April 11/15 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is looking for a work pick up truck. Our old one gave up the fight and had to be scrapped. We are looking for an older truck, it doesn't need to be pretty or expensive, cheap is good!  It is needed mostly for taking garbage to the dump, moving materials around the marina and such. If you know of an older truck that is in reasonable shape please contact us at 250 474-2643 and ask for Bud. The marina will be opening soon, May 1st. If you are a seasonal customer and wanting to get your trailer out please contact Desi and let him know what dates you are looking to arrive. The gate is kept locked and you will need to give him some notice. There will be someone in the office from April 24th and we are hoping to have the phone lines working by then.

We have been informed recently from Tahnee that the Salmonberry Bistro will not be at the marina this year. She is moving to an area near the Coastal Kitchen as they are not open for dinners this year. There is a possibility of someone opening a small food stall at the marina but that is not confirmed yet. If not we are hoping that the office will be able to at least make coffee available. We will know more near opening time.

Any seasonals who are NOT returning please contact us and let us know as soon as possible so we can be aware of any spaces that can be made available for new customers. We always have new people inquiring and it would be helpful to know who is coming back and who may not be.

Bud & Rex