July 31 Port Renfrew Marina Report

July fishing is over for another year at Port Renfrew Marina. It has turned out to be an average year in numbers as well in size. Schools of salmon have been around for as long as a week and gone as fast a tide change. Camper and Logan seem to hold the fish and the fisherman. Close to shore as well as out to the 80 foot mark are productive. For the most part the beach has been calm seas but the bank had 1 or 2 very rough days with swells and heavy rain.
Notable catches of Salmon are: Marty Fladager: 34 Rick Jakimchuk: 36 Mike Marlow: 32 Joe Serpa: 37 Mike Duggin: 34 Chad Servatius: 39 Woody Woodruff: 36 Jared Gagen: 31 John DeGraff: 32 Shawn Akinhead: 31 Gary Winter: 34 Graeme Smith: 34 Bruce Berkey: 32 John Redlick: 32 Ken Gillard: 32 John Hoek: 32 Bradley McDonald: 31 Alan Erickson: 32 Raymond Hamilton: 33 Doug DeClerq: 30 Chad Bergman: 34 Merv Pywell: 32 Nolan Fisher: 35 Trevor Zboyoski of No Bananas: 30 John Adam: 41 John Lewis: 47 Desi Hatchard of: Vicious Fish Charters : 41 and a 70 Halibut which won for biggest one caught in the derby.

Halibut Fishing is normal for this time of year and that is to say it's very good. Most boats bringing in limit catches of "chickens" coming in from Swiftsure Bank. Berkley grubs are the bait of choice by many.

Last Weekend's Davey Derby was a huge success, with a turnout of 329 entries. Port Renfrew Marina is proud to host this wonderful derby and are very pleased to see it reach new levels of funds raised each year. This years monies are $21,304.00! $1000.00 of which will be going to the local Renfrew Fish Hatchery. Despite the damp weather and slow fishing to start things went well as you can see in the record of how many fish over 30 were caught in that weekend. Fishing picked up on the Sunday with a 47 being caught at noon that day. One interesting note was when Jim Lam and John & Bill Hieta actually hooked a scuba diver while crabbing! He was let go after giving up two crab. For all the details go to www.daveyderby.ca .

Please Note: Sockeye is now closed. *the Owen Point closure is in effect, please check the regulations.

Bud & Rex