Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct.12/16

For Port Renfrew Marina the 2016 season is a wrap. Unfortunately the rain killed what was shaping up to be an epic Coho season. With the pending weather prediction of heavy extreme rains and strong winds for this upcoming weekend we are hoping to close the gate early. It is not safe or manageable or even worthy of your time to try and fish in the conditions that are predicted. If you are planning on coming to take your units out, come early if possible and make sure you don't leave anything that can get blown away such as Costco tent frames. They will blow away even without the tents on them no matter how hard you think you have staked them. A big thanks goes out to Odd and Reid for their help again this year in putting the docks away.   Closing date: Port Renfrew Marina will be closing this year on October 16th not October 15 as first stated, sorry for any confusion. It is imperative and your responsibility to contact the marina regarding your items at the marina to inform us as how you want to deal with taking or storing them. If left, you will incur winter storage fees. Once the marina is closed the gate is locked and you will need to contact our caretaker, Desi Hatchard @ 250 483-1486. The marina number 250 483-1878 will become inactive after October 16th until opening of May 1, 2017                                

At this point our caretaker, Desi hatchard is not well and is in the hospital. If you do not reach anyone at the marina after closing for a few days you need to consider the marina closed and locked so don't make a trip out as you will find you can't get passed the gate. It is imperative you contact someone first so arrangements can be made but better yet, come by before October 16th while we are still open. We will be shutting down that day at 4:00pm. 

Bud & Rex