Port Renfrew Marina Report April 25/16

Well Port Renfrew Marina is getting ready to open for yet another season! With the good news of our longterm tenure we can begin to do some much needed repairs and improvements. This will be a slow and expensive process that will take us a few years but at least now it can be started. Early reports are very good for big, hard, purple crabs in the bay! rumor has it that all but 1 of the commercial boats have left the bay. The crab is at its best now and for the next two months, sweet and so fresh!

Halibut is always good at this time of year as no one has been out all winter. Far too early for the "chicken ranch" so it is more of an inshore fishery so far.

Chinook, too early for fish of any size, though some around 5 to 8 pounds have been caught at the Rockpile on Coyote spoons. For all fishermen who will be heading out the river mouth, there is a large deadhead that needs to be avoided and is dangerous in any tide level. We are in the midst of making plans to have it removed but until then use caution.

So for all our customers we will be opening on May 1st officially but the marina will be open for customers to come and set up on the weekend. As always we want our previous customers to contact us regarding whether they will be returning this year and the deadline to keep their spot is May 10th. Please call 250 483-1878 or email us regarding your spot and let us know your intentions. This is an important step if you want to keep your spot from last year, each year we have new people wanting sites and if we don't hear from you we will assume you are not coming back for this year.

This coming weekend is our first one of the season and like everyone we are looking forward to a great fishing season with lots of catches with everyone staying safe. There is another warning out that again this year may be a hot dry summer and to watch for fires, please make sure you make safe choices with campfires, etc, so we can all have a safe and accident free season.

We welcome back all our returning customers and also all of our new customers for a good year of fishing and good times.

Bud & Rex