Port Renfrew Marina Report May 30/15

At Port Renfrew Marina this week hasn't seen much improvement in the halibut fishing. The usually good spots out west are hit and miss. If you land on them you can load up but most are on the anchor for hours with pretty slim results. It will change as halibut fishing is usually a constant out there. Spring fishing has been very good but slowed a bit today, Saturday. Anchovies in the 12 pack and the always popular coho killers are the answer right now. "Hole in the Wall" at Nit Nat has been very good for some time. For those who can't or don't want to run that far Camper Creek has been good but be prepared to be "sealed," they are the worst ever this year. Logan and the rock pile are a better choice as a fish you catch there you will probably land.

Crabbing is still very good, yum yum!

Notable Catches:

  • Hugh Hamar   25
  • Desi Hatchard  35
  • MillerTime  30
  • Mike Styba  29
  • Wally Brouse  27

Port Renfrew Marina is still looking for a inexpensive work truck. If you know of one that may be for sale please contact us at the office. As stated before, pretty is not necessary but reliable is. For those who come to the marina and need to access cash we have our ATM up and running now and it seems to have all its little quirks fixed. The phones are also up and running and we can now access voice mails left for us. It's just great when modern technology finally works!

This year Port Renfrew Marina will be having its Labor Day Derby on Sept.5th and 6th. We are posting this early to give our customers the heads up to see if they are able to make a donation either personally or through their work or a business they know. As derby's go ours is one of the last ones of the year so we tend to get issues with businesses being tapped out so we have decided to ask earlier each year. Donations are what make derby's successful so we count everyone to pitch in. Please contact us at the office for info.

Bud & Rex