Port Renfrew Marina Report June 21/12

At Port Renfrew Marina fishing has been somewhat of a up and down event. There are days when fishing for springs is quite good and others when it slows down.  This has been the pattern now for about two weeks or more. The weather has been a factor in this as it's been a colder and windier June than usual, not to mention a lot wetter! Most of the springs are in the high teens with a few in the twenties. There were a couple in the thirties as you will see below in notable catches. Halibut fishing is still very good as long as weather permits. Crabbing is also still going strong.

Over the Father's Day weekend Port Renfrew Marina hosted a small derby held by Trevor Zboyovsky of http://www.nobananas.ca/ It is called the Port Renfrew Invitational Salmon Derby with the entry fee $1000.00 a boat with 17 boats entered.  Fishing was going strong on the Sat but dropped off on the Sunday morning. There was a  good turnout considering the weather on Sat was pretty intense with heavy rain. The derby was really well received and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  There was a donation to the San Juan Hatchery also of $850.00!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Trevors derby winners

  • First Place:  Desi Hatchard  30.15 winning   $9300.00
  • Second Place:  Corey Arnett  27.7 winning   $5100.00
  • Third Place:  Desi Hatchard  18.07 winning   $1700.00

Notable catches: Jesse Mc Cullough   35 Desi Hatchard of www.viciousfishcharters.c 30

Jesse 35 spring

For your information the pay phone is going to be used near the Tall Tree Festival location this weekend for the public to access and then will be returning to the marina.

Bud & Rex