Port Renfrew Marina Report May 16/14

Port Renfrew Marina has been open now for a little over two weeks. Many of our customers are coming in and getting set up for the new season. There are also many new people inquiring so if you are a past seasonal please contact us if you haven't already as the deadline for confirming your site has passed. The opening season is off to a great start, the halibut fishing is going very well and crabbing is great also. The area most popular for halibut fishing is mainly between Nitnat and Carmanah. There is nothing like the first fresh catches of the season for both of those. If fisheries is correct this could be a good year for salmon fishing also as they have predicted record runs in some areas. If you have stayed at Port Renfrew Marina you will have likely noticed that we post that all recyclables collected go to helping a food bank down in Bucerias, Mexico where we usually holiday in the winter. This organization is run by a couple who now live there year round and they are tireless in their efforts to help the poor there. They are good people that take nothing for their time and costs such as fuel, etc. They feed over 140 families and try to help them find work if possible.

As many of you may know the Davey Derby usually held at Port Renfrew Marina has been cancelled. Audie Williams who has organized and run this derby for the past 13 years has retired himself from this huge job and as it grew in popularity it was a very huge job! Since this derby will be missed by so many, Port Renfrew Marina is planning a simple derby in July to help fill that gap because who doesn't love a derby!? So the plan is to have a derby the weekend of July 12th and 13th. We have no name for the derby as yet and it is in the early planning stages and we will confirm all the info in a week. This derby will be somewhere in the lines of the Port Renfrew Marina's Coho derby only the fish in question will be springs of course. A two day event with a percentage of the ticket sales going to first, second and third place winners. Keep an eye out for upcoming info once we have worked out the details.

Bud & Rex