Port Renfrew Marina Report May 20/15

For Port Renfrew Marina this last week has seen an improvement in the salmon fishing. Owen Point to Camper Creek has been the best area. Small anchovies or Coho killer spoons are working well. A word of caution; be prepared to lose at least one fish per day to a seal, a MAJOR problem already. Hali fishing has slowed right down this week. No one knows why as the currents are good in the mornings. Perhaps its time to hit the chicken ranch.

Crabbing is still very good. Put some weight in your traps to keep them from moving along the bottom.

Notable Catches: 

  • Myles Van Eeuwen  26 lb salmon
  • Eric Eckdahl   22  25 & 27
  • Wayne Schiffner  27
  • Bobby & Tom Holland   42 halibut











At Port Renfrew Marina we have had issues lately with our phones and the ATM. We are happy to announce that both are up and working! It took some doing but the ATM is fully functioning after needing a variety of new parts and the phone will now let us access our voice mails. If you have called and left messages and had no response this is why so please try again if you are in need of information.

A reminder that we are now separating our food waste from non-biodegradable garbage as per the new CRD ruling. You will see the new green garbage cans for food waste. You can dump directly into is with no bag or is using a bag it MUST be compostable. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort, please do your best.

As most everyone knows the Salmonberry bistro is gone now and we no longer have hot food available. There is in the works a small venture coming and we will have the info on it within a week or two. If so it will be simple coffee and muchie type foods. As soon as it is confirmed we will be letting everyone know. It should hopefully be up and going by the month of June. Meanwhile be prepared to pack your food for those early mornings.

This past weekend we had two very helpful little girls, Aliya Allard and Paisley Kovacs, doing their best to raise funds for the local salmon hatchery. This was their own idea and efforts and they sat by their stand for the two days. They raised a total of $36.50! We want to thank them for their selfless time and willingness. We think everyone enjoyed getting their hand painted rocks! Good for you, girls!!










If you are a seasonal camper with Port Renfrew Marina and have not contacted us regarding your return, the deadline has passed and your site will be considered available unless you contact us asap.

We are Port Renfrew Marina sadly lost 5 of our customers this year. We want to acknowledge them and express our sadness at losing such good people. This includes Doug Olson, Don Campbell, Blair Houdayer, after along illness, Lana Gallant and recently, Chic Akiyama. They will all be missed.

Bud & Rex