Port Renfrew Marina Report Jan.4/17


2017 marks the 20th season we have been operating Port Renfrew Marina.


 During that period, which began with us leasing the site from TimberWest, we jointly purchased the property with the Pacheedaht First Nation, and as of January 2016 we secured 100 percent ownership of the site.

Changes and upgrades to our facility have taken place over the years. These changes have been made with a careful eye on keeping the rates affordable, thereby allowing working class people to continue enjoying the recreation or even passion for fishing and camping we all have.

Our new piped water system is now operational and while that water is not piped to the individual campsites, there are several hose bib locations for water fill up. We even have a fire hydrant!

Changes have also been made to our communication system at the Marina. We now finally have a fixed "land line" for telephone and Internet. This replaces the wireless system we have used in the past which has often been inconsistent and inoperable during BC Hydro outages. By upgrading here our hope is to provide our guests with better access to these services.

Over the years, the marine environment at the campground has reeked havoc with our electrical power distribution system. 2017 will see a major rebuilding of the power distribution system.

 The Port Renfrew Marina "family of guests", many of which fished and camped here prior to our first year of operation in 1998, continue to return each year. There is a real community of friends here with most of the Seasonal guests securing the campsites and moorage slips they had the previous year. We want to extend a secure thank you to all our Seasonal and Monthly guests along with the many weekender and daily guests for their continued support of our facility. As you all know, there is a real sense of camaraderie here making it an enjoyable experience both on and off the water.

 On behalf of Port Renfrew Marina, we wish you all a very Happy New Year, and look forward to seeing you all when we re open in May.

Bud & Rex