Port Renfrew Marina Report May 4/18

Port Renfrew Marina has now been open for nearly a week. In that time we have been busy with many returning customers and also many new ones. With the "renovations" that have been done luckily we have a few new sites which have already been filled. If you are a returning customer from last year or longer please contact us immediately if you have not done so yet and let us know if you are returning. Every day we are getting inquiries from people wanting to grab a site for the season and we need to know if any on the old sites are available. Although we have always held sites until May 15th it would be very helpful to know as soon as possible. When you do come to the marina to set up please make sure you come in to the office and let us know of your arrival and then we can activate your power if your site has it.

For fishing, there is not much happening on the salmon front yet but halibut fishing is quite good and crabbing is excellent as it always is in the early part of the season. They are beautiful, large, sweet and plentiful. As we have said in the past for best results use a solid trap that sits on the bottom without swaying or moving so the crab are not spooked by it. We have bait at the office and will be getting ice this coming week. We also have fuel and are going to do our best to keep prices as fair as possible.

We want to shout out a huge thank you to Odd Johansen, Dwayne Issac and Mike Game for helping us get the docks back in and tied up for the season. We were lucky to have good weather that day and things went well. These guys help out each year and are always available for helping when it is needed. 

Bud & Rex



Port Renfrew Marina Report April 24/18

So, Port Renfrew Marina has opened and launched our new website. It has been a long and tricky process to get all the bugs worked out and there may be some more along the way so please bear with us! We are a work in progress! We hope you find the new site easy to peruse and get the information you need. 

Port Renfrew Marina will be opening this weekend. If you are one of the ones counting the minutes until you can come and get set up we can say that as of Saturday, April 29th the gate will be open and we will be there for you. For returning customers you can come and set up once you see us at the office and for new customers please come by and we will do a tour with you to find you a spot that works for your needs. 

Once you are in the marina you will see more changes that have been done. There are more sites with electricity and water and some things have been relocated. If you are unsure or confused come see us for clarification.  Please check our rates page for a few minor changes in fees. 

Lets all hope for a great season of fishing and good weather and calm seas. We at Port Renfrew Marina look forward to seeing all our returning customers and getting to know our new ones coming this year. 

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report April 1/18

For Port Renfrew Marina another season will soon be upon us. We will be opening on May 1st just one month away. For those of you who have been away or not by the marina you will see more changes this year. Rex and Reid have been very busy, weather permitting, doing a lot of work at the marina. More electrical sites have been created with a few more to come hopefully. More areas have been leveled off and the area by the office has had the pilings replaced with a steel wall for a permanent solution to retain the bank. Also, soon you will see a new and updated version of Port Renfrew Marina's website. It is been revised and hopefully everyone will find it to be a better experience and easy to access information wanted. We are hoping it will be ready to launch in about a week or so. We believe people will find it to be a big improvement and long overdue. Please check out our rates page as there are a couple of changes.

For this year 2018, there are again some new regulations regarding fishing limits. Starting today, April 1st 2018 there is no retention of Yelloweye and descending devices are recommended. Halibut retention is 1 per day with possession of two. It is reduced from 133cm (head on) to 115cm (head on) while the second halibut for possession remains 83cm. Rock fish are 3 per day, only 1 can be China Rockfish or a Tiger Rockfish or a Quillback Rockfish. For more detailed information go to the DFO website: (Sorry, couldn't get the link to work)


For customers planning on coming out to the marina to check on their sites please call Reid Warren @ 250 483-1486 to be sure the gate is open for you. Please do not bring your units or boats in without previously made arrangements with Reid, Rex or Bud. We all look forward to seeing our returning customers and friends and also to meet our new customers and hope we all enjoy a great year of fishing and camping!

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Sept18/17

Well, the 2017 fishing season at Port Renfrew Marina has sadly come to an end. This year will go down as one of the best Chinook years in recent memory. "Just like the old days" "As good as it gets" were phrases heard all summer long! Though we didn't have big fish, we had them in big numbers. Crabbing, like the spring fishing was off the charts. Great catches lasting far longer into the summer than we have ever seen got many people being "crabbed out." If that is possible!!

Coho was very good till the first rains hit, then it slowed down some. The San Juan should get a close to record run judging by how many are already in the river.Hopefully next years fishing will match this years numbers.

As always a big thank you goes out to Odd Johansen, Dave Mills and Dwayne Isaac for their help putting the docks away for the winter. We couldn't do it without their help and it is always appreciated!. Again we want to thank everyone who does help out throughout the year in many different ways, especially those who help with our Labor Day Derby at the day of the event and also the ones who help collect the donations. That is a big job and without their help it surely would not be the success it is.

This year will be remembered as a goodyear for fishing, great weather but a disappointing one with no campfires, they were missed! Three successful and fun derbies and a big one for developing and getting our underground electrical work and running water done. All in all a busy year.

As of October 15th the marina is now closed for the season and will reopen on May 1st 2018. Anyone with a unit or boat still in there will now be accruing winter storage and if that is not what you want to do you must contact us asap to make arrangements to remove them. The front gate is now kept locked 24/7 so if you need to get in to check on your unit you will need to contact our new caretaker, Reid Warren at 250 483-1486 to make arrangements for coming in. If you drive out without contacting him first you will run the risk of not reaching him and be locked out. The office phone is now suspended and you will not reach anyone. If you are interested in a seasonal or monthly spot next year please contact us by email or phone in late April and early May.

As we do each year we at Port Renfrew Marina wish all the best to our customers and may they have a safe and healthy winter and we look forward to seeing you all next year! We are a small and friendly community at the marina and we are always happy to see everyone back the next year.

Bud & Rex