June 22 Port Renfrew Marina Fishing Report

Port Renfrew Marina is having some great fishing as well as poorer than normal for the month of June. Halibut fishing continues to be nothing short of fantastic. The best start for a season that we have seen. Avoiding areas the longliners are working seems to be paying off in a "big" way. Crabbing remains to be very good with lots of big ones and still very sweet.
Notable catches of Halibut are:
John Rogers of Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures patricejohn@pacificcoast.net has been bringing in some huge Halibut, one being the biggest this year so far at 186 pounds. Others he's caught were a 98, 138 and many others in a healthy size.
Bruce Miller of Miller Time Charters 1 888 563-2344 is also consistently bringing in limits. He has brought in 2 at 61 68 85 and a 91 pounder.
Desi Hatcher of Viscious Fish Charters viciousfishguiding@msn.com has been slaying them also. He has brought in an amazing amount of large Hali's 2 at 150, 169, 146, 76, 68 and many more of a great eating size.
Salmon fishing unfortunately continues to be poor and spotty. Normally we have had several springs over the 40 pound range by now, this year we have none so far. There have been a few in the 30 pound size but most of them are teenagers and in the lower 20's. The few we have seen caught have been real chrome beauties. Hoping things pick up soon.
Notable catches of Salmon are:
Barry Lyle: 31 32
Mike Johns of Heavy Hauler Fishing Charters: hhauler@telus.net 33
Barry Horncastle: 38
Bud McGrade: 30
Port Renfrew Marina is happy to announce that we now have a ATM machine to help accommodate customers who are not aware of our cash only policy. We hope this helps. A reminder to people who are wanting to come to the marina that we don't take reservations, it is a first come, first serve basis. We also ask you to consider bringing a table with you as our picnic tables are all used. We do have bait, anchovy and medium herring. We have been told that large herring is in short supply and may not be available.
Bud & Rex