Port Renfrew Marina Report May14/17

With all the work being done at Port Renfrew Marina this spring and having the power delayed, mostly due to bad weather, fishing trips have been few. We had hoped to have the power completed by opening but that was just not possible. We are shooting for another week but it may take longer. We are trying very hard to have it done by the May long weekend. The weather is still holding things up some with terrible rains more days than not. When you make your first trip to the marina you will see many changes, the first being a beautiful brand new sign at the entrance of the driveway. Please be aware in the next while to keep in mind no power means not expecting to leave food or bait behind. We did have some issues with our ATM and pay phone but they have been cleared up and both are now working. Halibut fishing is still very good. With no angling pressure for six months the first of the season always produces lots of fish of a good size. As usual the first catches of the season taste amazing!

Salmon are coming in from Camper Creel but again there are days without a boat in sight, if you like to fish quiet and without crowds this is a great time to do that. The third year net pen fish from Mill Bay will be returning this year so Woods Nose could be the place to be.

Crabbing is very good with the heavy commercial type traps out fishing all other kinds. If your trap isn't heavy then it is highly recommended you weight it with rocks or something to make sure the trap stays solid on the ocean floor and not swaying and moving with the current. The crab don't like the movement and will take off.

Important Date: This year the Cowichan Kinsmen Salmon Derby will be held July 29th and 30th. This is a great derby and grows bigger every year. It is following in the footsteps of the Davey Derby where they help various people and organizations in the Cowichan and other areas. They do great work and are a bunch of really great people. the derby is a lot of fun and they have great prizes. Stay tuned for updates and info as we get it.

IMPORTANT: If you are an existing seasonal customer at Port Renfrew Marina and have NOT contacted us yet as to your return you have run the risk of losing your spot as we have people wanting camping sites.


Bud & Rex