Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct.4/15

For Port Renfrew Marina the highlight since the last report was the annual "Winner Take All" Coho Derby. While the Coho fishing had been slow anglers came out in droves for a chance to cash in on the cash prize and support the local San Juan salmon hatchery. Given that the Coho fishing has been on the quiet side we were more than impressed and pleased at the turn out of fishermen who came looking to enjoy a weekend of fishing for that elusive big Coho.The weather was superb with sunny skies and fairly calm seas. Fishing was fair to good number wise but for the most part on the small size. Lots of campers and campfires at the marina with stories and laughter everywhere. It was obvious everyone was having a good time, which is what it is about in the long run, the winnings are just a big bonus! Just when we thought all the springs were gone we had a few show up this weekend. They were all white. Looks like there may be a few to be caught out there.

  • Marion Randall 30.5
  • Darren Noble 33
  • Mark Woodger 31

Talking to the hatchery manager, he reports that the local fish are not in the San Juan system yet. Hopefully the massive Alaska commercial Coho fishery has left some of the Vancouver Island fish! We have one week left to catch some nice Coho before we close for the season. Make the most of the time left! Last chance to catch some bright red Coho and from the results of the derby there may be some bigger ones out  there.

Coho Derby: With the slower fishing the numbers of tickets sold was up for speculation but true to form the anglers came and showed their support and 526 tickets were sold this year. The father and son team of Bruce Miller and son, Chris were the winners of the 2015 Coho "Winner Take All" derby. Their prize money came to $10,520.00 with a Coho weighing in at 14 pounds and 2 ounces. They also won the side bet of $3.200.00 giving them a total of $13,720.00!! Not bad for two days fishing! The runner up was Trevor Eccleston with a Coho weighing in at 13 pounds 4 ounces, unfortunately not giving him any winnings!

From the Coho Derby there was $2630.00 for the hatchery. The Simrad GPS donated by Island Outfitters raised $1340.00 with the winner of that Evan Driver. The Bradley Smoker donated by Port Renfrew Marina raised $1240.00 and was won by Grant Hilliard. There was misc donations done over the season and that raised $587.50 for a total of $5797.50 to go to the hatchery.











Well, this is the last of the derby's for this year, the season has been a different one with fishing being slower this year and with smaller fish....none over 40 for the first time since we have had the marina. Whether it is a sign of the times or an anomaly of the year, time will tell. Saying that, the season was still a good one as fishing is always a good way to spend your free time! We had amazing sunny warm weather and considering the obstacles we dealt with this year, such as the wildfires, the lack of rain, the road closures, it seems a good time was had by all for the most part.

Important Info: Please be advised that Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 12th this year. Please be sure to come and remove your unit and or boat or make arrangements at the office for winter storage. After October 12th the gate will be locked and entrance will have to be arranged with our caretaker, Desi Hatchard to come by and check on your unit. Please remember that during the closed season you are allowed one night a month to stay at the marina to keep an eye on your things, we are not open for weekend stays or for long stay overs. We we-open on May 1st of 1016. There is no launching after our close date due to insurance liabilities and safety issues.

Bud & Rex