Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct.7/13

Port Renfrew Marina is reaching an end to the season for 2013. The springs have all but disappeared and gone up the rivers to spawn. Coho fishing was quite spectacular this year with hundreds of them just about everywhere at least until the extreme heavy rains we had the weekend before last. That four days of torrential rain pushed many of them up the rivers also. We estimate that there is a week or so left to get out there and catch the remaining few out there , weather permitting. Port Renfrew Marina held our annual Coho Derby "Winner Take All" this past weekend. We were very lucky to have excellent weather, with the rain holding off almost completely. Sunday in particular was a gorgeous day, a great way to end a fishing season. Although the weather was great Coho fishing was slow, it appears the Northern's haven't really started to show in any great numbers. All entrants were catching many shakers and most fish caught were in the low to mid teens.  To get a big one most anglers had to fish deep, the winning Coho was caught in 300 feet and many fishermen were fishing even deeper. When normally Coho time means you can fish with spoons, hoochies, apexs, etc the fish still seemed to biting on bait. This years derby went very well with 508 tickets sold.

Derby Results and Info:

Derby winner:  Brick and Rosie Betsworth with a 19 pound 12 ounce Coho. The total amount collected from ticket sales $12,700.00. The winning pot $10,160.00 and $2540.00 going to the local hatchery.


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IMPORTANT INFO:  On October 13th Port Renfrew Marina will be closing for the season. It is imperative that all boats be pulled from the water and removed from the marina unless storage arrangements have been made. Also all units must be removed unless being stored for the winter. You must contact us regarding storage asap to make arrangements. The number is 250 483-1878 This number will be in effect until October 14th, after that there will be no way to leave messages on this line. The caretaker, Desi Hatchard can be reached at 250 483-1486. You must contact him a couple days ahead if you plan on coming to the marina because the gate is kept locked.

Bud & Rex