Port Renfrew Marina Report Oct. 19/18

At Port Renfrew Marina for 2018 we had a great Chinook season. Lots of fish though most were smaller than in the past, the averages were in the mid to high twenty pound range. The largest fish caught at the marina (that is recorded) was 38.5 caught by Gail and John Gordon. The spring fishing continued in to late September which was a real bonus.

For the months of May, June and July crab fishing was excellent! Lots of big ones and so sweet and tasty!

For Port Renfrew Marina this year was our first Sockeye run in eight years as the opening four years ago went down the inside and we missed out. This run we had was plentiful and although not big in size, the numbers were there and there were many happy anglers. Knowing it will likely be another four years for an opening had everyone hoping to get their limits.

Coho were a bit of a disappointment. They were around in good numbers until the rains hit, then they were gone up the river. It became a hit and miss experience. Too bad, as for a lot of fishermen this is their favorite fishery.

Annual fundraising: Over the course of Port Renfrew Marina’s season we had a few fundraising efforts for salmon enhancement. This year our grand total was $15502.95 which we were very pleased to see and want to thank all the businesses who donate to our derby’s and all the customers and people who contribute in one way or another to raise this money. This year we gave $10,000.00 to Juan De Fuca Salmon Restoration Society and $5502.95 to South Vancouver Islander Anglers Coalition. Another great year for donations and we thank everyone for helping, it isn’t just one or two people, when everyone pitches in and contributes in any way they can it all adds up to a successful effort!

We want to send out thanks to Todd Garrett for his help this year in getting the docks put away for the winter. We can always count on Todd to help when needed.

Important Notice: This year at the marina the gate will be kept locked with no vehicle traffic. If you need to come in and check on things you need to park and walk in. If for some reason you do need your vehicle then arrangements must be made with Reid, our caretaker, 250 483-1486. But in general there will be no traffic past the gate.

We at Port Renfrew Marina want to wish all our customers both past and present a safe, healthy and happy winter and we will see you in the 2019 season!

Bud & Rex