Port Renfrew Marina Report July25/12

For Port Renfrew Marina Chinnok fishing on shore still remains fair to good. Some boats are getting limit catches while others come back skumked. The bigger springs seem to have arrived though with quite a few in the thirty pound range.

East Point and Owen Pointhave both produced some quality fish lately.At Swiftsure Bank limit catches are still the norm as long as the weather is good. This past week the seas were very calm until Mon and then it choppy out there.

Halibut fishing will improve as the currents slow down. Salmon bellies are the hot bait at the moment.

Crabbing is still going pretty strong and they are just as sweet as ever.

Notable catches:                                Chuck Heaton 41

  • Cory Ursulan   35.5
  • Gerry Hamilton  33
  • Mark Perkins  31
  • Desi Hatchard of  www.viciousfishcharters.com  42
  • Chuck Heaton  41
  • Dennis Peters    29    34

News:Last weekend Port Renfrew Marina held the 12th annual Davey Derby and it was another resounding success. At last count we heard they had raised approximately $24000.00for assorted charities! A portion of the proceeds is donated to the San Juan Hatchery also. This is an amazing amount of money and it is all do to wonderful participation and turnout of fishermen and to the generous donations made by businesses and indivuals on Vancouver Island. The weather was up and down but seas were very calm and although fish were sparse until Sun everyone seemed to be having a great time.

  • First Place winner: Brian Dice     38.3 oz.
  • Second Place:           Chris Miller  33.10 oz.
  • Third Place:               Jeff Dau          33.6 oz.
  • Largest Halibut:       Vic Gee:         49 pounds
  • Largest crab:              Judy Thorarnson    8.9 inches

Other News:  Port Renfrew Marina's 16th annual  Labor Day Derbywill be coming up soon on Sept.1st and 2nd.  This derby is also a really fun derby with a dinner and all beverages included and a live band on the Sunday night. Any individual or a business that would like to make a donation to this derby please contact us in the office. Any donations would be greatly appreciated as this is what helps a derby be so successful. All proceeds go to the San Juan Hatchery to protect and ensure healthy and successful returns of salmon to the area and others. This hatchery has not had any additional funding from the government since 1992 and relies greatly on our fund raising for them to help cover necessary expenses.

Port Renfrew Marina is also holding theCoho Derby "Winner Take All" on Sept 29th and 30th. It is a bit earlier this year as the first Sat in Oct was considered a bit late in the year. This derby is $25.00 a rod with $5.00 going to the hatchery and the rest going to one who catches the biggest Coho. Previous years have shown to give the winners as much as $13,500.00 and the smallest amount being $5500.00 with many different amounts between. 

Important News:  At this point the repair work on Deering bridge is being done with as few interruptions as possible  but for the next 6 weeks please be prepared to face anywhere from no wait to maybe 5 minutes or up to an half hour. If the distance isn't an issue for you then coming by way of Cowichan is best to avoid the delay. They are trying to keep traffice moving as best they can but the work is slow going. This is work scheduled until Aug. 24th.

Bud & Rex