Camping at Port Renfrew Marina and RV Park

  • PRM currently has approximately 140 Campsites that offer power (20AMP GFI) and water; pressurized Potable water.

  • To connect your RV to the 85psi Water supply, you will need to install a P.R.V (Pressure Reducing Valve) to reduce pressure to 40psi so you don’t ruin the RV plumbing.

  • PRM also offers another 30 Campsites without power or water used for dry camping.

  • There are NO sewer hookups available at PRM at this time.

  • Guests will collect their black water in Blue Boy Totes or similar, to be disposed at Sani-dumps elsewhere.

  • PRM offers Campsites at a Daily rates, Monthly rates (2 month minimum) or Seasonal rates from May 1 to Oct 15.

  • PRM offers its Seasonal rates for camping alone, or combined with moorage or a package.

  • Click here for rates

  • Important - Power Supply info: Please note that the power Port Renfrew Marina supplies is ground fault, meaning it will trip in damp weather or for other reasons. People using power at Port Renfrew Marina do so at their own risk and we cannot be held responsible for the possibility of power losses. This is particularly important for anyone using a freezer to store bait or food. Please exercise caution.