Port Renfrew Marina Report May 3/17

  At Port Renfrew Marina the season seems to be off to a good start. Crabbing has been very good as it usually is this time of year. Again, hard and sweet and healthy sizes. Got to love crabbing time, there isn't much like it! Halibut fishing is good also but you have to know your weather and seas as it can still be windy and rough out there. Salmon fishing is also good but they are still on the smaller size but great tasting. Lets hope that this year's fishing stays good and just gets better!

At Port Renfrew Marina the electrical work continues. We are trying hard to get it completed but the weather has not cooperated. We are working every day all day to get the lines in and the grounds back to normal. We first thought it would be done around opening dates but that got bumped to mid May. At this time we are hoping that timeline will work but it may take longer. If you are planning on coming out to set up your camp and get settled in you may want to call the marina first to check on how things are in case there are trenches near your site or other work being done there. Please take note, there is NO POWER for hook up at this time. All power has been turned off while the work is being done. If you do come out before power is restored make sure you bring only foodstuffs that can be consumed while you are there unless you have your fridge set to propane. If you went o the marina's site and found it down, it was due to a domain transfer and should be fine now.

Also at this time the docks are being put back and repair work is underway. We would like to thank Odd Johansen, Dave Mills and TJ Watt for helping put out the docks.

Right now, the marina's ATM is not working. We are awaiting a part for it. The winters seem to affect even electronics that are indoors and kept dry, etc. We should have it up and running by this coming Sat. So please be aware if you are coming before that you should have cash on hand as we are still a cash only business.

A reminder: If you are a seasonal customer at Port Renfrew Marina it is time for you (unless you have already) to contact us regarding your return. We have people who are enquiring about sites and we need to know who is keeping their spots and who may not. Please take a minute to call the marina and update us as to your decisions. Please have a look at the rates page as some things have changed.

Port Renfrew Marina would like to welcome our new caretaker, Reid Warren. He has been a huge help with the excavator work needed there and is doing so much to get the marina looking clean and organized for the coming season. Also, Knut is back for the new season as you all know him.

For Port Renfrew Marina the first derby planned so far is the Kinsmen Salmon Derby. It is scheduled for July 29th and 30th.

Bud & Rex