Port Renfrew Marina Report June 21/14

For Port Renfrew Marina and Renfrew in general Chinook fishing has been fair to good though the size of the fish remains on the smaller side, mainly in the teens. The runo f the 30 pounders from the about 1o days ago seems to have passed but with the usual predictability of Port Renfrew they will be here again and most likely soon. Halibut fishing has improved now that the currents have slowed down. The regular spots off Carmanah and NitNat are still producing fish. The "chicken ranch" was slow for fish during the big tides and strong currents. Fishing is back on now. Calm seas and good tides are proving to be a great combination for spring salmon to 25 pounds and halibut to 40 pounds. Trolled hootchies are working for both.

IMPORTANT NEWS: On Friday the ATM at Port Renfrew Marina went down. The part has been sent on a rush courier but unfortunately with a weekend it will be at least Monday, possibly Tuesday before it will be up and running. We are sorry for the inconvenience and advise anyone coming to fish please bring cash as we do not accept credit cards and do not have an Interac machine. We will be getting the ATM up and running as soon as we can but it will be down for the weekend.

In each report we have posted the fact that Port Renfrew Marina no longer is able to sell fishing licenses. We hope that by repeating this information that the word gets out to everyone it may concern. Fishing licenses are available online only now and you can purchase a license wherever you can access a computer with internet and a printer. Please be sure to get yours before coming to Renfrew. We are aware that both Canandian Tire, Island Outfitters and Eagle Eye Sports offer that service. Please phone around and check what options you may have if you aren't able to do one at home.

UPCOMING EVENT: Port Renfrew Marina has decided to hold a derby for the first time in July. The Chinook Salmon Derby will be held on July 12th and 13th and tickets are $30.00 a rod with $5.00 of each ticket going to salmon enhancement. This derby is a simple affair with a first, second and third place winner, each getting 50%, 30% and 20% respectively from ticket sales. We are hoping this will help a little to fill that big gap where the Davey Derby used to be held. There will also be a $10.00 side bet for the highest weight of the two fish weighed in over the two day event. Now this could be interesting because if a 35 pound salmon wins and the other fish that the winner caught was say 15 pounds then someone who caught say a 27 and 28 could win the bet. winnings will be gauged by ticket sales. Tickets are available at Port Renfrew Marina, Eagle Eye Sports in Sooke and Wise-Buys Fishing Supplies in Colwood. Come have a weekend of fishing, maybe win some money, help support salmon enhancement and have a good time.

Bud & Rex