Port Renfrew Marina Report July,17/14

  The Chinook fishing has slowed down some recently.We believe that the "super moon" in connection with the "super" low tides we have had, sometimes running for seven days straight, have put the brakes on some previously great fishing. The "chicken ranch" at Swiftsure Bank continues to produce small Chinooks (teens), hatchery Coho and small to medium halibut. With the weather warms up and gets hotter than normal in that area it then brings fog in, so make sure you are fully equipped electronically to fish in the area where you are close to the freighter traffic.

Onshore with the mellowing of tides the spring fishing should improve. While anchovies are still the preferred bait of choice, some anglers have had good luck with white hoochies. If fishing is slow try using some of those lures you have bought and never used. Some anglers have said that the fishing has been better in the afternoons. For the next few days we will have no low tide issues so things may be improving in that respect.

At Port Renfrew Marina we held our first ever Chinook Salmon Derby on July 12th and 13th, this past weekend. We were hoping to help reduce the disappointment of the well loved and missed Davey Derby. While we knew we couldn't match the level of that derby, Audie Williams always did an amazing job. Well, for a first time derby with a little less than a month to prepare and plan and get word out, the derby went well. Even though fishing was quiet, there was a decent turnout with 124 tickets sold bringing in $3100.00. The winner in first place was Reid Warren with a 31.8 spring winning $1550.00, with Mark Saunders coming in second with a 31.7 winning $930.00 and Kevin McKenna coming is third and winning $620.00. The side bet winner was Scott Campbell with winnings of $590.00. The portion from the derby that goes to the local hatchery is $710.00. Everyone was pleased with the winning amounts, not bad for two days of fishing even if it was quiet. Looks like we will try and have another one next year and it will likely grow as the Coho "Winner Take All" derby has over the years.

Notable Catches:

  • Brian Paulson  32  caught before derby
  • Reid Warren    31.8
  • Mark Saunders  31.7
  • Rick Stubbs  31.5   not in derby!
  • Scott Campbell 31.7

As the summer comes into full swing and is reaching it's half way mark Port Renfrew Marina wants to remind everyone of up coming events. Coming up on Aug.30th and 31st we will be having our 17th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is well known for being a great derby, there are raffles, silent and live auctions and many hidden weight and misc. prizes given out. On the second day of the derby we have included in the derby a t-shirt, dinner, a beer garden and live band. The monies raised for this event are all for salmon enhancement also. Last years donation to them was in the $27,000.00 mark! Tickets will be available at the marina shortly before the derby starts. Then Port Renfrew Marina will be having its annual Coho "Winner Take All" derby. This derby is extremely popular. Tickets will be sold as usual at the office and the dates for this derby are October 4th and 5th. Winnings for this derby have been at the lowest $5300.00 all the way to $13,800.00 with the average winnings being around $10,000.00. Again not bad for two days of doing something you love....fishing.

Winner of the Bradley smoker was Dennis Murray.

Bud & Rex