June 9/11 Port Renfrew Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing similar fishing results as the previous week overall.  Springs are coming in with some fishermen getting decent results and others getting bites only.  Anchovy seems to be working best with hootchies and spoons being second choice.  Cut plugging seems to be the way to get the most results lately at least for some lucky fishermen. Weather has been up and down and there have been days at Swiftsure that were flat and smooth and other days very rough. Fishing has picked up out in the Swiftsure area, more so than on the beach. Halibut fishing remains good and most guys are coming in with their limits. Crabbing is still very good and should be for another 2 to 3 weeks or longer if we get lucky.

Fishing Update:  As of yesterday, June 9th fishing at Renfrew has picked up quite a bit especially out at Swiftsure where the fishermen are hooking into 15 to 20 springs. Fishing on the beach has improved also. Fishing seems to be on the upswing.

Notable catches: 

  • John Gordon                   40 22  (last week)
  • John  Gordon                  35 36
  • Gerry Hamilton        50    (caught June 8) picture in next report
  • Steve French of Seawind Fishing Adventures    38 
  • Shane Morse                    72   hali

PRM 2011

PRM 2011-2






WFN news:  The official count is now over for the WFN contest. Port Renfrew came in at 5th place and the official winnings are $1000.00 from Bell. We want to thank everyone for their efforts to help a small town like Port Renfrew make it to 5th place over the large towns in Ontario with huge populations. Losing power for those two days didn't help with the voting but we are happy to get 5th and the winnings, when they are received, will be going to the San Juan Hatchery.

Our pay phone is still in the works to getting repaired. The parts were needed to be shipped and with the postal issues it has taken time, needless to say. 

Bud & Rex