Port Renfrew Marina Report May13/15

Fishing has slowed down a bit from the last report. Currents and sea conditions last week were perfect for halibut fishing. Dwayne Isaac, back from Alberta, put a clinic on how to fish for them successfully. Several trips with various friends all produced very nice catches.  The next set of ebb tides should bring back good halibut fishing. Crabbing remains good. Deeper water 50 to 60 feet seems better than the shallower waters. If you don't have a large commercial like trap try weighting it down so it doesn't move or float along the bottom.

Salmon is a little slow. Owen Point to Camper Creek trolling coho killers seems to be the right choice at this time.

For any customers that are unaware of the new CRD ruling, we need to let you know that you are now required to separate your food wastes from the non-biodegradable garbage. We have new green cans in the cages where the garbage cans are for this use. You can either dump your wastes in loose or in a COMPOSTIBLE bag. No plastic or bags saying bio-degrabable are accepted. If you are unsure of the rules or have questions please come by the office and we can help. Please do your best to comply with this new ruling as there are severe penalties for anyone not complying.

We at Port Renfrew Marina want to apologize for the ATM's continued breakdown. Another part is on its way and we are hoping this will have things fixed. It should be up and running by Friday sometime if all goes as planned. We also had issues with the phones not working for a couple of days. If you try to contact the marina and have no luck it is likely they are down, the most common result will be a constant busy signal. Also although our phones will take voice mails messages we are unable to access them, so far we have tried to set it up so the voice mails go to an email but if you don't get a return call then that means we have not been able to get the message. We again apologize for this, our system is old and has flaws that can't seem to be resolved.

Port Renfrew Marina is still looking for a marina truck. We are needing one to take garbage and move things such as wood and debris around. It does not need to be pretty or in perfect shape, we just want one that is reliable and cheap. Anyone knowing of a truck for sale please call or email us. 250 483-1878. Thank you!

For those not aware the Salmonberry Bistro is now gone. We no longer have a cookshack for hot food. There is still a possibility that a small venture will start but if it does, it will be weekends only and very basic. If you have counted on meals from the cookshack be prepared to go elsewhere for now or bring food with you!

Bud & Rex