Port Renfrew Marina Report July 5/15

Fishing in Port Renfrew this last week has slowed right down after the weeks before fishing frenzy. Biggest tide changes of the year coupled with the huge full moon put the breaks on what had been great Chinook fishing. We expect the catches to improve by next week when things mellow out. There are some springs coming from the beach but pinks, Coho and Sockeye make it hard to keep your gear in the water. AT this time there is not an opening for Sockeye in our area but you can keep 2 Coho if they are hatchery. If you find you are going through the anchovies try considering Baitrix for a change and cut down on your loss of bait. Offshore, Swiftsure Bank is producing small spring salmon and halibut but the weather has put a damper on the number of boats who are comfortable going out there. Moderate, short interval swells combined with a huge ebb current have made for dangerous conditions. Again, this will improve next week as tides die down.

Crabbing makes up for slow salmon fishing. Still many out there and very sweet.

Notable catches:

  • Eric Eckdahl   31
  • Terry Van Wieren     30
  • June 27  Adam Walters   34
  • June 27  Shane Morse      34
  • June 27  Andytolj Ander   32
  • June 28  Brad MacDonald  34
  • June 28  Ruth Haddad   31
  • June 28  Theron Keel  33
  • July 1  Eric Eckdahl  30.5     As you can see those few days were HOT for big springs!












Upcoming Events for the season:     Coming soon on July 18th and 19th will be the Kinsmen Spring Derby at Port Renfrew marina. Tickets for this derby are $50.00 a rod. Details of the derby are posted at the marina with start and end times, etc. There are many prizes to be won and it's all for a good cause. This year they are fundraising to improve a children's play area in Lake Cowichan that has some unsafe issues at this time. Fishing in a derby gives you a chance to win a great prize and also help out a needed charity. First prize is $1800.00, second prize is $800.00, third prize $400.00 and a hidden weight for $200.00

July 25th is a special one day derby in tribute to Blair Houdayer who passed away last fall from cancer. He had a long brave battle and didn't let it stop him from doing what he loved most, fishing. For those who knew him we lost a great friend who was generous and an all around great guy. This derby is a memorial in his memory and is going to be a fun day. No required entry fee but donations are excepted and will go to the Canadian Cancer Society, only requirement is to fish by cut plug as he did. He only used a downrigger once that we know of and he, with his usual sense of humor, put a box over his head with eyes cut out so he could see but no one would know it was him! There will be a small trophy for the biggest spring.

Aug. 1st Port Renfrew Marina is calling all fishermen to bring their unwanted or surplus fishing gear and related items for a big garage sale. Might find some unusual new stuff or old stuff you can't find. Should be interesting and if you are fishing maybe get a friend or wife to run your table for you. The marina has tables for use and it will be held in the long house.

Aug. 8th and 9th Port Renfrew Marina is having their second annual Spring Derby. Last years was held in July but with the Kinsmen Derby we have moved it to Aug. This derby is a simple one with first prize being 50% of net take, second prize 30% and third prize 20%. Tickets are $30.00 a rod with $5.00 of each ticket going to the San Juan Hatchery. Check with the office for start and end times and other details.

Sept. 5th and 6th will be Port Renfrew Marina's 18th annual Labor Day Derby. This one is a long time favorite of everyone. Tickets are $60.00 a rod and include a Port Renfrew Marina t-shirt and on Sunday a dinner that will be catered by Wayne and Gwen Coleman, the couple who are doing the small new cafe at their site called the KISS Cafe (more about that below.) beverages, the prize ceremonies and then a live band in the evening. First prize is $1000.00, second prize $500.00 and third prize $250.00. There is hidden weight prizes, raffles, silent and live auctions and other types of fundraising. Each year on the Sunday morning we have the children's Bullhead Derby for kids 12 and under. They love this and all entrants get a goodie bag.

And last but not least Port Renfrew Marina will have its annual Coho "Winner Take All" derby on Oct, 3rd and 4th. This derby is $25.00 a rod with $5.00 going to the San Juan Hatchery  and there is al almost everyone knows only one Winner and he or she gets the pot of money. Previous years winners have won anywhere from $5500.00 to as much as nearly $14000.00!! All cash. This derby is extremely popular and no wonder, who can go fishing for a weekend and possibly come home with something in the ball park of $10,000.00?! Far better odds than the lottery!

As many know the marina no longer has the Salmonberry Bistro on site but Wayne and Gwen Coleman have opened a small cafe called The Kiss Cafe and offer a very simple menu with amazing prices. A person can get coffee, only a $1.00! an egger sandwich, burgers, hot dogs, fries and if ordered the day before a lunch to take on the boat. Ask at the office if you are unsure as to the cafe's location. At this time she is only open Friday, Saturday and Sundays, this could change if she gets busier. Word needs to get out that they are there and it likely won't take long once people see how reasonable the prices are and the good food.

At this time Port Renfrew Marina is still allowed campfires. This could change if this season continues as it has so far. Please keep fires to a minimum and always in a fire ring and keep a watchful eye on them. If you smoke please be extra careful with disposing of your butts and make sure they are out and not where there are combustibles.

There have been a few people asking about getting fishing licenses at the marina. A reminder that fishing licenses need to be done online, Port Renfrew Marina is no longer a fishing license vendor. If you want, you can do inquiries with places such as Canadian Tire, Island Outfitters, who will print you a license for a small fee but it is completely possible and easy to do one in your own home as long as you have the computer AND a printer.

Bud & Rex