June 10/09 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Following the fantastic May Chinook fishing Port Renfrew Marina is seeing typical early June results. Quality size big springs are hitting the docks but not in great numbers yet. Spoons and anchovy are what has been working at a depth of 37 feet generally. We have seen 2 springs that have made the over 40 board already this year, one caught June 5 and the other June 6th. Notable catches of Springs:

  • Is. Outfitters 36
  • Stan Robertson 35
  • Eric Eckdahl 35
  • Luke Bertrand 25
  • Dan Harvey 45.5
  • Keith Cook 42

Keith with a 42 pound spring salmonHalibut fishing is good though the big barn doors are harder to find. The calm seas have helped anglers to catch their limit of chickens, always a nice size for eating. Ken Gillard caught a 70 pound Halibut on June 10th on a coyote spoon and had to net it.  A really amazing story though is on June 9th Randall Pruden and Carl Hien were fishing just west of Camper Creek for springs. They were using Purple Haze hoochies and barbless hooks when they knew they had a big one. It didn't take very long for them to realize it wasn't a spring but a Halibut. They could tell it was very big but had no idea it was a 120 pounder! They didn't have a gaff or spear so they ended up bringing it in with a net! They had to keep bending it to the right shape to get the fish in. How they kept a halibut that big on the line and got it in is what everyone wants to know! Apparently you don't have to go 25 miles out to sea to get the big ones!

Crabbing is still excellent with everyone catching their limits. They are getting larger and meatier and very sweet. Hard to compare the crab of Port Renfrew to any other crab!

Port Renfrew Marina now has all our garbage cans enclosed in heavy duty chain link fencing to keep the bears at bay. We are hoping this will discourage them for coming into the campground and look elsewhere for food. We are trying to take every measure to reduce the bear activity around the marina so please do your part. Please be careful about leaving fish and food stuffs around your campsite and boat and remove all your garbage to the cans.

Please note: To our complete frustration our ATM is still not working and we are hoping it may be in order by this weekend. If you are planning a trip to the marina soon please come prepared and bring cash. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working hard to get this problem resolved.

For anyone interested the marina now offers a seasonal launch for the boater who doesn't leave his boat in the water. The cost is $100.00 for the season. Please check the Rates page for any changes in the rates.

If you are a past seasonal customer and haven't contacted us regarding your spot you will now have lost your claim for your spot. It is assumed you are no longer interested in it. If anyone is wanting a seasonal spot there are still some available.

Bud & Rex