Port Renfrew Marina Report April 23/17

Port Renfrew Marina will be opening this coming weekend for the 2017 season. The office will be open Sat. April 29th and will be open every day until closing in October. To all early season guests for the 2017 season:  As many of you already know, we are in the process of upgrading our electrical distribution system at the marina. The underground construction process is taking more time than expected, in large part due to the terrible wet weather we have had. The electrical is all underground and the trenches have been like small rivers so we have had to work when the weather has permitted it. This will delay getting power supply to your campsite. If you are planning on setting up in the next two weeks please be aware that there will likely be no power available and to plan accordingly. Do not bring perishable foods that you aren't prepared to consume before you leave or have a fridge set on propane. We are estimating that electricity will not be available for most serviced sites until mid May. Also when you arrive with your unit please make sure you come to the office so we can advise you as to if your spot can be driven over, some people will likely have to park in the storage area if their spots are still under electrical construction. Best to call us ahead of time and we can update you. The number is 250 483-1878 and it will be active.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon.

On the up side we now have water available at certain spots around the campground in standing pipes and our hope is that getting water will be a much easier job now.

Recently Port Renfrew Marina's domain was about to expire and in the process of moving it to a different company there is a transfer that has to be done and there is a small chance that the site may go down for a day or two. We are hoping this won't happen but if it does just know that it is temporary and we will be back up shortly.

As mentioned in the last report we now have a new caretaker, Reid Warren, who, pretty much all of you have met. He is in the modular to the right of the office. He is there daily but may be driving the excavator so if you call, leave a message and he can get back to you. His number is 250 483-1486. At this time we ask that anyone who has been seasonal please contact us as to your status on your return for this coming season.

We at Port Renfrew Marina all look forward to seeing all our old and new customers for this season and lets hope it's a great one for fishing!

Bud & Rex