Port Renfrew Marina's 10th Labor Day Derby Results

Port Renfrew Marina's 10th annual Chinook Labor Day Derby has come and gone for another year and it was our most successful one of all. We had a record number of tickets sold, 296, with a record amount 0f $5657.50 donated the local fish hatchery! Our thanks to all who sponsored and everyone who participated.

Chinook fishing was excellent up to the derby weekend and continued into Saturday, the first day of the derby but slowed down quite a bit on the Sunday. That didn't seem to slow the fisherman down as they all continued trying to get the winning fish. Steve Beal, fishing with one rod hooked the winning fish of 42.2 pounds after fishing for only one hour Sat. morning and it held for the next day and a half. He also won the draw for the pressure washer and was only 3 numbers off from winning the large gas grill. One lucky man!

Tides should be great this coming week with the high flood happening mid to late morning. Owen point is open again and may be worth giving a try. Still too early for the wild Coho even though the bay is now open.

Here are the results of the Labor Day Derby:
1st. Steve Beal: 42.2 $1200.00
2nd. Kyle Samitz: 36.3 $ 700.00
3rd. Mark Perkins: 35.6 $ 400.00
4th. Don Uhlman: 35.4
5th. Brian Peters: 33.0
6th. Woody woodruff: 31.8
7th. Hugh Hamer: 31.7 19"
8th. Ross MacKenzie: 31.0
9th. Shane Wilson: 30.7
10th. Mel Jacobsen: 28.9

Ladies. Freda Fielden: 34.2
Under 16. Erin Pringle: 20.7
Hidden weight, Day 1: Mel Sager 20.8
Hidden weight, Day 2: Cory Kovacs 14.6
Bullhead Derby 12 and under:
1st. Jordan Dice 30
2nd. Chris Miller 26
3rd. Jake Winter 16

1st. Taylor Trudgeon 30
2nd. Makala Styba 29
3rd. Marley Wright 23
Monies raised from raffles items: $5657.50
Trudie Ammann Print $425.00
Texas Micky Auction $250.00
Judy's Cheesecakes $140.00
Pressure Washer $492.00
Gas Grill $1235.00
Quad $3015.00

On behalf of the Davey Derby, held in July, Brian Dice awarded a donation to Maurice Trembley of the Port Renfrew hatchery a check for $1000.00.

The 2 young Wright girls came up with the idea of doing a jelly bean guess and that raised a whopping $172.50! Good for you, great idea!

This years Labor Day Derby was as much fun for everyone as ever. Over the years the popularity of this event has grown. The weather held up fairly well, at least it didn't rain the night of the dinner! The derby ended Sunday at 1:00 p.m. and soon after people gathered in the Long House for the beer garden and an early dinner. At 5:00 the prizes were announced and among the real ones we had some fun. Ian Bateson got an award for best boat cleaner and among his cleaning things were q-tips and a toothbrush for those hard to get places! Also George Lockwood the "mayor" of Port Renfrew Marina decided to resign his position claiming he "hadn't been paid one dime!"and nominated Gerry Hamilton the dubious position. That brought laughs all around. After the ceremonies there was a great live band called Ready & Willing that played until nearly midnight. Everybody danced and had a lot of fun and we're all looking forward to next years event! Again, thanks to all who donated to help make this event a success and to all those who participated!!

A special thanks to some very generous people and businesses who donated:
Rona of Langford
Ian & Deb MacGregor of MacGregor Van & Storage in Nanaimo
Wayne & Judy Schiffner
Shane Fedosenko of Pemberton Holmes
Fish of notable size caught within the week: (but not during derby days)
Ron Abrahams 36
Bud Watt 32
Mike Styba 37
Terry MacDonald 31, 39
Nathan Ross 30.5
No Bananas 46
Alan Jane 43
Dan Hydes 38.5, 38.5 twins!
Bruce Gibson 35.5
Mariette Fall 42
Wayne Schiffner 32
Des Hatchard 38
Martin hill 44.5
Joe Serpa 94 Halibut
Steven Hunter 40
Keith Gowanlock 50.5
Donna Evans 42.5
Mark Jordan 43.5
Upcoming Events:Coming up on Sept. 15th and 16th will be the Peter Lawson Derby and the annual Coho Derby will be Sept. 29th & 30th. The first is one with a dinner and many prizes and the Coho derby is one winner, winner take all. Last years winner took home $13,880.00 in prize money! We are expecting a huge turnout and who knows what the prize money will be this year?!

Bud & Rex