June 3 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing May fishing to be just like other past years, hot one day, slow the next. The weather has been pretty good with calm winds and smooth seas. Anchoring is the way to go for halibut till mid June when Swiftsure Bank starts to work. Halibut have been coming in steadily and some fair sized ones also. As of June 1st the limit has been raised to two a day and possession of two. Desi Hatcher of viciousfishcharters.com has been coming in steadily with big catches. His last big one came in with four halibut, two in the 40 to 50 pound range, a 72 and a 105 pounder.

Fishing for Springs has begun and is off to a quiet but nice start. Camper Creek seems to be the main place to catch them. Ones that have been caught have been beautiful chromes. Bruce Miller 0f Miller Time Charters came in with five springs up to 22 pounds.

Springs of notable size this past week are:
Gerry Hamilton: 33
Barry Cummings: 31
Bob Huber: 28
Kevin Tyler: 30
Terry MacDonald: 25
Wilf Hoban: 31
Alexa Eckdahl: 35

Please Note: Port Renfrew Marina has reached it's maximum in taking on seasonal campers. We are sorry but there are no more spots available this year. If you were a seasonal camper last year and have not notified us whether you will be returning it is now assumed that you are not. We are pleased to announce we found a gas boy, Nathan Theriau. He will be starting with us when school is finished. We also now have car fuel and diesel as well as the boat fuel. We also want to alert our customers new and old that we have a new policy that all dogs must be leashed. Although our site says we no longer have firewood for sale we have come across a temporary source and are selling bags of wood for $6.50 a bag, G.S.T. included. This is dry seasoned debarked wood.

There is a new Port Renfrew fishing site on the web http://www.fishingportrenfrew.ca/ Check it out, it is intended to be a resource for people looking for information on fishing in Port Renfrew. They are planning to provide a service for people looking to book last minute charters or put together groups for charters.

Bud & Rex