Aug.27/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

While the numbers of Chinook salmon being caught has slowed a bit in the last few days, the sizes of fish have increased. The pattern of catches especially of the large white springs, is just like 2007 which was our best season ever for big fish. The majority of them coming in the first two weeks of September. As of this report most of the action is coming from Logan and Walbran. Pinks abound everywhere. The "chicken ranch"at Swiftsure bank is still on fire for spring salmon with many 30 pounders coming from the 150to 200 foot depths on the downrigger. Sockeye has been increased to 4 a day but getting them can be a challenge fighting through the pinks.

Halibut catches from the anchor are  great with barn doors hitting the scale most days. Crabbing is still going strong!

Remember August is known for the fog and this year is no exception. Use caution boating as the fog can be thick at times.

Notable catches:

  • Chris Paul                             32
  • Shaun Gurney                    41
  • Trevor of No Bananas Charters     30   and more
  • Glen Wilson                         33   35         
  • Greg Scalamogna              38     
  • Brian Dice                             41
  • Lockey Taker                      32
  • Ian Batty                               39
  • Grant Graver                       30
  • Darryl Kyba  Len Huot    41


Brian Dice & family 41Ian Batty 39

Darryl Kyba Len Huot 41




Vicious Fish Charters Greg Scalamogna 38No Bananas Charters 30 and more!





Shaun Gurney 41

News:     Port Renfrew Marina's Labor Day derby is this coming weekend Sept. 3rd and 4th. Tickets are $55.00 a rod and will be available at the office a day or so before the derby begins. Please try to support this derby by donation or attendance to help us raise funds for the local hatchery.

Our Coho Derby will be on Oct.1st and 2nd this year. This derby is "Winner Take All" Tickets are $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of each entry going to the hatchery. This derby will be a win-fall for one lucky fisherman.

This year Port Renfrew Marina will be closing on October 16th. Please be aware of this date for things such aspicking up boats in storage or making arrangements for storing of units.

Bud & Rex