Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report June 3/13

For Port Renfrew Marina late May and early June fishing has been spotty along the shore after a unusually great start in May. The cut-pluggers are hooking the majority of the fish. Offshore the "chicken ranch" is producing Chinook down about 150 feet on hoochies and spoons. Halibut was going strong but has slowed down in the last two days. The NE corner of the bank still seems to be the best spot. A lot of the success in the halibut fishery is very tide and current dependent. Some areas are better on the flood, some on the ebb. Ask one of the regulars for some tips, most are quite willing to share their knowledge. When you come check in at the office and we can give you more up to date info.

Crabbing is coming on again with only one commercial boat out there still. Most are getting their limits.

Notable Catches

  • Randy Hemmingsen    46 halibut
  • Blair Houdayer              28 spring
  • Mike Daines                    63 halibut
  • Bruce Miller of  www.millertimefishingcharters.com  27 28 35 45 halibut




Reminder: Coming up July 26,27 and 28th will be the 13th annual Davey Derby. This is a great derby running the full weekend and everyone has a great time and all the proceeds go to help a lot of deserving people. Please come and support this event and have a great weekend fishing. For more information go to www.daveyderby.ca

At this time we at Port Renfrew Marina want to thank all our loyal customers who stay with us every year and support our business with gestures such as purchasing fuel from us which we know since it has to be trucked out, that we charge a few cents over what it would cost normally and tackle, which most are pleased that we are equal in price to most competitors and often cheaper. These things mean much to us and are not overlooked. So thank you for your support.

Bud & Rex