Port Renfrew Marina Report July20/13

For Port Renfrew Marina this past week has seen fairly steady Chinook returns to the dock. Salmon fishing along the beach has had some very good but short bite periods, some only lasting as little as a half hour at a time. Most action has been from the Cullite to Walbran area. Some anglers are finding the fish out in deeper water and fishing as deep as 65 feet on the downrigger. Coho come and go but if you want some steady action just start trolling away from shore as far as 3 to 4 miles and you will get them. Regluations for Coho are 2 hatchery s day with a total possesion of 4 from two days fishing.

Currents and tides are very good for anchoring for halibut if you don't want to run all the way to Swiftsure Bank, Herring and mackeral with a skirt will work well. The "chicken ranch" continues to the hot spot but with the pea soup fog be very aware of the freighter traffic and remember to leave yourselves lots of time to get out of the way.

While at the marina come check out some new stock and the "chicken ranch" special hoochie, The Turd.

Notable Catches:

  • Rex Coburn  33.5
  • Brian Dice     31
  • John Gordon   30
  • Stacy Myles   31.5
  • Grant Hilliard   31.5
  •  Rick Bennet    30 & 31  caught earlier, late June, but missed)
  • Don Colgrave   33

Important Notice: This  upcoming weekend, July 26th, 27th and 28th is the annual Davey Derby. Tickets are on sale at the office and the the new Salmonberry Bistro in the marina for $50.00 a rod. This years prizes have reached another new level making this derby a really great one to enter not only for a chance to win an awesome prize but to help out with the many ongoing charities they help. For more info go to www.daveyderby.ca Please remember that we are a cash business and need your help by bringing cash with you and we are always appreciative of loonies and toonies. The ATM will be in order for anyone who needs to access cash.

More News: Coming up not long after the Davey Derby on Aug.31 and Sept. 1st Port Renfrew Marina will be having their 17th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is held to raise funds for the local San Juan Hatchery to help sustain salmon for us and coming generations. This derby includes a free t-shirt, a dinner with beverages and a live band on the Sunday night. Tickets will be sold at the marina at a later date and will be $60.00 a rod. This derby is a great way to celebrate the ending of summer and the coming of fall which will mean a tapering off of springs and the beginnings of Coho. We want to ask if anyone can make a donation or knows a business who would consider one to please make an effort to ask them for this good cause or come by the office and let us know who to contact. Donations are what help make a derby so successful and we need your help to make it happen.

Even More News: Coming up at the end of our season Port Renfrew Marina will be having their annual Coho "Winner Take All" derby. The date for this derby has been decided, it is Oct.5th and 6th. With this derby the concept is simple, the biggest Coho wins the pot. Tickets are $25.00 a rod with $5.00 of every ticket going to the local hatchery. The rest goes to the lucky winner. Pots have been known to be anywhere from $5500.00 to almost $14,000.00 depending on how many people turn up for it. This derby is very popular with the all the fishermen but we ask you to PLEASE bring cash for your ticket. We can't be giving the winner checks to cash! More info to follow as the season goes on.

 Wanted: The marina could use a deep freeze, if anyone out there needs to get rid of one they no longer need please let us know. 

Bud & Rex