Port Renfrew Marina Report July 13/12

Last week fishing at Port Renfrew Marina has been fair to good. Most angleres are returning with one or two springs, some with limits. Not the numbers we are used to seeing this time of year though. Coho are still around in huge numbers and are the perfect size for the BBQ. Two hatchery per license is the legal limit.

Swiftsure bank has slowed from its prior epic standard. Springs and halibut are  taking a little longer to catch to fill the coolers. Fog and chop from the ebb tides have not helped. Anchoring for halibut has heated up again with the slower currents. One boats first time anchor trip off Nit Nat produced fish to 60 pounds. Great start guys!  Crabbing is still off the charts! Wow!! huge and so sweet!!!

Notable catches:

  • Ken Gillard 34  34  27
  • Glen Clements  32
  • Darryl Johnston  29
  • Barry Houdayer  32
  • Blair Houdayer 34  30
  • Fred Uhlman  32
  • Serge Pereverzoff  31
  • No Banana's Charters 29 32 32 30

Trevor 29 & 32

Trevor 30 & 32

Blair in boat





Serg Pereverzoff 31

 Blair & Barry 32





Improtant Dates: Don't miss the upcoming Davey Derby this year. It is being held on July 20, 21 and 22nd at Port Renfrew Marina. Word is that the prize table is even better than last year. Please support this derby as all proceeds go to wonderful needy charities and the prizes are the envy of all derby's! Tickets are available at Port Renfrew Marina and are $50.00 a rod.

Important Notice FYI:  Please check out the details about the road closure on the Derring Bridge. There are many closures in the next two months.

  • July 16th to the 19th     4 hours from 10 to 2 PM
  • July 23 to the  27th        4 hours from 10 to 2 PM
  • July 30th to Aug.2nd.   4 hours 10 to 2 PM
  • Aug.7th to the 10th        4 hours 10 to 2 PM
  • Aug.13th to the 17th      4 hours 10 to 2 PM
  • Aug.20 to the 24th          4 hours 10 to 2 pm

Mainland has revised their delays to:

 Minor delays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon to Fri for the duration. No Closures.

  • For information please call           Mainland South Island Contracting   250 391-7310  There will be minor delays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Bud & Rex