Port Renfrew Marina Report Sept.6/18

At Port Renfrew Marina Sockeye fishing has sadly ended from what we can see. After waiting 8 years for an opportunity to fish for these beauties lots of anglers made the most of their brief appearance. 

"Chicken Ranch" fishing is over for halibut and spring salmon for 2018. Coho are still out there in good numbers. 

Chinook fishing remains strong along the beach and East Point or San Juan Point as some know it, with limit catches hitting the docks on a daily basis. Still most in the twenties. 

Coho have started to show up with reports of good sized wild ones released. The bay opened Sept. 5th for retention of 2 wild and though it's a bit early they can be found.

Offshore Coho fishing is starting to heat up and will only get better the later in the month we get. Generally hoochies and spoons are what the Coho like.

Putting on a derby of this proportion can be a huge job but as usual we had a some dedicated helpers that we can count on and this year they came through again! We want to send out a big thanks to the people who helped collect donations which is a huge job and anyone who has done this will definitely agree. Thanks to Sharon Winters, Deb Gilmore, Brian Kitagawa, Vic Gee and Chris Clements.

For the derby we also want to thank the people who help with all the other many things needed doing such as selling raffle tickets, helping at the silent and live auctions, setting up and taking down tables, cleaning up and helping with getting the prizes set up. these people are Sharon Winters (my right hand girl!) Linda Holman, Diane Clarke, Judy DeFrane, Linda Bondu and Melanie Bingham, Marge & Steve Donaldson, Doug Mills, Mike Game, Dennis Summerhayes, Candace & Brian Kitagawa. Without these people helping the derby would never go as smoothly and we owe them a big thank you for taking time out of their day to help. Please forgive us if we forgot anyone and please let us know as everyone who helps deserves recognition.

Winners: Top three

  • Dustin Mayo: 29lb 13oz.

  • Clayton Wright: 27lb 13oz.

  • Dave mills: 27lb 7oz.

Woman's biggest fish and biggest for under 16:

  • Robin Dubay: 25lb 9oz.

  • Blake Voghell: 14lb 2oz.

Port Renfrew Marina's 21st annual Labor Day Derby was a huge success and fun was had by all. The dinner was great with the help of the Lake Cowichan Kinsmen and the dance as always was so popular and really fun. The band has added a sax player and new songs and everyone was dancing into the night. The weather held and it was just a great way to celebrate the summer ending. Every year we get told this was the best one yet and this year was no exception. Everyone commented on how well it went, how many prizes there were.

As mentioned there is a lot of businesses and individuals who donate to a derby to help for salmon enhancement and we want to thank and acknowledge these for their generous donations and a willingness to support this kind of cause. Below is the list of everyone and please if you stop by any of these places try and make a point of thanking them and also if given a choice of where to get a service or goods try to choose the businesses that supported the derby and believe in helping to save the salmon for us and future generations to enjoy. 

Harbour Air, Alpine Marine, Islander Reels, Kelly Wagner of Gizmo's Computers, Island Outfitters, Tomi's Restaurant, Butler Bros, Chris Clement Construction, Port Renfrew General Store, Victoria Truss, Handsome Dans, Soule Creek Lodge, Sooke Legion Hall, Valley Floors, Central Is. Powerline, C.E.S. Gallery House, All Battery, Stillhead Distillery, Adrena Line, Nisers, Deans Marine, Willow Street Antiques, Tirecraft, Larry Green of DSS Welding, Bucky's, Joe Serpa, Lorelei Green, Chris Flint, Dennis Summerhayes, Merv Pywell, Barry Hobbis, Dave & Ruth Haddad, John Sheldrake, Hugh Hamer, Doug Mills, Bob Biggs, John Strolger, Marion & Howard Randall, Ian & Deb McGregor, Jim Hermanson of Great West Equipment, Silver Streak Boats, Greg's RV, Sooke Power Supply, Steve Holgate & Sure Span, A&W of Sooke and Lk. Cowichan, Lordco in Sidney, Buckerfields, Diamond Eye Care, E.C.S. Sleggs, Fields, Birks Intertruck, Select Mortgage, Redl, Sheringham Distillery,  Bumper to Bumper, Princess Auto, Liqour Planet, Lakes Marine Supply, Milestones, Val Galvan, Wendy Palou, Lifetimer Boats, Tiptons, Riverside Cold Beer & Wine Store, Peninsula Coop, Shoppers Drug Mart-Sooke, Sooke Castle Pub, Lynn James, Glenwood Meats, Cineplex Theater, Ajac's Equipment, Parker Marine, Thai Pinto Restaurant, Bin 4, Turmeric Restaurant, Six Mile Pub, Superstore, Darcy's Pub, White Spot-Langford-Duncan, Browns Social House, Fountain Diner, Great Canadian Oil, Artisan's Well, Country Grocer, Irly Bird, Red Arrow, Red Rooster restaurant, Dog House Restaurant, I Max, Serious Coffee, 17 Mile Pub, Western Foods, Route 14, E-Fish-Ent, Sooke Brewing Co, Subway- Lk Cow, Hardie Honey, Romeos Pizza, Floyd's Diner, J&V Burgers & Pizza, Jakes on the Lake, ATP Bait & Tackle, Saltair Pub, Farmacy, Village Foods, Trailhead Resort, Scotty Plastics, Black Dragon Enterprises, Steve Lamont of Maple Bay Marina, Steve Freisen Meats, Eagle Eye Sports, Prestige Resort, Westcoast Tire, Fastenall, Trotac, Harbour Chandler, Gone Fishin', Monti's Boat Sales, Duncan Ironworks, Big Fish Lodge, Anglers Retreat, Northwest Aluminum, Fairway Markets, Sabhai Thai Restaurant, Boston Pizza, Westland Insurance, Home Hardware, Starbucks,Tim Hortons. Now, with a list this long it can happen that someone or a business has been missed, PLEASE let us know if someone was omitted as we want to give recognition to all who donated.

Monies Raised from Raffles: 

  • Gift Basket: $1506.00

  • Bar Fridge w/ beer: $272.00

  • Magma Gass Grill: $470.00

  • Watercolor Painting: $200.00

  • Islander Reel: $2365.00

For a total amount of $4813.00

Live Auctions raised $1675.00 and silent auctions raised $2225.00. We still have two raffles to complete on Sept. 30th, they are a Lenovo 17.3" Laptop donated by Gizmo's Computers value, $699.00 and a Lowrance Hook 5 with GPS and Sonar and navigation map capabilities donated by Island Outfitters, value: $500.00. Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 and are available at Port Renfrew Marina. Once we have those completed and the monies brought in from the Coho derby we will be able to give a total amount being donated. 

Upcoming Event: Coming very soon will be Port Renfrew Marina's annual Coho derby, "Winner Take All." This derby is going to be on Sept. 29th and 30th this year. A little earlier than usual but Thanksgiving is early this year so unfortunately we can not have it in Oct. This means that wild Coho will not be open outside the Bay but that shouldn't hold things up. Last year Coho were found in very shallow water at the river mouth. The tickets will be $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of each ticket going to salmon enhancement. Whoever catches the biggest Coho wins the cash pot which usually runs around $10,000.00 sometimes a bit less but most of the time, more. The winnings are dependent on the number of entrants. This is our most popular derby of all for it's simple set up and it's very reasonable cost. it is a hectic and wild 2 days but a lot of fun. Don't miss the chance to win a large pot of money and go home with Coho.

Important Info: Coming soon also is Port Renfrew Marina's closure for the season, this year we close on Oct.14th. This date is important for you to keep in mind if you are either needing storage for the winter or plan on taking your unit and or boat home. Please be sure to make arrangements before that date.

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.29/18

At Port Renfrew Marina the past few days Chinook fishing success varies on who you speak with. Some are saying it is very slow while others are saying it is fantastic! It seems that the anglers that are doing better are in close to short, right along the kelp beds. Sockeye numbers are way down, waiting to see if a late run comes through, if not that will be it for another 4 years. Small anchovies are the best sellers right now and seem to be working best. 

Coho are still in huge numbers out at Swiftsure with the odd one being taken on the beach. Another two or three weeks and they will be showing up in the bay.

Swiftsure has seen the spring fishing taper right off for the season and halibut have slowed down as well. If halibut is what you are looking for try on the anchor as the area has had little pressure for the last two months. 

Notable Catches:

  • Irene Smith   35
  • Hugh Hamer   29
  • Shane DeFrane  30
  • Keagan Fairbrother  34

Coming up this weekend Port Renfrew Marina will be having our 22nd annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is very popular with all our customers and others, there is always many prizes and this year is no exception! First prize winner gets $!000.00 plus a prize, second place $500.00 and a prize and 3rd place $250.00 and a prize. There will also be many silent auctions, live auctions, hidden wight and draw prizes and at least five raffles. Tickets are available now at Port Renfrew Marina only. The cost is $65.00 a rod and includes a Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt, dinner, served by the Lake Cowichan Kinsmen, beverages and a live band on Sunday night. Proceeds from the derby go to salmon enhancement, the San Juan Hatchery and also to the Sooke Chinook Enhancement Initiative. It is a fun way to call an end to summer and springs and look forward to the Coho showing up. Come out, and support salmon enhancement and have some fun and maybe win some great prizes. 

Raffle Items: 

  • Gift Basket donated by Port Renfrew General Store: Value:$300.00 tickets $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00  Draw date: Sept.2nd
  • Catalina S/S Gas Grill donated by Joe Serpa: Value:$500.00 tickets $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00  Draw date: Sept.2nd
  • Islander MR3 Mooching Reel donated by Islander: Value: $595.00 tickets$5.00 each or 3 for $10.00  Draw date: Sept.2nd
  • Seaside Adventures watercolor print, matted and framed donated by: Lorelei Green: Value: $650.00  tickets $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.  Draw date: Sept.2nd
  • Lenovo 17.3" Laptop donated by Kelly Wagner of Gizmo's Computers. Value: $699.99 tickets $5.00 each or 3 for $210.00.  Draw date: Sept.30th

Upcoming event: Coming up on Sept.29th and 30th Port Renfrew Marina will be having another annual fishing derby for Coho, called "Winner Take All" This derby is extremely popular and easy. It is $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of each ticket going to salmon enhancement. The concept is simple , whoever catches the biggest Coho wins the pot. The amount varies depending on entrants but the usual winnings come in around $10,000.00 with the biggest one we have had was $14,500.00! So again come out for a weekend of fishing with a chance to win a lot of cash and have some fun to end the season.

Heads up: This year Port Renfrew Marina will be closing its gate on October 14th. Please prepare and allow yourself time to get your unit and or boat out before closing or to arrange winter storage. 

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.19/18

For Port Renfrew Marina things have remained about the same as our last report. The Sockeye come and go in waves, very good for a couple of days with everyone getting their limits, then a slow down for a day and then good again. For the most part everyone was coming in happy with their catches. These past few days the fish seem to be in shallower waters, around 200 feet to 400 feet of water depth. Trolling depths in the 35 to 80 feet down are bringing the most success.

Chinook fishing remains strong and will only improve as we get towards the end of the month. We have seen many come in this past week and most in the high twenties. Small anchovies are still the bait of choice.

For Halibut not many are anchoring in the past month or so. The focus seems to be on the Sockeye opening since it only comes around every four years. But if you are heading to Swiftsure Bank then you are likely going to bring some back with you. So if you get a good day it may pay to to head west and give it a try.

Although there have not been any fish caught in the 30's lately there have been many chinook coming is weighing in the high twenties. A 10 pound Sockeye was brought in yesterday so there may be a bigger run coming. 


Upcoming Event: Coming very soon will the Port Renfrew Marina's 21st annual Labor Day Derby on Sept. 1st and 2nd. This long standing derby is very popular and always has a great turnout. The Tickets for the derby are $65.00 a rod and includes a Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt, dinner prepared and served by the Lake Cowichan Kinsmen, beverages, and a live band on the Sunday. There will be many prizes as always and a bullhead derby on the Sunday morning at 9:00 am for children12 and under. Please make sure they are accompanied by an adult and if needed, wearing a life jacket. The bullhead derby is free and there will be a trophy for both a boy and girl who catch the most bullheads and goodie bags for all who participate. Rules and times for the derby will be posted at the marina and tickets are only available at the marina. This year the monies raised will go to the San Juan Hatchery and also to the Sooke Chinook Enhancement Initiative. Please come and support this good cause for salmon enhancement and have some fun too! 

Another Upcoming Event: Coming up soon after the Labor Day derby Port Renfrew Marina will be having another annual Coho Derby "Winner Take All." This derby is incredibly popular, it is very inexpensive to enter and one person will win a huge pot of cash money for the biggest Coho. Tickets for that $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of each ticket also going to salmon enhancement. We will also be raffling a 17 inch Lenova laptop valued at $699.00 generously donated by Kelly Wagner of Gizmos Computers in Victoria. 


Bud & Rex   

Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug. 9/18

For Port Renfrew Marina as of Aug.8 Chinook fishing remains strong. Early morning has been very good but also early afternoon has been good with the slack tides. Small anchovies and small spoons are all producing fish. 

Sockeye as most know is now open until further notice. The run that was here this weekend seems to have moved east. Still there are limit catches being caught, 500 feet to 550 feet deep down to 55 feet to 75 feet and put in your time. The Adams River run is expected to come by around the 15th of this month and it is expected that they will be as much as twice the sixe of the ones caught recently.

Not much on the halibut front as all are coming from the "chicken ranch." 

A big thanks go out to Gord Dolbec, (who got completely soaked helping out) Reid Warren and Bud for saving a Pursuit from sinking for the third time!. It is the responsibility of each owner to make sure their boat is seaworthy, please make sure of the condition of your boat before leaving it in the waters. The rescue and cost of a boat from sinking and polluting the waters is on the owner.

Crabbing is very slow right now, let's hope it picks up before the season ends!

Notable catches:

  • Bill    32.5
  • Trevor  30
  • Phil Rankin  35


Upcoming Event: In three weeks Port Renfrew Marina will be having the 21st annual Labor Day derby to raise funds for salmon enhancement. This derby has always been popular with everyone for it's easy going venue and all the fun things included in the derby. For $65.00 a rod you get a Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt, dinner on Sunday with beverages and a live band to dance to! We get an large amount of donations from businesses in and around the island to make this derby a success. Please come and experience the fun and support a derby like this that gives to fishermen and the salmon for future generations. There is also a bullhead derby on the Sunday for kids 12 and under, this is always a anticipated event and so much fun for the kids. We will have multiple raffles, silent and live auctions and many other prizes. 

Here is a beautiful item for silent auction donated by Ross Hopkins of Cast Art Studios  250) 652-3397 If interested in buying something call and ask for Ross.  

fish bench.jpg


Another upcoming Event: Coming up on Sept. 29th and 30th Port Renfrew Marina will be holding their annual Coho Derby, "Winner Take All" this derby is the most popular derby we hold. There is only one winner and that person will be taking home the cash pot at the end of the derby for the biggest Coho caught. The pot ranges depending on the number of entrants but the amount is usually between $5600.00 and from the last few years usually in the area of $10,000.00 to $14000.00. 

Bud & Rex

Port Renfrew Marina Report July30/18

For Port Renfrew Marina not much has changed since last the last report except the fog looks like it may disappear this week once the extreme hot temperatures return to more normal levels. 

Chinook fishing along the beach remains very good and will get better as the tides are starting to mellow out. They are averaging bigger in size which is good news. Offshore the "Ranch" is the "Ranch," limits of springs and halibut are the norma and should continue into mid August.

For the most part, not many anglers have been anchoring so maybe this would be the time to have the inshore fishery to itself. 

BIG News!! DFO has announced a Sockeye opening on August 1st! The good news also is there has been Sockeye in the area so it should be good while it is open. Same limits and rules as four years ago. Check out the DFO site for more details, OpsCentreFisheryPacific-CentreOpsPechePacifique.MPO@canada.ca

Notable Catches:

  • Howard & Marion Randall  33
  • Terry Lee   2 ling cod 2 salmon

Howard And Marion Randall  33 pound Spring



Terry Lee   2 Ling Cod & 2 Salmon

Upcoming Event: Port Renfrew Marina is having their 21st annual Labor Day Derby coming up before you know it. This year it falls on September 1st and 2nd. This derby is in support of salmon enhancement for the local San Juan hatchery and also this year for the Sooke Chinook Enhancement Initiative. More than ever the salmon cause is in need of help if we want to keep the salmon around for future generations. There will be raffle items, silent and live auction items, door prizes and many other prizes. At this time we again ask if anyone knows of a business or someone who may be interested in donating to this worthy cause please contact the office, we all know the prizes make a derby successful. This derby includes a marina t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band on the Sunday. Lake Cowichan Kinsmen will be doing the dinner again this year.

Some of the raffle items we have so far are a large Gift Basket filled with so many wonderful items including  a bottle of salted caramel Baileys, Smirnoff Vodka, Crown Royal Rye, bottle of red wine, Cineplex pass for 2, $20.00 gift card for Purdy's Chocolates and many more items, valued at $300.00 and can be seen at the Port Renfrew General Store. Another raffle is a Islander MR3 Slate Reel valued at $595.00, can be seen at PRM office, tickets sold at the marina and at Island Outfitters. We also have an original one of a kind hand painted watercolor painting done by Lorelei Green, matted and framed valued at $650.00. It is called Seaside Adventures. This painting is an amazing blend and collage of shapes and objects and is similar in style to Picasso and MC Escher. Must be seen to be truly appreciated!

Bud & Rex