Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.19/13

For Port Renfrew Marina the spring fishing has slowed for the past 3 days but even so there are calm seas and lots of Coho that still provide a great day on the water. Once this low pressure passes we expect the fishing to pick up again. While the springs aren't in as many numbers as the past three weeks has shown they are still there in some numbers. Now is the time to try different teaser heads and flasher combos and maybe a floppier role to entice the large springs to bite. The east side of the bay continues to produce nice fish particularly at the Woods Nose end as that is where the net-pen fish are kept so they return to that area.

Coho continue to grow in size and in numbers and should produce one of our best late season Coho fisheries in recent years. Favorites with many anglers, the San Juan Coho are legendary for their size and fight. On light gear they are on top of the fun scale. Again, the choices for lures is many, anchovy, Coho killers , spoons and hoochies, mainly in the colors of greens and whites and variations of that all with a UV or glow factor.

Notable catches:

  • Chris Arnold   32
  • Rex Coburn     33
  • Clive Walton    31
  • Jody dick  40
  • Jim Aggergaard  40
  • Danny Anderson   31












Important news: Coming up very soon will be the 16th annual Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day Derby. The derby dates are Aug.31st and Sept.1st. As many of you know this is a long standing derby the marina does for salmon enhancement and the proceeds go directly to the local San Juan hatchery. We all believe that saving the wild salmon stocks for anglers here and now and also for the future generations is paramount. To help this poor hatchery that the government hasn't seen fit to add funding since 1992 is so very important to help them keep the salmon around for the present and future. Tickets are $60.00 a rod (cash only) and that includes a Port Renfrew Marina specially designed t-shirt for the derby, dinner served by the Salmonberry Bistro, beverages and a live band Ready Willing on Sunday night. We want to thank all the businesses so far that have generously donated to our derby and make a call out to anyone who may still be able to consider making a donation or knows someone who can.

For this Labor Day Derby so far we have 2 things that are being raffled. A Vision Grills BBQ and Smoker that is fully ceramic lined and a real beauty. Valued at $560.00 Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 and available at the office. Generously donated by Ian and Deb McGregor.

We also have a large gift basket full of some great things such as 1lb box of Purdys chocolates, Baileys, Pinot Noir wine, great with salmon, a new product called Capel Sour, a nice summer drink , chocolate/raspberry port, home grown Hardie Honey, home made maple syrup, an engraved Zippo lighter and 2 engraved wine glasses, Stash green tea, a fragrance diffuser and many more items! Valued at approx: $300.00 Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Generously donated by the Port Renfrew General Store.

Coming up also is Port Renfrew Marina is having our Coho Derby "Winner Take All" on Oct.5th and 6th. This derby also supports the hatchery as $5.00 of each $25.00 ticket per rod goes to them. The rest goes in the pot for the winner of the biggest Coho. This derby is very popular. Have fun fishing for Coho which we are betting there will be plenty of this year and maybe also win a bag of cash! Please be aware we are a cash business and you do need cash for your tickets.

Important Info: Hard as it is to believe it won't be long before the marina will be closing. This year the marina will close on October 14th roughly two months from now. Please be aware of this date if you have anything in storage. It is crucial that you come by and make arrangements to pick up your unit and or boat or make arrangements for winter storage with us.

Bud & Rex