Port Renfrew Marina Report April 18/19

Another season for Port Renfrew Marina is approaching very quickly. We welcome all our customers back for another great year of fishing and extend a welcome to any and all our new customers. We hope everyone will have a memorable summer at the marina. Please contact the marina to reaffirm your return for the season so your site will be kept for you.

There have been many changes made over the winter and more to come. The official opening this year is Wednesday May 1st. The marina will not be open before that date so be aware of times when you can enter to set up. Campsites have been moved or enlarged, fishing regulations have changed dramatically for this year and many other things will be changing or happening. There will also be some rate increases to some things, not all.

Please keep an eye out for another report detailing most of the changes to come in a weeks time and to get the info needed for the season. For info regarding when the marina is open or questions you may have please call Reid 250 483-1486 or Rex at 250 478-3674 or email at info@portrenfrewmarina.com


Port Renfrew Marina Report. Nov. 16/18

At Port Renfrew Marina we held our annual Labor Day Derby back on Sept 2 and 3, Labor Day weekend, as anyone who fishes out here knows. The goal was to raise funds for salmon enhancement and this year we donated to two great causes. One was Juan De Fuca Salmon Restoration Society and that donation was $10,000.00. The other organization was South Vancouver Islander Anglers Coalition to which we gave $5502.95.

See the email below sent to us from Mike Hicks who was instrumental in getting this initiative going.

Rex and Bud,

     Thank so much for starting us on our way with your huge donation. Thanks also for the referral to the Lake Cowichan Kinsmen Club.

Take Care


Below is a picture of our donation going to South Vancouver Islander Anglers Coalition to Glen Varney in the amount of $5502.95 in cash.

We are Port Renfrew Marina want to thank everyone who contributes to this derby each year, without individuals and businesses who generously donate goods or services this would not be possible and we thank all the people at the derby for opening their wallets and participating in our raffles and auctions! When you see what even a small group can accomplish it makes you appreciate and understand how important these events are. It sure makes all the effort to put these kind of events on worth it!!

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct. 19/18

At Port Renfrew Marina for 2018 we had a great Chinook season. Lots of fish though most were smaller than in the past, the averages were in the mid to high twenty pound range. The largest fish caught at the marina (that is recorded) was 38.5 caught by Gail and John Gordon. The spring fishing continued in to late September which was a real bonus.

For the months of May, June and July crab fishing was excellent! Lots of big ones and so sweet and tasty!

For Port Renfrew Marina this year was our first Sockeye run in eight years as the opening four years ago went down the inside and we missed out. This run we had was plentiful and although not big in size, the numbers were there and there were many happy anglers. Knowing it will likely be another four years for an opening had everyone hoping to get their limits.

Coho were a bit of a disappointment. They were around in good numbers until the rains hit, then they were gone up the river. It became a hit and miss experience. Too bad, as for a lot of fishermen this is their favorite fishery.

Annual fundraising: Over the course of Port Renfrew Marina’s season we had a few fundraising efforts for salmon enhancement. This year our grand total was $15502.95 which we were very pleased to see and want to thank all the businesses who donate to our derby’s and all the customers and people who contribute in one way or another to raise this money. This year we gave $10,000.00 to Juan De Fuca Salmon Restoration Society and $5502.95 to South Vancouver Islander Anglers Coalition. Another great year for donations and we thank everyone for helping, it isn’t just one or two people, when everyone pitches in and contributes in any way they can it all adds up to a successful effort!

We want to send out thanks to Todd Garrett for his help this year in getting the docks put away for the winter. We can always count on Todd to help when needed.

Important Notice: This year at the marina the gate will be kept locked with no vehicle traffic. If you need to come in and check on things you need to park and walk in. If for some reason you do need your vehicle then arrangements must be made with Reid, our caretaker, 250 483-1486. But in general there will be no traffic past the gate.

We at Port Renfrew Marina want to wish all our customers both past and present a safe, healthy and happy winter and we will see you in the 2019 season!

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct.1/18

This past weekend was Port Renfrew Marina’s annual Coho Derby, “Winner Take All.” And another great derby goes down in our memories. Saturday was a beautiful day with calm seas. Sunday although calm for the most part saw some heavy rain. While Coho fishing was good, almost all were on the small side with lots of shakers to keep the anglers busy.

This years winner, Wally Brouse with his friend, Rick Swanson, caught his Coho on the Saturday, Sept. 29th. The hatchery Coho and weighed in at 13 pounds 10 ounces. There was a lot of speculation that it would be beat but it couldn’t be done. The lucky two won a great pot of cash, $11,200.00 from the pot and $3,800.00 from the side bet for a total of $15,00.00! Not bad for a Coho weighing in under 14 pounds! that works out close to $1,070.00 a pound! The two of them did the split and shared the winnings for $7,500.00 each. Even though the Coho that won wasn’t anywhere near as big as the ones in the past, it was big enough to win! And it couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys, Congratulations guys!!

The two raffles the marina had, the Lenovo Laptop and the Lowrance Hook 5 were drawn shortly after the derby winner was announced. The winner of the Lenovo Laptop was Jackie McGregor and the winner of the Lowrance hook was Vern Wheeler. The amounts raised were $690.00 for the Lenovo Laptop and $595.00 for the Lowrance Hook 5.Thanks go out to all who took a chance on winning all the raffles and auction items we had for the fundraising events. And in a future post we will know the total amounts being donated to the San Juan Hatchery and also the Sooke Chinook Initiative Enhancement.

Important notice: Please note that Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 14th this year. Please make sure you mark that date down so you are fully prepared to come take your unit and or boat out before the gate is locked or make arrangements for winter storage. Any units left after closing will incur storage costs.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Sept28/18

At Port Renfrew Marina Coho fishing slowed after last weekend as we had a ton of rain just before the weekend. With this week of nice weather fishing will hopefully improve as fish hold, waiting for the next rain. A big San Juan Coho will probably win the derby so the bay and river mouths will be a great place to fish for the one.

Bait still seems to be the best. If you can find some herring strip or cut your own that may be the ticket as it has always been the “go to” Coho bait. Spoons and hoochies in some green or yellow shades on short leaders are another choice. Coho killers are always popular.

Notable Catch:

  • Chris Wilkinson 26

Port Renfrew Marina’s annual Coho Derby “Winner Take All” is coming up this weekend. This derby is really popular with all fishermen. The tickets are available only at the marina office and are $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of every ticket going to salmon enhancement. There is only one winner and the cash pot will go to him or her, the amount dependent on the number of entrants.

Closing: A heads up for everyone that Port Renfrew Marina will be closing the gate for the winter season on Oct. 14th. This includes things such as Costco tents, if left set up they will get damaged through the winter weather guaranteed. Please make sure you make arrangements with us regarding winter storage or removing your unit and or boat. Any units or boats left after closing will incur storage fees so please make a point of the date.

Bud & Rex