Sept.22/09 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Coho season at Port Renfrew Marina is in full swing. Fantastic fishing can be found right in the bay in 10 to 20 feet of water. Early morning until the wind comes up seems to be the best time with hundreds of fish jumping all around you. Casting for the Coho seems to be one of the most successful techniques. Spoons and zingers in green and yellow are working well. The inside of the bay is open for wild Coho and hatchery both in the by and offshore. For the coming month the best fishing for large Coho will be in Port Renfrew as we have already been seeing some catches with Coho over the 20 pound mark.  Trolling just below the surface with spoons, small plugs or flasher/hootchie combo's are all taking fish. Offshore fishing is good though the Humboldt squid are still a real problem especially the farther west you go. They are very tasty if you can deal with the likelyhood of getting sprayed and those nasty hooks on their tentacles.

Spring fishing has slowed right down. You will see the odd one come in but for the most part it is Coho time.

Halibut are still at Swiftsure Bank but it a lonely place out there this time of year. Quite often you can be the only boat out there so plan a safe trip. Luckily for the most part lately the weather and seas have been pretty good.

Notable Coho Catches: Unknown      19 

  • Steve McMillan   19.5
  • John Wells of Hindsight Charters  20    21.4

Hindsight Coho Catch  21.4 pound Coho

Important Dates:

  • Coming up Port Renfrew Marina will be having the Coho Derby on Oct.3 & 4th.  So far with the Coho fishing going so well we are expecting a great derby. The entry fee is $25.00 with $5.00 of every entry going to the San Juan Hatchery. This derby is a fun and relaxed one with a simple "Winner Take All" and while fishing you can know you are donating to a great cause, helping out our local salmon hatchery.
  • Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on Oct.12th for the season. Please make arrangements to remove your unit and boat on or before that date or see us in the office regarding winter storage.

Bud & Rex