Day Derby on September 2nd and 3rd. This derby is held to help out the local San Juan salmon hatchery and for those of you who don’t know this hatchery has had little or no monies from the government since 1992. Without outside support and donations this hatchery would likely not be active. If anyone seeing this can offer to help out with donation prizes or knows of a business that might be interested please contact the marina office. As you know a successful derby relies on the generosity of donators for prizes to make a derby exciting and fun which is turn brings more anglers and then raises more money for the particular cause. More details to come. See below for our first raffle item for the Labor Day Derby.

Islander Reel

    MR 3-C Mooching Reel


Generously Donated by:

        Islander Reels, Victoria

     Retail value: $650.00

 Full frame construction w/one piece spool & frame

 Lg arbor, ultra light spool w/ ventilated arbor. The large

 arbor allows for 2 to 3 times the retrieval rate of a standard arbor

 A huge 2-7/16 drag surface using Islander’s proven graphite impregnated cork material

 Converts right to left hand retrieve in seconds

 Lg contoured palming rim & handles

 Buttery smooth sealed stainless steel bearings

 Lg sculpted drag knob

          Tickets: $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00

                Draw Date: Sept. 3rd

        @ PRM Labor Day Derby

Tickets sold @ P.R.M. Attendance not necessary to win

Coming up at the end of Port Renfrew Marina’s season will be the annual Coho Derby. This is an extremely popular derby. There has been some debate over the date of the derby and after much thought we have finally come to the conclusion that it will be Sept. 30th and Oct.1st. More info to come later.

As most everyone knows by now the marina now has it’s power pretty much completed. It was a big job and took longer than expected but things have settled down, everyone is pleased to have power and water at their sites. The power sites are going fast as not all sites have it. We hope to expand the number of sites with power next year.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report July, 4/17

July 4th, 2017

At Port Renfrew Marina Chinook fishing has definitely improved since our last report. The beach has been very good though you may want to avoid Camper Creek as the seal situation is out of control. Some anglers, mostly cut pluggers, are losing 2 out of 3 fish to the seals. East Point has finally produced some fish, so the smaller boats can still fish if the wind is up.

Notable catches:

  • Matt Kelly  30
  • Wes kelly   31
  • Brad Monti  32
  • John Strolger  30

Dave’s catch


The “Chicken Ranch” is still on fire for spring salmon, “Lemon Meringue” hootchies, one of the ones some are preferring,  100′ to 160′ down is the ticket to success.

Crabbing is still the best we have seen. Big hard purple beauties are making everyone with a trap very happy!

Upcoming Event: Coming up on July 29th and 30th is the annual Kinsmen Salmon Derby. The tickets are now available at Port Renfrew Marina and are $50.00 a rod. First prize is a 9.9 Yamaha kicker and all the proceeds go to an assortment of needy causes. This has always been a fun derby in the past and is sure to be one again this year. Come have a weekend of good fishing and support the fundraiser.

Later upcoming event: Port Renfrew Marina will be having its 20th Labor Day Derby on Sept. 2nd and 3rd. This derby is a great way to celebrate nearing the end of the season and help support the local San Juan fish hatchery. More info to come later on.

In case you haven’t heard the power is now for the most part done and up and running. many sites have both water and power now. Most everything is back in place and things are looking more normal now.

 Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report June 21/17

June 21st, 2017

In Port Renfrew and Port Renfrew Marina there is little fishing pressure right now, as there are as few as four boats at Camper Creek during the week days. If you don’t like crowds and having to work around other boats this time works for you. Spoons seem to be best for Chinook right now, 30′ to 40′ on the downrigger trolled fairly fast.

Good news the salmon have arrived at the “Chicken Ranch.” Easy limit catches are to be had if the weather lets you get out there. Future forecasts for the coming week or more seems better.

Halibut has slowed down, not sure if it is because of the longliner that has set gear out there for a month or the lack of good ebb tides.

Notable catches:

  • Ken Jamison     29
  • Randy Goertzen   31.5   17

Randy Goertzen 31.

VERY GOOD NEWS: We are very happy to say that the marina has completed the installation of the new underground power and it is now working. Most sites now have their own power post and water source.

Coming event:  Coming up on July 29th and 30th is the annual Kinsmen Salmon Derby. The tickets are now available at the marina and at Bucky’s Sports in Duncan, Gord’s Fly Box in Lk. Cowichan and Island Outfitters in Victoria. Tickets are $50.00 a rod. First prize is a Yamaha 9.9 kicker. Come out for a weekend of fishing and support a great group that helps out many needy causes.

PRM Labor Day Derby: Port Renfrew marina will be having the annual Labor Day Derby this year on Sept 2nd and 3rd. More details will be coming as the summer goes by.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report June 11/17

June 11th, 2017

At Port Renfrew Marina fishing is on the upswing somewhat. Cut pluggers at Camper Creek are the real hotshots right now with multiple fish per day right along the kelp beds, though they are losing 1 in 4 to the seals. Hole in the Wall at NitNat has been very good for trollers at slack tide. Preferred bait is anchovy in the 12 pack but anything needle fish look alike will work to catch springs.

Crabbing is still very good, hopefully that will last well into July.

The “Chicken Ranch” at Swiftsure should be turning on any day now. Halibut fishing is still good.

Notable Catches:  

  • Bob Hall & Charlie Hill  35
  • Glen Wilson  25
  • Matthew Jones  30
  • Eric Eckdahl & friend    4 springs up to 28

Bob Hall & Charlie Hill 35                

Matthew Jones 30

For those who haven’t been to the marina yet you will be happy to know the launch area has been paved with asphalt for a smoother and easier launching of your boat.

The all important question, is there power yet? Unfortunately, not quite, we have been assured that it shouldn’t take more than one more week. Finding a trade who can get up there and stay there is very difficult. We apologize for the delay and are really trying to get the job finished as soon as possible. The water is now hooked up and a go, so no more having to haul your containers to the water truck.

Important Date: Coming up in about 6 weeks will be the Kinsmen Salmon Derby on July 29th and 30th. This is such a nice derby, great prizes, and for an assortment of very important causes. If you can be in Renfrew that weekend consider participating and help them raise funds for them. You can enjoy fishing and at the same time help our needy causes and maybe win a great prize.

Some people have been inquiring as to the Labor Day Derby. It is going to be held this year on the Labor Day weekend which will be Sept. 2nd and 3rd. We have already started with inquiries to donations for the prizes as it takes all summer to acquire them. If you can make a donation through business or personally or know of someone who would be interested and willing to make a donation please contact us in the office and let us know. A derby’s success and fun is largely based on prizes and to make this derby a success as it has in the past we count on the generosity of people to help out.

 Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report June 5/17

June 6th, 2017

At Port Renfrew Marina salmon fishing is typical for early June, hot for a few days then slowing down for a few days.One fisherman hooked nine springs on Sat. kept three and then none on Sunday. Bigger fish have showed up, one 24 pounds, a couple others in the twenties and two in the 30′s.

The usual spots, Camper Creek, Cullite and Logan Creek are all holding areas for Chinook. Farther west “Hole in the Wall” past NitNat can be on fire! Needle fish hootchies and Coho Killers fished close to the bottom is the ticket.

Halibut fishing remains good though you have to pick good ebb currents. The “Chicken Ranch” at Swiftsure Bank will be urning on anytime soon. It always takes until mid June for the fish to show up there.

Ian & Deb MacGregor and friend

Crabbing is still very good, some people come back with only a couple while others limit out completely. Make sure you have good bait, salmon bellies are very good and anything stinky! Also make sure your trap is sitting solid on the ocean bottom and not moving and shifting with the current.

So, as we are sure all of you are wondering, “Is there power yet?” Unfortunately, not quite, we are getting closer and it won’t be too much longer. One good thing, of all 110 posts all have running water now. People seem to be managing one way or another without the power, like the old days! When you come you will see some other nice improvements, the launch area has had some asphalt laid and it is a great improvement.

Upcoming event: Coming up in July 29th and 30th the Kinsmen Salmon Derby will be held at Port Renfrew Marina. This derby was started after the Davey Derby ended and does similar good work donating to many wonderful and needy causes. They always have great prizes and if you like a fun relaxed derby then this one is for you.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report May 23/17

May 23rd, 2017

For Port Renfrew Marina fishing is similar as to last week but over the long weekend things picked up with salmon fishing. Chinook salmon at Camper Creek is being dominated by the cut-pluggers who can sit right over the reef. If you are a troller put out the smallest needle fish type spoon you have, ie: Coho Killers.  Many people were coming in the docks with one or two salmon with most in the mid teens. It was good to see and we hope that salmon fishing just keeps getting better. The weather was good, mostly calm seas.

Crabbing is excellent, anyone with a good solid heavy trap was coming back with their limits.

Halibut fishing has been very good, slowed down a little with lack of ebb currents, you may have to jig your lure to get some action.

At Port Renfrew Marina work is moving along but slower than we hoped for. The work for replacing our power is about 75% done and we expect that things will be completed sometime in the first week of June hopefully. We apologize for the inconvenience, we know it’s difficult when you are used to having power.

This past weekend there was a small salmon derby held at the marina. It is the Kevin Fiege Fishing derby put on by his sister and friends. The winning salmon caught by Ruth Haddad was weighed in at 26’5″ not bad for this early in the year. They had many nice prizes and good weather. They raised $980.00 for the BC Wildlife Federation and $1300.00 for the Salmon Enhancement Society. Not bad at all for a small one day derby!

Winning fish 26.5lb







Coming up on July 29th and 30th the Cowichan Kinsmen will be having their annual Salmon Derby at Port Renfrew Marina. Make a note of the date so you can participate, it is a fun derby with lots of prizes and all for good causes. More info to come as we get closer to the date.

With the good weather it is the time when we see many motorcyclists out for rides. This weekend was no exception, we had probably over 50 come is for gas. Here is a photo of a group of cool “rat bikes”






Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report May14/17

May 14th, 2017

With all the work being done at Port Renfrew Marina this spring and having the power delayed, mostly due to bad weather, fishing trips have been few. We had hoped to have the power completed by opening but that was just not possible. We are shooting for another week but it may take longer. We are trying very hard to have it done by the May long weekend. The weather is still holding things up some with terrible rains more days than not. When you make your first trip to the marina you will see many changes, the first being a beautiful brand new sign at the entrance of the driveway. Please be aware in the next while to keep in mind no power means not expecting to leave food or bait behind. We did have some issues with our ATM and pay phone but they have been cleared up and both are now working.

Halibut fishing is still very good. With no angling pressure for six months the first of the season always produces lots of fish of a good size. As usual the first catches of the season taste amazing!

Days catch of halibut

Salmon are coming in from Camper Creel but again there are days without a boat in sight, if you like to fish quiet and without crowds this is a great time to do that. The third year net pen fish from Mill Bay will be returning this year so Woods Nose could be the place to be.

Crabbing is very good with the heavy commercial type traps out fishing all other kinds. If your trap isn’t heavy then it is highly recommended you weight it with rocks or something to make sure the trap stays solid on the ocean floor and not swaying and moving with the current. The crab don’t like the movement and will take off.

Important Date: This year the Cowichan Kinsmen Salmon Derby will be held July 29th and 30th. This is a great derby and grows bigger every year. It is following in the footsteps of the Davey Derby where they help various people and organizations in the Cowichan and other areas. They do great work and are a bunch of really great people. the derby is a lot of fun and they have great prizes. Stay tuned for updates and info as we get it.

IMPORTANT: If you are an existing seasonal customer at Port Renfrew Marina and have NOT contacted us yet as to your return you have run the risk of losing your spot as we have people wanting camping sites.


Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report May 3/17

May 3rd, 2017


At Port Renfrew Marina the season seems to be off to a good start. Crabbing has been very good as it usually is this time of year. Again, hard and sweet and healthy sizes. Got to love crabbing time, there isn’t much like it! Halibut fishing is good also but you have to know your weather and seas as it can still be windy and rough out there. Salmon fishing is also good but they are still on the smaller size but great tasting. Lets hope that this year’s fishing stays good and just gets better!

At Port Renfrew Marina the electrical work continues. We are trying hard to get it completed but the weather has not cooperated. We are working every day all day to get the lines in and the grounds back to normal. We first thought it would be done around opening dates but that got bumped to mid May. At this time we are hoping that timeline will work but it may take longer. If you are planning on coming out to set up your camp and get settled in you may want to call the marina first to check on how things are in case there are trenches near your site or other work being done there. Please take note, there is NO POWER for hook up at this time. All power has been turned off while the work is being done. If you do come out before power is restored make sure you bring only foodstuffs that can be consumed while you are there unless you have your fridge set to propane. If you went o the marina’s site and found it down, it was due to a domain transfer and should be fine now.

Also at this time the docks are being put back and repair work is underway. We would like to thank Odd Johansen, Dave Mills and TJ Watt for helping put out the docks.

Right now, the marina’s ATM is not working. We are awaiting a part for it. The winters seem to affect even electronics that are indoors and kept dry, etc. We should have it up and running by this coming Sat. So please be aware if you are coming before that you should have cash on hand as we are still a cash only business.

A reminder: If you are a seasonal customer at Port Renfrew Marina it is time for you (unless you have already) to contact us regarding your return. We have people who are enquiring about sites and we need to know who is keeping their spots and who may not. Please take a minute to call the marina and update us as to your decisions. Please have a look at the rates page as some things have changed.

Port Renfrew Marina would like to welcome our new caretaker, Reid Warren. He has been a huge help with the excavator work needed there and is doing so much to get the marina looking clean and organized for the coming season. Also, Knut is back for the new season as you all know him.

For Port Renfrew Marina the first derby planned so far is the Kinsmen Salmon Derby. It is scheduled for July 29th and 30th.

Bud & Rex


Port Renfrew Marina Report April 23/17

April 23rd, 2017

Port Renfrew Marina will be opening this coming weekend for the 2017 season. The office will be open Sat. April 29th and will be open every day until closing in October.

To all early season guests for the 2017 season:  As many of you already know, we are in the process of upgrading our electrical distribution system at the marina. The underground construction process is taking more time than expected, in large part due to the terrible wet weather we have had. The electrical is all underground and the trenches have been like small rivers so we have had to work when the weather has permitted it. This will delay getting power supply to your campsite. If you are planning on setting up in the next two weeks please be aware that there will likely be no power available and to plan accordingly. Do not bring perishable foods that you aren’t prepared to consume before you leave or have a fridge set on propane. We are estimating that electricity will not be available for most serviced sites until mid May. Also when you arrive with your unit please make sure you come to the office so we can advise you as to if your spot can be driven over, some people will likely have to park in the storage area if their spots are still under electrical construction. Best to call us ahead of time and we can update you. The number is 250 483-1878 and it will be active.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon.

On the up side we now have water available at certain spots around the campground in standing pipes and our hope is that getting water will be a much easier job now.

Recently Port Renfrew Marina’s domain was about to expire and in the process of moving it to a different company there is a transfer that has to be done and there is a small chance that the site may go down for a day or two. We are hoping this won’t happen but if it does just know that it is temporary and we will be back up shortly.

As mentioned in the last report we now have a new caretaker, Reid Warren, who, pretty much all of you have met. He is in the modular to the right of the office. He is there daily but may be driving the excavator so if you call, leave a message and he can get back to you. His number is 250 483-1486. At this time we ask that anyone who has been seasonal please contact us as to your status on your return for this coming season.

We at Port Renfrew Marina all look forward to seeing all our old and new customers for this season and lets hope it’s a great one for fishing!

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Apr.10/17

April 10th, 2017

Well another season at Port Renfrew Marina is only three weeks away from starting. This year we will be open on the weekend of April 29th. Bud, Tedi, Rex, Diane, Knut and Reid welcome you all back and look forward to seeing both old and new customers and friends for this 2017 season.  As most of you are aware last year the focus was to get a new water system in place. That has been done and there may be even more improvements on it before we open. When you arrive you will notice standing pipes in different areas of the marina so there will be no need to fill up at the old water truck. We also have a fire hydrant for any kind of fire emergency.

This year we have been busy upgrading our entire electrical system which was in dire need of doing. When you arrive this year please check in at the office if you are one of our customers who uses power, the system is different now. Redoing the electrical system is a huge job to get done in a very short period of time before we open this spring. Luckily we have Reid Warren (who seems to be a machine himself!) on the machines all day every day working to get this done before we open but if not please be patient! We are going as fast as we can. As each upgrade and repair is done we will be moving on to other much needed areas of work.

A heads up on a few other changes also. First, we recommend you check our website out on the rates page and check out some minor rate increases for the 2017 season to see if they apply to you. This is the first rate increase in four years.

Also we are pleased to announce we have a new caretaker for the marina. It is Reid Warren of RAW Charters. He will be in the modular and he is the person you need to contact if you are needing to come out to check on things while we are closed. The gate as usual is kept locked during that time and he will need to be contacted to make sure the gate is open for you. The phone number to reach him is the same as before 250 483-1486.

So far we have not  heard much in the way of the forecast for fishing this year and from previous years we have found often they aren’t extremely reliable, so time will tell soon. At least your stay at the marina should be more comfortable this year. Reports through the grapevine say crabbing is good already so it should prove to be a good year hopefully.

Bud & Rex