Port Renfrew Marina Report April 18/19

Another season for Port Renfrew Marina is approaching very quickly. We welcome all our customers back for another great year of fishing and extend a welcome to any and all our new customers. We hope everyone will have a memorable summer at the marina. Please contact the marina to reaffirm your return for the season so your site will be kept for you.

There have been many changes made over the winter and more to come. The official opening this year is Wednesday May 1st. The marina will not be open before that date so be aware of times when you can enter to set up. Campsites have been moved or enlarged, fishing regulations have changed dramatically for this year and many other things will be changing or happening. There will also be some rate increases to some things, not all.

Please keep an eye out for another report detailing most of the changes to come in a weeks time and to get the info needed for the season. For info regarding when the marina is open or questions you may have please call Reid 250 483-1486 or Rex at 250 478-3674 or email at info@portrenfrewmarina.com