July 11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Since the last report Port Renfrew fishing has picked up to what most people have come to expect in July. Salmon fishing has been very good the last week. Many boats hooking (but not necessarily landing!) ten Chinook a day. Last weekend, July 5th and 6th saw numbers in the 50's and 60's coming in. Most of the salmon are in the 20 pounds range but with still lots of action. Needlefish seem to be what they are feeding on.

Notable catches are:

  • Marek Syrzycki 36 (see photo)
  • Ian Bateson 31
  • John Redlick & Ron Strang 24 29.5
  • Bob Huber 30
  • Steve Paconi 30
  • Jack Cotterill 36, 27
  • Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters 30, 33 (see photo)
  • John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures 38 (see photo)

Port Renfrew Marina is glad to see our first spring to start the over 40 club. Gary Schmit 40 Halibut fishing is still good though the size of the fish has certainly tapered off with most of the catches between 8 to 20 pounders.

Sunny and warm weather has brought the fog to Port Renfrew so make sure you are prepared. The seas have varied from calm to quite rough and seem to change on a day to day basis.

Notice: Port Renfrew Marina is now requiring all pets be leashed and we are asking all owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets. We also want to let customers know we have a launch box outside the office doors for early arrivals. If you want to launch before the office is open you can fill out the envelope and drop it in the box. We would also like to clarify the use of other's sites. If you not a family member and you are staying in someones site then the cost is $10.00 a night. Immediate family members stay for free.

Bud & Rex