Port Renfrew Marina Report Aug.25/13

This past week Port Renfrew Marina has seen the best Chinook fishing many people have ever seen. Limit catches after limit catches are arriving at the cleaning stations by the wheelbarrow load! Though most of the fish are in the high teens to mid and high twenty's there are lots of them. Fishermen are reporting playing up to 30 springs a day so lots of action with many double headers.  

East Point to Walbran are all very good at various times of the day. Trolling anchovies on a 5 to 7 foot leader 30 to 50 feet down is the ticket. Most anglers are still claiming that the yellow/ greens in flashers and teaser heads and other gear in similar colors are working best. The very new and super hot teaser head we have is the chrome mint pearl. The new Green Onion flasher and Mystic Ice are popular also.


Offshore the "chicken ranch" has finally stated to slow down after a fantastic season. Just about time to start anchoring got your halibut again. The halibut season is extended until further notice to Sept. 18th so make the best of it.

Notable Catches:

  • Don Colegrave  32  34

Regarding the notable catches, at this point it seems since we generally don't mention any under 30 pounds that we have very little. If we recorded fish in the 20's or even 25 and up we would have a hundred to list! I can't say how many springs we saw go by that were 28, 29 pounds.












    We are posting this picture given to us  by the BC Sportsfishing Coalition to inform all fishermen about what the DFO is doing with sports fishing halibut quotas. This is to help all fishermen become aware of what is going on and to alert you to this issue, we highly suggest you look into and research information for yourself.  The BC Sportsfishing Coalition has fought for an increased share in the halibut quota, a battle which they made positive steps toward getting a fair increase, but they are not there yet. When the court case is finished and appeals exhausted, they will know better what they have to do next... writing letters and sending cards will be  a part of it. The Coalition will reach out to everyone they can when they know what best to do in the future and we at the marina will help keep all of you informed as we become aware. At this time it is just an information piece and when letters become an important part of the struggle we will let everyone know.

Upcoming Event this Weekend: This coming weekend Port Renfrew Marina's Labor Day derby will be a go. The derby starts on Sat morning at dawn. Tickets are now available at the office, $60.00 a rod buys you a t-shirt, dinner catered by the Salmonberry Bistro, beverages and a live band, Ready Willing. There are raffles, silent and live auctions and many other prizes. First Place is $1000.00, 2nd $500.00 and 3rd $250.00. There is an adult bullhead derby Sat night from 9:30 to 10:30, cost is $10.00 all proceeds go to the local hatchery and a kids under 12 bullhead derby on Sun morning at 9:00 am for 1 hour, a first place win for a girl and a boy.  The donations are starting to roll in and we are so ever grateful for all the people and businesses who have donated and a special thanks goes to Odd Johansen and Larry DeFrane for doing a lot of running around up island for us. It really takes a big group effort to do fundraising and we thank everyone who has helped.

One more derby: Not long after Port Renfrew Marina will be having their annual Coho Derby "Winner Take All." This derby has reached an all time height in popularity. A simple plan, biggest Coho wins the pot, ranging anywhere from $5000.00 to almost $14000.00 one year. Maybe this year with the great Coho start we have had there will be a record turnout and that will mean of course a record pay out! Tickets are $25.00 a rod and $5.00 of each ticket goes to the hatchery. With no presentations, etc if you are out of the realm of winning you have the option to leave early if you prefer and not miss anything....except to see the winner collect ALL his cash. Please Remember: We are a cash business and only cash, make sure you arrive with cash and if you forget we have an ATM for your convenience.

Important: This year Port Renfrew Marina will be closing for the season on October 14th. It is very important you contact us with regards to storage if wanted for your boat or trailer. All customers with boats in storage already be aware of this date to pick up your boat.

Bud & Rex